Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1625

Chapter 1625: Lei Yifan

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The enmity between the two people has been formed since then, and the original good sister has become a stranger!

At this moment, she suddenly felt a little regret, if the time can go back, she will never do the kind of things that make her regret for life!

"Princess! I hope you can speak and count!" The man finally turned to look at Princess Ruxue, and the expression on his face was full of pleading!

"Go!" Ru Xue nodded.

The man's reassuring eyes are full of dead ash, and his fingers rush towards his eyebrows!

The power accumulated in the body exploded in his own eyebrows, and shredded the sea of knowledge directly!

"Bring me the two people at the big trade fair!" Xin Guanshi gave Zhao Yuande a careful look, and found that the killing intentions in the other party's eyes were eliminated, and then the order was issued!

Soon it will be cleaned up again, and the trade will continue to start, but this matter has been remembered by many people, as well as Zhao Yuande's face!

Zhao Yuande wandered around the fair with Yi Mengzhu, but never found what he needed.

Soon his figure was submerged in more and more people.

"Mr. Zhao, you have to wait for someone to come!" Just when Zhao Yuande was bored, a voice came into Zhao Yuande's ears

Zhao Yuande's spirit revived, and his eyes showed a bit of expectation.

Soon he saw a person through the guidance of this voice!

The man's face was full of evil smiles, and he looked like a swinger.

He was surrounded by a group of guards, and there were some young people around him.

Each of these young men looks extraordinary, but in front of this person are all smiles with a flattering smile.

A slight smile appeared on Zhao Yuande's face, and he took two quick steps.

"What do you guys do? Don't hurry away!" Zhao Yuande was stopped by the guard before he approached!

"Long talk with him, give me all the eyes that are not long..." A young man saw someone dare to block the road, and immediately rushed to be awe-inspiring, but he felt a slap straight before he finished speaking. Called on both of them, and flew his hard fan out!

" did you come here!" The young man who looked like a swinger, his eyes widened, all of them were incredible!

"Haha! Brother-in-law, I haven't seen you in years, you are more majestic!" Zhao Yuande laughed and stepped forward, blinking at the other party, "I haven't seen you in years, why should we find a place to talk?"

"Haha! Right! Right! Find a place to talk!" The young man was naturally Lei Yifan, who Zhao Yuande had seen in the lower realm.

This guy was cheeky and called his uncle!

""Yi Mengzhu was behind Zhao Yuande, looking at the two as if he had seen a ghost.

"You are free to stroll around here first! We have something to talk about!" Zhao Yuande nodded to her.

Yi Mengzhu knows that she knows that Zhao Yuande is for the saint, and she doesn't turn around and walk away!

"This is your woman?" Lei Yifan's mouth showed a strange smile, looking at the back of Yimeng Zhu, "It looks average, but the body is good, you see that fart..."

"Okay! That was just an ordinary friend!" Zhao Yuande hurriedly covered his mouth and dragged him away from the fair.

The figures of the two quickly appeared in a restaurant, and ordered a table of dishes in an elegant room.

"Brother Uncle, why are you here, aren't you in the Twelve Dengxian City?" Lei Yifan took a sip of wine and couldn't help recalling the old things.

"Actually, I..." Zhao Yuande did not conceal, and said to the other party how he entered the twelve ascendant city, how he was attacked by himself, how to explode his flesh, and how he entered the fairyland by yin and yang.

I don't know why, Zhao Yuande just feels that this guy is worthy of trust, he has no reservations about many secrets.

"Oh! It's such a fantasy? But your life is still quite big! You never thought you would kill it back to revenge and hate you, and kill the one who hurt you?" Lei Yifan's eyes were filled with fierce light.

Although Zhao Yuande didn't meet him much, he felt that the other party was very familiar, as if there was some kind of connection between them.

He also has an inexplicable sense of trust in the other party, which is very strange, just like the two of the previous life were once close friends, and now the memory is recovering.

"Kill go back! You must go back! After more than two months, I will go back to Dengxiandao, find out who secretly attacked me in secret, and I will kill them one by one!" Zhao Yuande creaked in his mouth. Ringing.

"This is the real man! Come, I respect you!" Lei Yifan picked up the wine glass, a slight excitement appeared on his face, he drank the wine in the glass, he couldn't help but eager to try, "Otherwise you Bring me when you enter the Twelve Ascension City! I can help you kill a few!"

"Forget it! Don't intervene at this time! I can do it myself!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand, and then his face showed curiosity. "I don't know how are you doing with my sister now? You two don't Will be married!"

"Hey! It's hard to say a word, this girl is very wild, I will not surrender to her in a moment and a half! And her cultivation behavior... Hey! I was almost killed by her!" said Lei Yifan's face was red.

"What! She's so violent, you don't need me to tidy up for you!" Zhao Yuande almost laughed out loud, and finally suppressed the impulse in her heart, asking kindly.

"Forget it! She now loves to gather together, I don't know how many guys are pursuing her, maybe our brother-in-law and brother-in-law's relationship will be yellow!" Lei Yifan's face showed a bit of bitterness!

"That's my sister! To choose a husband-in-law, I have to look good, my brother-in-law, you can rest assured that this matter is handed over to me! I will help you do it properly!" Zhao Yuande patted his chest and promised.

"Really?" Lei Yifan's eyes showed a beam of excitement.

"Relax! She still has to listen to me!" Zhao Yuande held his head in a proud look, "Tell me, what is the situation of her now, and who are her pursuers?"

"She is now a close disciple of Lingxu Emperor Emperor and the daughter of Wuxi Immortal Emperor. She has a higher status than me! And she has now entered the pinnacle of Immortal Realm, and she can enter the Immortal Monarch anytime she wants. Realm! The items were crushed by her!" Lei Yifan shook her head helplessly.

"Not only do I have to work **** this matter, you must also hurry up and upgrade the cultivation base. Otherwise, even if she agrees, you will not be able to raise your head for a lifetime!"