Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1624

Chapter 1624: Hate For Love

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The man looked at Xin Guan's angry face, and inexplicably appeared a wave of terror in his heart.

Even Ru Xue princess not only had a bad hunch in her heart at this time!

Xin Guanshi slapped An Qiuyan with a slap in the air, swept the two of them coldly, and threw the storage ring back to Princess Ruxue.

At this time, Snow Princess also subconsciously took the storage ring, and his face still had an incredible look.

"The two of you hurry to come and apologize to me!" Xin Guanshi's voice is like the devil coming out of the Nine Nether Hell, fierce and domineering, no doubt!

"This..." The man looked at Xin Guanshi, and he was suddenly terrified, but he was still a little dissatisfied. "Xin Guanshi, don't forget that our father like Snow Princess is also a low-level VIP!"

"Slap!" As soon as the man finished speaking, a slap fell on his face

"I will give you one last chance to apologize to the guests in the past, otherwise don't blame me for not giving you the face of the city master!" Xin Guanshi stared at the two coldly, and there was already a murder in his words.

Although he didn't dare to kill the snow-like princess, but this man didn't need to worry about it!

"I... I apologize!" Xin Guanshi's eyes made the man no longer dare to go down, clutching his already swollen half of his face, and walked towards Zhao Yuande grayly.

"I'm sorry!" The man looked at Zhao Yuande, and although he hated the other party to the extreme, he still had to lower his head.

"Humph!" Zhao Yuande glanced coldly at the other party.

He can feel that the other party's resentment against him in the heart, he will never treat the other party lightly!

"Ru Xue Princess, you also apologize!" Xin Guanshi finally looked at Ru Xue Princess.

As Snow Princess has gradually understood by this time, things are not as fake as others have said. That token may not be a low-end VIP token at all, and may represent other meanings!

But after all, she is a princess of immeasurable immortal city, with a lofty status and respected identity, how can she just apologize to someone so willingly!

"What is the identity of this person? What exactly does that token represent?" Ru Xue asked secretly.

"That token is my mid-level VIP token of the Void Chamber of Commerce! I advise you to apologize immediately, otherwise he will never hesitate even if he said he would kill you. 'S hands on!" Xin Guan gave the other party a serious look and gave him a warning!

"What... Intermediate VIP token! This... how is this possible!" Ru Xue finally changed her color for the first time!

She heard from her father that the power of this Chamber of Void Realm is huge, and I am afraid that the entire fairy world can't fight it. Even the eight peerless emperors must please this Chamber, try to spend as much as possible in the Chamber of Commerce, try to be in the Chamber of Commerce Get a higher VIP token!

As of now, only three people have obtained the mid-level VIP tokens Thunder God Immortal Emperor, Spiritual Deficiency Immortal Emperor and Takong Emperor Emperor!

According to the information obtained by his father, several conditions need to be met to obtain a mid-level VIP token. One is that it needs to consume 30 billion high-grade fairy jade. Second, it needs to cooperate with the Chamber of Commerce. !

Only when these three conditions are met will you get a mid-level VIP token!

This person has a mid-level VIP token. Is he a disciple or descendant of the three peerless emperors?

I thought of here as Snow Princess finally changed her face, if it is as she thought, her identity is nothing in front of others!

Think about the practice of the three of you just in front of others. For example, Snow Princess only felt cold and sweating behind her.

She let out a long breath and slowly walked to Zhao Yuande before lowering her noble head deeply.

"I'm sorry this son, it's all bad like snow, and the imperial court has no way to go. I bumped the son and asked the son to forgive me!"

Although this princess like Snow is proud, although she looks tall, but the identity of the other party is there to be blamed, so Zhao Yuande has no killing intentions for her, but those two people are not forgivable by Zhao Yuande!

"Fine! I forgive you! But I don't want to let go of your two dogs." Zhao Yuande looked coldly at Ru Xue Princess.

"Ru Xue understands!" Ru Xue Princess nodded gently.

Turning around and looking at the man and An Qiuyan who fainted in the distance, his eyes were full of murderous opportunities.

Even if Zhao Yuande doesn't say it, she won't treat them lightly!

If they were not arrogant and overbearing by his power, they would not provoke this one, she had already had a strong murderous chance in her heart.

"Princess... Princess, what are you going to do!" Seeing Ru Xue's eyes, the man stepped back subconsciously.

"Kill An Qiuyan, and then commit suicide!" Ru Xue's voice was indifferent.

"This... Princess... Princess, I'm your cousin! Dear cousin! You can't do this!" The man looked at Ru Xue Princess with some despair, his eyes full of pleading.

"You die! Or your whole family is going to die! Choose one!" Ru Xue's voice is even more indifferent!

"I...I...I die!" As soon as the man gritted his teeth, he had nine sons. These sons were his hopes. He could not let them be dragged to death for no reason, so he could only choose to die himself. !

The so-called tiger poison does not eat children. Although he is bullying and arrogant, he does not know much about bad things, but he is a good father for his son!

Everyone watching around couldn't help but secretly marvel at Ru Xue Xue's decisiveness and indifference!

But they also know that Ru Xue princess must have known the true identity of the other party, which is also a helpless move!

The man's footsteps came to An Qiuyan in a heavy step, his finger pointing toward An Qiuyan's eyebrow.

"Brother Zheng! What are you going to do!" An Qiuyan seemed to feel the crisis coming at this time, and suddenly woke up from a coma. As soon as she opened her eyes, she saw the helpless eyes of the man, staring at herself. .

"We provoke people who shouldn't provoke, so we only die!" The man's throat made a voice that was not human, bitter, hoarse, painful, sorrowful... All kinds of negative emotions drove.

"No... you can't kill me, but I'm your person... Ah!" An Qiuyan's voice hadn't fallen, and she was horrified to see that finger was already on her own eyebrow.

At this moment she only had remorse in her heart, and she subconsciously looked at a familiar figure in the distance.

That was Yi Mengzhu. The two grew up together and could have become good sisters by practicing together.

But the two fell in love with a man at the same time, but the man liked Yimengzhu.

He loved and hated, and finally killed the man with live poison, and almost killed Yi Mengzhu!