Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1623

Chapter 1623: Must Be Fake

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"And I suspect that this woman is a lunatic. How can this lunatic appear in the fair, and should be rushed out together!" Zhao Yuande didn't even look at An Qiuyan, but his eyes were on That snow-like Princess's face.

"Shy! You are a small person who dares to jump up and down here. As long as you dare to go out of the fair today, I will let you be arrested!" The man saw Zhao Yuande when he was about to come, but he did not fear and suddenly face There was a terrible color on it.

"Okay! Let him hand over the Jiuxiao God Tree, and I want to give this as a gift to the Thunder God Emperor!" Princess Ruxue finally couldn't help but spoke lightly to Xin Guanshi.

It was said that she threw out a storage ring, which contained 2 billion top-grade fairy jade!

Xin Guanshi took the storage ring, and he immediately felt sure that this thing was sold from him, and Run Run naturally had his share, and a satisfied smile appeared on his face.

"Boy! After handing over the Jiuxiao God Tree, and then leave the fair obediently, I will not punish you, otherwise..." Xin Guanshi looked at Zhao Yuande, his face gloomy and scary.

"How about otherwise?" Zhao Yuande smiled coldly.

"Otherwise I might send you to Hell Island, where you can dig a mine for a lifetime!" Xin Guanshi saw that the other party was still so arrogant that he was still alive and dead, and his face was cold, guarding the road behind him, " Take him down!"

"Look at what this is!" Zhao Yuande throws a glittering thing.

"Nothing can save you, can you have..." Xin Guanshi sneered again and again, but when he saw the flying thing clearly, his face suddenly turned pale!

He shivered to take over the glittering thing, took it in his hands and watched it carefully, and found that it was what he was thinking in his heart.

"You... you all give me a hand!" Xin Guanshi was now exhausted, and his voice was full of fear.

The guards were about to catch Zhao Yuande, but they heard the sound of Xin Guan's stop.

Can't help but look stiff, he said, what the **** is going on with this guy, when we are! In front of countless people, is this a game?

However, they had to listen to the orders of Xin Guanshi. They all stopped alive in front of Zhao Yuande. The hand they had originally extended was not withdrawn, waiting for the next order of Xin Guanshi.

Xin Guanshi cautiously held the things in his hand, his body trembling constantly, and a look of panic appeared on his face.

He knows that if this matter is not handled well today, his job will probably be smashed!

It doesn't matter if the rice bowl is smashed. In case this one doesn't give up, the chamber of commerce may abandon himself because he wants to calm this person's anger!

This has happened before, he is not the first nor the last.

He could not help turning his gaze to the man, to Ru Xue Princess, to An Qiuyan!

If these three people are not there, how could they provoke this one? They want to push themselves into the fire pit!

Xin Guanshi's eyes were full of resentment, and the anger on the faces of the three people could no longer be suppressed. If they were dealt with by the Chamber of Commerce today, these three people would not want to escape!

"You guys, what are you doing standing there? Don't leave me away!" Xin Guanshi finally saw Zhao Yuande diligently, and found that the guards did not retreat even though they stopped, and they still kept the people who wanted to catch people. action.

Xin Guanshi's body flickered and came to the guards. With a slap in the backhand, he flew out the nearest guard.

All the guards immediately felt a fierce anger, a murderous rush came, and they frightened their bodies for a while, and the fart slammed and hid aside.

Xin Guanshi then carefully held the golden token with both hands, and handed it back to Zhao Yuan!

"Dear guests, your adults don't remember the villains, I was deceived by these people just now, and you can order whatever you want!" Xin Guanshi said as he pleased, and kept touching the cold sweat on his forehead. .

"Oh! Don't you want to catch me? Why not?" Zhao Yuande looked at each other with a smile.

"Don't dare! The villain doesn't dare, as long as you have a sentence to punish!" Xin Guanshi bowed his head in a respectful manner.

At this time, Yi Mengzhu's face was already full of flowers, and she looked at the three An Qiuyan triumphantly with a feeling of unparalleled joy in her heart!

She was bullied by An Qiuyan for such a long time. At this moment, she had a feeling of seeing the sky and seeing the blue sky, and the breath in her chest subsided!

All the onlookers were instantly stunned by this strange change. They involuntarily cast their eyes on the golden token.

"Hey! What exactly does that token represent? Why is Xin Guanshi so quiet?"

"I don't know, but I know that the token must not be simple, maybe it is the identity representative of a peerless immortal emperor!"

"No! This is the Void Chamber of Commerce. Among the chamber of commerce, there are super powers beyond the king of immortal emperors. They don't have to be so afraid of a peerless emperor!"

"Good! Even if the Peerless Immortal Emperor arrived here and did not consume a certain amount of fairy jade, it was just an ordinary customer!"

"I know! It may be a low-end VIP token. It is said that only when the Chamber of Commerce consumes 10 billion high-grade fairy jade will become a low-end VIP, get a low-end VIP token!"

"What... 10 billion is the low-end VIP! How much does the intermediate, even high-end need?"

"This... is not clear, because I have never heard of any mid-level VIP!"


When the man saw Xin Guan before and after, he couldn't help but his face also changed. He didn't understand how a boy could be a low-level VIP?

Ru Xue Xue also frowned slightly, and his father was also a low-level VIP, but she had never seen the token once. As these people said, it cost a lot of 10 billion here, which became low. VIP!

The two people looked at An Qiuyan at the same time.

"An Qiuyan, what the **** is going on?" the man asked, his face not looking good.

"That's fake! It must be fake! How could they be low-level VIPs, such tokens must be forged! Must be!" An Qiuyan's face showed a terrible look, looking at Zhao Yuande's eyes It also showed hatred.


As soon as An Qiuyan finished talking, she saw the figure flashing in front of her, and then she felt a slap on her face, and the whole person was pumped out!