Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1622

Chapter 1622: Severely Punish

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"You are unreasonable, this is a trade fair, not your home! You don't want to be arrogant!" Yi Mengzhu waited for An Qiuyan, his body was unwilling.

"Good dogs don't stand in the way, leave me immediately! Otherwise I will find someone to push you out!" The man looked coldly at Yimeng Zhu and Zhao Yuande, his face showing a terrible look.

How dare these two small families **** against them!

"Fuck me! Otherwise I will find someone to drive you out!" Zhao Yuande smiled coldly, a cold arc appeared on the corner of his mouth.

Hearing Zhao Yuande's words, not only did the man feel unbelievable, even the countless powerful people around him couldn't help but show strange smiles on their faces.

Zhao Yuande doesn't know who this person is, but they know~!

These two are the great figures of the immortal city, the daughter of the city owner, and the nephew of the city owner!

The lord of Wuxian Xiancheng is the powerful existence of a fairy emperor realm, but the left arm and right arm of Wuxian Xiandi!

He became a daughter in his later years, and his special love for it was simply to be windy and rainy, and also developed her domineering character!

The nephew of this city owner looks like a young man, but in fact, he is thousands of years old. He is a strong man in the fairyland and now acts as her guard.

But I didn't expect this situation to happen today. Someone in the immeasurable fairy city wanted someone to make a speech!

How can this make them not angry, how can they not be annoyed!

"Come here! Throw these two things that I don't know about life and death!" The man felt that when he was working with such a small person, he simply dirty his hands and waved to the several guards behind him to let them catch up with others. .

You should know that these guards are all strong fairyland realm, they should be more than enough to face this little guy in the **** realm!

"Who dares to do it! Here are the Chambers of Commerce of the Worlds, do you dare to do anything against us?" Yimeng Zhu shouted sharply.

"This is not to be strong, but I just don't like to see you and want to drive you out!" The man glanced at the two indifferently.

"It's good! Rubbish like yours, how can you qualify to buy things here, and be good at being acquainted, otherwise it will be embarrassing!" An Qiuyan sneered at the corner of his mouth, and his face was thick and fat. The point fell off.

"Is it? Are you qualified?" Zhao Yuandela lived with Yi Mengzhu who wanted to say something, and looked at the other three of them lightly. "While I'm not angry yet, hurry up, otherwise how will you be The scene of getting out of the fair will definitely excite many people!"

"Crazy and ignorant boy! You guys are still stunned to do something, quickly rush me out of him!" The man snarled at several guards in anger.

When did he suffer such humiliation, does a kid want to escape the anger of the Void Chamber of Commerce? This is simply impossible. Even if he had to pay some price today, he would be worth it if he was allowed to kill him here!

This is a way of killing people, so that no one will dare to disrespect them in the future!

However, a few guards still dare not do it. They dont want to die, but they know how the immortal emperor was killed ruthlessly here!

"Adult! This is in the Netherworld Chamber of Commerce. We can't do it! I think you still have to find Xin Guan, let him come forward!" A guard whispered.

"Well! You can find Xin Guanshi!" The man waved his hand.

Several guards rushed in one direction with relief.

Zhao Yuande looked at all this, and a cold smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

"I want this Jiuxiao God Tree!" Zhao Yuande pointed his finger at the light film outside Jiuxiao God Tree without any hesitation. The light film was broken, and Jiuxiao God Tree fell into Zhao Yuande's hands.

A powerful breath of life swept the Quartet in an instant, so that everyone couldn't help but look in this direction.

"Someone actually wants to buy the Jiuxiao God Tree, that's 2 billion! Hey, it's just a hairy kid, how can he have so many fairy jade?"

"It wouldn't be that he misread the price!"

"Yes, that's only possible! He might be regarded as 20 million!"

"He's about to be out of luck. He touched the Void Chamber of Commerce, but if he didn't buy it, he would be severely punished!"


Everyone looked at Zhao Yuande pitifully at this moment, thinking he must have read it wrong!

At this time, only Yi Mengzhu looked at Zhao Yuande with anticipation, but she knew that Zhao Yuande had fairy jade, and 2 billion was just drizzle for him!

She was very much looking forward to seeing An Qiuyan and the three of them being ugly, and even really chasing them out just as Zhao Yuande said!

"What's going on here?" In the eyes that everyone expected, a thin middle-aged man came over.

And behind the thin middle-aged man, it was those guards.

"Xin Guanshi!" The man saw that Xin Guanshi's eyes lit up, and quickly walked a few steps forward, bowing slightly to the other party and saluting.

He didn't dare to entrust him in front of him, to know that although this was only a steward, he was also a strong man at the peak of the fairy.

"Oh! It was Brother Zheng. I don't know what happened to Brother Zheng?" Xin Guanshi saw the man frowning slightly, but still nodded.

Although the other party is only a strong man in the fairyland, but behind them is the immortal master of the immortal city. Although they don't look at the immortal master's face to eat, but this kind of existence can still make friends.

"Xin Guanshi, this person deliberately destroys the property of your chamber of commerce, but there is no Xianyu to buy, I think this person should be severely punished!" The man looked at Zhao Yuande, his mouth smiled coldly.

Even if he was killed, he wouldn't believe that a kid from the other god's realm could bring out 2 billion top-grade fairy jade!

Since you can't get it out, you really have to be out of luck!

"Uh? Really?" Xin Guanshi looked at Zhao Yuande and saw the Jiuxiao God Tree in his hand.

"Come here! Take this person down for me!" Xin Guanshi saw Zhao Yuande naturally as he did, so he shouted without hesitation.

Suddenly more than a dozen people rushed out of the secret, but just stood behind Xin Guan things in an instant.

"Wait!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand without hesitation into the storage space and looked up at the man with a smile, "How do you know that I can't get so many fairy jade Come? It's you. Instead, you want to destroy the business of the Void Chamber of Commerce for no reason.

"Haha! You kid is really rampant, how dare you talk to Brother Zheng like this, you are not far from death!" An Qiuyan on the side was laughing at this time.