Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1619

Chapter 1619: Elder

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The two shuttled on the street and soon appeared in front of an ancient building complex.

In an ancient palace, there are many simple and large characters of the Void Chamber of Commerce!

"This is one of the largest trading centers in Central Fairy World!" Yimeng Zhu walked into the palace with Zhao Yuande.

"Void Chamber of Commerce!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but shocked, "The name of a good cow, is this chamber of commerce..."

Zhao Yuande couldn't help but was shocked in his heart. Is it related to the Void?

"This chamber of commerce is very mysterious and very powerful! There are branches in the fairyland, the demon world, and the pantheon fairyland, and no one dares to make trouble!" Yimeng Zhu nodded, "I heard that in the Void Chamber of Commerce There is a powerful presence beyond the peerless immortal emperor. Once there was a magnificent immortal emperor making trouble in the chamber of commerce. A big hand that was found in the void was crushed directly on the spot!"

"It seems that this is the safest place in the whole fairyland!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help smiling.

The chamber of commerce is for the purpose of making money. As long as you can make you make money, he will do everything for you!

The two entered the chamber of commerce, and immediately felt a hustle and bustle.

At this time, countless dazzling treasures in the chamber of commerce were displayed in front of everyone. These treasures were all suspended in mid-air and enveloped by a transparent light curtain. Lines of small characters appeared under the light curtain, which was the text introducing these treasures.

But at this time, Zhao Yuande and the two of them did not have time to pay attention to these treasures, and wandered around in the chamber of commerce!

The chamber of commerce consists of a total of eighteen palaces, each of which suspends hundreds of treasures.

They walked down from palace to palace, and they did not find the person they were looking for.

However, I saw many immortal emperors, and the powerful men of immortal monarchy wandered around the eighteen palaces, all choosing the treasures they needed!

"He probably hasn't come yet!" Looking at the anxious look on Yimengzhu's face, Zhao Yuande said comfortingly.

"It is possible that this event will be held for three days and three nights. He may not have come yet!" Yimeng Zhu nodded.

"Let's wait for him while we shop!" Zhao Yuande suggested.

"it is good"

Zhao Yuande's anxious heart was temporarily put down, but he was quickly attracted by the treasures in the palace.

Each of the treasures here is a fine product. He looked up and saw a bronze big tripod. It turned out to be an eight-grade immortal treasure with a price of five billion yuan.

Immediately after he saw a spear, it was actually a ninth-grade immortal treasure, with a price of 30 billion high-grade immortal jade!

Zhao Yuande was instantly scared by the price of a treasure, 30 billion! Zhao Yuande originally felt that he had some net worth, but he didn't expect to be hit in an instant!

He now has more than 11 billion immortal jade, but I didn't expect to buy even half of a nine-grade immortal treasure!

"Wow! Look at this! Huntianxianlian, the legendary eight-grade fairy medicine cultivated by the Huntianxian Kingdom, is said to be extremely powerful, but I didn't would cost eight billion yuan!" I was still very excited, but I couldn't help screaming when I looked at it.

Her scream suddenly caused dissatisfaction among the people around them, and they all cast contemptuous eyes towards Yi Mengzhu.

The vast majority of these people are immortal emperors!

Yi Mengzhu was looked at by everyone, and his face suddenly turned red, and he wished he could find a ground seam!

Zhao Yuande looked at this celestial lotus, even if he was very excited at the moment!

Hun Tianxian lotus is the best auxiliary material for practicing Hun Tianxian body, especially this kind of Hun Tianxian lotus that has reached the eighth grade is simply the best of the best.

With this Hun Tianxianlian, I am afraid that I can promote the 6th floor of Huntian Xiandi faster!

This Symbiotic lotus must be won by yourself!

"Wait!" Zhao Yuandela lived with Yi Mengzhu who was about to leave.

His big hand was caught in the shock of everyone's eyes, grabbing towards the light curtain!

The light curtain was just a thin film, very fragile. As soon as his finger touched the light curtain, the light curtain shattered.

The plant of the celestial lotus fell in his hands.

"This guest, do you want this lotus flower?" An old man with a grinning face didn't know when to appear in front of Zhao Yuande.

He looked at Zhao Yuande and kept looking at him up and down, as if to see if the other party had the financial resources to win this celestial lotus!

But after watching for a long time, the old man was a little disappointed! How could this young man have so many fairy jades in the early days of the **** emperor?

However, the old man did not directly get angry, but still looked at Zhao Yuande with a smile on his face, maintaining a good quality of a business.

"Good! I want it!" Zhao Yuande nodded, very sure.

"Then invite this guest to come with me!" The old man looked at Zhao Yuande in surprise, his face could not help showing a surprised look, but he still took Zhao Yuande very politely to a gate in the palace!

" wouldn't be kidding!" Yimeng Zhu couldn't help looking at Zhao Yuande, but she clearly saw the price.

Eight billion! Even their Yi family can't produce so many top-grade fairy jade now! Could this mysterious young man really be able to afford it?

And countless powerful people around, including the fairy emperor, including the fairy king, they all stared at Zhao Yuande in a daze!

Is this young man a fool? Or was it intentional to make trouble? Otherwise, how could he afford such a thing with his cultivation base?

But no matter what these people think, Zhao Yuande followed the old man into the door.

"Elder! This guest is going to buy that celestial lotus." After entering the gate, the old man bent over and bowed to a middle-aged man sitting on the throne.

This middle-aged man seems to be a quaint scholar, while holding a thin book in his hand and reading it carefully.

He saw a gentle smile on his face when he saw the old man coming in and said, "Wen Bo, not like this. Although I am an elder, I am still your junior!"

"No! The elders are countless, I am the steward, you are the elders!" The old man's face was slightly grateful, but his tone was very determined.

"Okay! I won't say anything more!" The middle-aged man nodded, and then turned his head to look at Zhao Yuande, and the celestial lotus that he held in his hand, "You want to buy celestial lotus? Know the value of this celestial lotus?"

Middle-aged people can only see Zhao Yuande's face clearly, and he can't help but also show shock and strange looks on his face

"Of course I know!" Zhao Yuande nodded lightly, and threw the other party a storage ring. "Here is the fairy jade I bought Hun Tianxianlian. You can make it clear!"