Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1627

Chapter 1627: Unable To Help Themselves

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Even if Xiaoxianjun and his brother are called brothers and brothers, even the Void Chamber of Commerce should have a good relationship with him.

And she has gradually felt that the other party seems to have a very intimate relationship with the saint!

The saint is also from the lower realm, and he is also from the lower realm, the two may know each other in the lower realm!

This time I came to the Central Immortal Territory, maybe it was for the saint!

Moreover, the other party is now a mid-level VIP of the Void Chamber of Commerce, able to mobilize a strong immortal emperor of the chamber of commerce for his use. The other party only needs to bring this immortal emperor to the Yi family to remedy the civil strife of the Yi family!

If he does not do this, he may be worried about the saint, so he must heal the saint first and let him choose!

This is probably the reason why he arranged Xiaoxianjun to wait outside.

"He... what did he want to do!" The middle-aged man saw Zhao Yuande's figure disappear, and his face suddenly changed dramatically!

"He must have entered the virgin's palace! Father, you can rest assured! He will definitely heal the virgin!" Yimeng Zhu comforted.

"What do you know! The fairy is in it now! If he enters, he will probably die!" The middle-aged man's face changed again and again.

"What! Then don't hurry to call Grandpa, his identity is extraordinary, don't let him die! Otherwise, our family will be destroyed!" Hearing this news, Yimeng Zhu suddenly lost his color and hurried to pull Walking with middle-aged people.

"Your grandfather was seriously injured, and now you can't protect yourself!" The middle-aged man's face was sad and haggard!

"What! Let's go to the Notre Dame!" Yi Mengzhu heard this and rushed to the Notre Dame without hesitation.

The middle-aged man's face changed drastically, and he hurriedly rushed to the Notre Dame after her daughter.

He knows that his daughter is a calm person and will not be untargeted. Since she said that, she must have mastered some kind of inside story!

Regarding the survival of the family, he had to get out!

However, Zhao Yuande was not as rash as they thought. His figure was hidden under the yin and yang sky mirror, and no one under the emperor could see it!

He quietly infiltrated the Virgin's Palace. At this time, the Virgin's Palace was extremely quiet. In the middle of the palace, a powerful middle-aged man was standing in front of a big ice jade bed, his brows slightly wrinkled!

On the bed of Bingyu lies a beautiful woman with a peerless look. At this time, she seems to have fallen asleep, motionless!

Zhao Yuande carefully observed the middle-aged man's every move, quietly approaching the Bingyu bed.

"Holy lady, holy lady! Where did you hide the treasure?" The middle-aged man looked at the beautiful woman and wrinkled more tightly every week. "They have given me less time. If I can't find it again If you arrive, I am afraid you will break through your inner world!"

"Actually, I don't want to do this either, but the situation is forced. If I don't do this, I'm afraid I will die!" The middle-aged man turned around Bingyu's bed a few times, and there was a bit of drunken expression on his face, " However, since I have already done it, I will do even more. I will take away your natal blood and Yuanyin tomorrow. As long as I get these two benefits, I think I can break through the fairy emperor realm! And when the time comes, I will read you well, and will continue to keep the Yi family and let them all become my servants!"

Although Zhao Yuande has monstrous hatred in his heart, he still dares not do anything. He is just waiting quietly for the opportunity. As long as the other party leaves here, he will take Yimeng away without hesitation!

As long as Yi Menggui is rescued, then he will have no worries, and he can immediately invite Lei Yifan and his people to win the Yi family in one fell swoop!

Just as Zhao Yuande gritted his teeth, there was a lot of noise outside the palace.

"What happened?" The middle-aged man suddenly turned his head and looked in the direction of the palace gate.

"Look back to Master Xianjun, Yidong wants to break into the Lady's Palace, to see Master Xianjun!" The voice of the guard came from outside the palace.

"Ask him anything?" The middle-aged man frowned slightly.

Before Zhao Yuande had touched the Bingyu bed at this time, the Yimenggui in front of him was within reach.

He felt the other person's calm breathing and the majestic spiritual fluctuations in the other person's body, but only the soul could not feel it, as if the sea of knowledge had been closed.

"Yi Dong said that they had found the **** chef in the legend of Bai Hezhou to heal the sage lady!" The voice of the guard soon came in.

"Is that the **** chef who can grow Shou Yuan?" The middle-aged man's face was blissful. Although Shou Yuan was long, his wife was not much at this time, so he just ran for another trip!

"It's the **** chef!" Yi Dong's voice came from outside.

"Oh! In this case, I really want to see this master chef!" The middle-aged man looked slightly happy, looked at Yi Menggui deeply, then turned around and walked towards the gate.

Just as the middle-aged man stepped out of the gate, Zhao Yuande quietly flicked, and the big bed of ice jade and Yimeng Gui disappeared into the palace at once, and his figure arrived at the moment when the gate closed. The palace!

At this time, the middle-aged man was already standing in front of his father and daughter.

"What do you mean by the master chef?" The middle-aged man saw that the two of them were empty, and he couldn't help showing anger on his face, and said with a cold voice, "Are you kidding me? Drag them down" Confined in Hell, waiting to be released!"

Hearing the word Hell, the father and daughter shivered at the same time!

They would rather die than enter the **** to suffer, the flames in the **** will not only burn the flesh but also the soul, that kind of pain is not something human can bear!

There are many people who have been put in **** and are tortured alive within a few days!

When the middle-aged man throws his sleeves away, he will turn around and leave. At this time, a cold voice came from not far away.

"Yi family is really a lot of rules! I just strolled around the scenery of the yi family, you will send my friend to hell, which is also too humane!" Zhao Yuande leisurely from a After the rockery came out and looked at the middle-aged man.

Yimengzhu and Yidong saw Zhao Yuande appear, and suddenly a big stone in his heart dropped.

This time, they suddenly felt a cold body, and their clothes were soaked with cold sweat!

"Are you? The God Chef?" The middle-aged man saw Zhao Yuande and couldn't help looking at him from top to bottom. How he thought it was just a kid in God Emperor Realm, unlike the legendary Master Chef.

"Shen Chu is my master, but I learned the skills of the master, but it's just that the soul is hurt. It's not difficult for me!" Zhao Yuande pretended to be a domineering posture, undoubtedly said, " Dont waste time here, take me to see the soul-impaired people right away!"