Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1621

Chapter 1621: Intermediate Vip Token

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"Oh! It seems that Elder Situ still doesn't believe me!" Zhao Yuande smiled lightly and took out a list from his arms and handed it to the other party. "Elder Situ, this is a list of the materials needed for the wine, and the method of brewing, you Take it and experiment!"

"This... little brother, are you really not afraid of us brewing it?" Even Situ Ya couldn't help moving this time!

What kind of self-confidence does the other party not want a fairy jade and give the secret recipe to himself directly?

"Okay! Since the little brother is so generous, I can't be too stingy to be so arrogant. This is my intermediate VIP token of the Void Chamber of Commerce!" Situya once again took a golden token from his arms and gave it to him. Zhao Yuande said, "This mid-level VIP token can be used for a 10% discount when buying things, and holding the token can also arbitrarily mobilize an immortal emperor of my Void Chamber of Commerce to serve you! This is the Chamber of Commerce for me The only mid-level VIP token, the little brother is going to collect it!"

"Oh! Rest assured, we have many opportunities for cooperation in the future, and I will often come to trouble Elder Situ!" Zhao Yuande put away the golden token without any politeness.

"That low-level token..." Situya smiled a little embarrassedly. "The chamber of commerce has not given me much authority, and I only have three low-level VIP tokens!"

"Elder Situ is really a happy person!" Zhao Yuande handed out the low-level VIP token to the other party!

Don't look at the difference of only 50% off, but the gap is too big!

For example, if the 8 billion Hun Tianxianlian had 9 achievements, it would save 800 million! 800 million is a big number!

"Oh! Little brother laughed!" Situya smiled a little pretendingly.

"Oh! Elder Situ, I have something to ask you for a favor. I have a friend named Lei Yifan. If he comes here, please ask someone to notify you as soon as possible!" Zhao Yuande just wanted to leave and suddenly thought of it Lei Yifan couldn't help saying.

"Xiaoxian Jun Lei Yifan? It seems that the little brother is not an ordinary person! At this time I promised!" Situ Ya nodded and said to Wenbo, "Wenbo, serve the little brother well, what requirements does he have? You must do it!"

"Elder rest assured!" Wen Bo hurriedly bowed.

"Okay! I'm going to go on a stroll. Elder Situ, I will go first!" Zhao Yuande smiled at Situ Ya slightly, and then dragged the dumbfounded Yimeng Bamboo away.

Yimengzhu was written by Zhao Yuandela and returned to the 18 palaces as if walking dead.

Looking at Wen Bo who was carefully following him, Zhao Yuande waved to him: "Senior, you don't want to follow me anymore. I just stroll around casually. I will definitely call you when something happens!"

"But..." Winber hesitated.

"It's okay, this is what I asked. Elder Situ will not blame you!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand.

"Okay! What do you need to call me at any time!" Wen Bo nodded and quietly stepped aside.

At this time, Yi Mengzhu was gradually awakened from the shock, and his gaze towards Zhao Yuande had changed!

She felt Zhao Yuande's increasingly mysterious, growing taller in her heart.

Originally, she didn't have much hope for Zhao Yuande's treatment of her ancestors and saints. Then she suddenly changed her mind. She had an urge to take him back to the family as soon as possible.

"You... who are you? Why are they so respectful to you? Is it just because you made a big deal with them? It's so simple to know that they are all strong in the fairyland!" Yimeng Zhu Finally, he couldn't help but wonder, and asked.

"I am Zhao XIV! There is nothing special! But you did not understand the purpose of a chamber of commerce!" Zhao Yuande said with a smile.

"The purpose of a chamber of commerce? Isn't it just to make money? Is there any difference in this?" Yimengzhu said unconvincedly.

"Nonsense, of course, it's making money! But why are chambers of commerce large, small, strong, and weak? That's because they have different attitudes to making money, and many strong chambers of commerce have been immersed in a world where the strong are respected. , I would like to ask how many collaborators like to look down on themselves and like to be watched with high eyes?"

"So this kind of chamber of commerce cannot develop at all, because their vision and pattern are different! And the bigger the chamber of commerce, the more it will pay attention to integrity and the attitude towards the distinguished guests, just like this emptiness chamber of commerce, although the other party is high above the other The immortal emperor is still able to talk to your older people who are talking and laughing. In this state, who does not feel comfortable in this state, so naturally they will find them to cooperate next time!"

"It really is like this!" Yi Mengzhu listened to Zhao Yuande and couldn't help but nod.

"Let's go! Let's go shopping again!" After Zhao Yuande preached, he continued to wander around the palace.

But this time he is not looking for someone, but looking at those treasures!

Just as Zhao Yuande stood in front of a seven-foot-long tree and looked carefully, a sneering sound suddenly came from behind him.

"It's you! An Qiuyan, what do you want to do?" Yimeng Zhu's voice came into his ears.

Hearing that name, Zhao Yuande couldn't help frowning slightly, this woman was really lingering!

"I naturally came to participate in the trade fair! And this time I accompanied Ru Xue Princess!" Speaking of Ru Xue Princess An Qiuyan's voice is full of pride, as if this Ru Xue Princess is what The same as the great big guy!

Zhao Yuande turned his head and looked behind him. Sure enough, he found that An Qiuyan was standing beside a man and a woman, with a very respectful attitude.

The beauty of the woman's skin, like snow, is like a princess from a fairy tale! And the man's face is similar to that of this Snow Princess. According to the situation, they seem to be brothers or sisters.

Although Snow Princess doesn't have that kind of high expression, but her body exudes a chill all the time, as if she refused to be thousands of miles away.

The man looked proudly at Yi Mengzhu and Zhao Yuande, with a contemptuous sneer in the corner of his mouth.

"An Qiuyan, who are these two?"

"Huizi's words, this girl is from the Yi family, and this man is her friend!" An Qiuyan glanced at the two fiercely and answered with her head down.

"Oh! Is that a small family like the Yi family? Forget about being inferior to such inferiors. My sister and I have to choose a treasure. Ten days later, the thunder **** Emperor's birthday can't be sloppy! Let's go!" The man listened To Zhao Yuande's identity, he could not help but look more contemptuous and waved his hand at An Qiuyan.

"Have you heard it, don't hurry to give Ru Xue princess! Let's take a look at this Jiuxiao God tree!" An Qiu swallowed the first two of them, and began to pluck Yilong Mengzhu.