Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 163

Chapter 163: Innocent God

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"You... cousin, can't you go home and wash first?" The teenager is also straightforward.

" disgusted me...oooooooooo!" Miss Zhu looked at the teenager in disbelief, and immediately cried out in grievance.

"Oh..." the teenager scratched his head hard and explained reluctantly. "Cousin, I don't mean that, I just... oh, cousin, don't cry!"

"If you help me teach them, I won't cry!" Miss Zhu pointed at Zhao Yuande with a fierce face, "especially him, he is the mastermind, I want to kill him!"

"However, people just scared you a bit and you are about to kill people, which is not so good!" The teenager looked at Zhao Yuande and always felt that this person had seen him before, but this could not be started indiscriminately, otherwise if the wrong person was killed, Not to be scolded to death by grandpa!

"You... you're still not my cousin!" Miss Zhu angered, pointing at the tall bodyguards around him, "You, you killed the kid Miss Ben in the past with great rewards!"

A few bodyguards look at me. I look at you. Some eyes turned to the boy in black, full of inquiries.

"Hey! Okay!" The teenager really couldn't resist the cousin's glaring, and could only wave his hand and instructed, "You guys just grab them, just don't die!"

These guards are protecting him with him, and Xiu Wei is already a strong man in a yin and yang union, and it is enough to deal with the two in front of him in his mind.

"Brother Zhou Hao, do you really want to shoot me?" Zhao Yuande chuckled and said, "Don't regret it!"

"You... who the **** are you?" This young man was Zhou Hao, the young boy Zhou Hao helped by Zhao Yuande's first package. Zhou Hao looked at Zhao Yuande up and down again in shock, still just feeling familiar.

"I am your great benefactor!" Zhao Yuande smiled mysteriously and continued to speak.

"You are...Brother Zhao" Zhou Hao almost exclaimed and hurriedly waved his hand, "Don't do it, don't do it!"

Zhou Hao took a jump, but this master who couldn't provoke him, his grandfather once warned him that Zhao Yuande must try his best, and don't provoke him! Just a few days ago, he went out to travel. Grandpa had passed him an amazing news. In front of him, the teenager successfully completed the second and third packages, and formed a good relationship with Jingkong Laodao, and he was a brother to the old water god!

What kind of existence these are, even their Zhou family can't provoke them!

He was frightened to fight a cold war all over his body. If it was not for the other party to remind him in time, he might be killed by his cousin!

Even if the other party does not blame himself, it will be scolded by his old man in the ears of his grandfather.

"What! You still know this little thief! I..." Miss Zhu almost exploded. She wanted to take her cousin out to avenge herself. She didn't expect that it was a humiliating meal. She hated it. Going crazy!


At this time a thick man's voice came from a distance.

A large group of powerful fighters flew over and landed beside Miss Zhu.

"Daddy..." Miss Zhu saw the man, and she burst into tears and rushed into the other's arms, pointing at Zhao Yuande and trembling. "Someone bullied her daughter, but you want to avenge her daughter." !"

"What! Who ate the bear heart leopard, and dared to bully my Zhu family!" The man glared at the tiger and waved, "Give me everything, take it down for me, go back and I will wait for these brave guys !"

Several strong men who came with the man hurry and rushed to Zhao Yuande, and their eyes showed a fierce light. Someone dared to bully the Zhu family in the deserted city. This is simply to death!

"Uncle! Do it slowly!" Zhou Hao looked at this posture, and he was suddenly shocked, eager to stop the other party.

"Xiaohao, you don't need to help your cousin, but to stop your uncle, don't you..." The man suddenly felt wrong and hurriedly tried to stop his men, but it was too late!

I saw only one figure falling down like a meteor, and a mournful wailing sounded through the field. The monkey in armor stood proudly in the field, forcing a **** to himself, his mouth was still unclear. I scornfully said contempt!


Not only did the man not feel angry when he saw this scene, but instead some of his back became cold, and he hurriedly turned his head to look at Zhou Hao.

"Xiaohao, who is this man? Why don't you stop me!"

"Uncle! Didn't I stop you just now?" Zhou Hao was aggrieved, "This is Brother Zhao, the great benefactor of our Zhou family, even my grandpa is kind to him!"

"What! The big benefactor of Zhou's family!" The man's face changed, he quickly hurled away his already sluggish daughter, strode in front of Zhao Yuande and said: "This little brother, Zhu Mou is not strict, just now I bumped into the little brother, please also look at Mr. Zhou's sake, forgive me Zhu family this time!"

The man apologized and kept looking at Zhou Hao.

Zhou Hao is also a wise man. When he saw this posture, he didn't dare to carelessly, and he came up with his hand and said: "Brother Zhao don't care. Just now, his uncle just loved the woman sincerely.

"Okay! Actually, this matter didn't matter to me originally. This brother was humiliated by your Zhu family. I just couldn't see it!" Zhao Yuande gave Zhou Hao a look, let him rest assured, and then turned The Zhu family said, "I learned the whole story, and I knew that your Zhu family was so arrogant and so ungrateful that it dared to kill the descendants of all the great benefactors of our practitioners!"

Zhao Yuande's voice became colder and more excited.

"If I didn't think she was a woman, I would have killed it! I didn't expect her to repent, but she dared to find someone to hurt me. When I was incapable of Zhao Yuande?"

"What's the matter!" The man looked at Ganzhen and asked politely, "Little brother, what is your ancestor?"

"Gan Wudao!" Gan Zhen held his head high, "His old man is the Wudao God Emperor who built the teleportation array for the Eastern World!"

This remark came out all around and everyone was suddenly in an uproar!

"It turns out that this person is the descendant of the Innocent Divine Emperor! No wonder he just worked so hard!"

"This Divine Emperor really has a lot of gratitude to us, even if the family is now down, it cannot be humiliated at will!"

"Shifeng people come down! The poor generation of the emperor's selfless dedication, but future generations ended like this!"

"Be sure to punish those who humiliate!"


The surroundings were very excited, and they all looked at the Zhu family to see how they handled it.

"What! It turned out to be the descendant of the Innocent God Emperor!" Although the man already knew the identity of this man, but now he was attacked by the crowd under such unscrupulous eyes, but he could only give his daughter a backhand with helplessness, angry Scolded, "Damn things, you dare to insult the Godless Dao, why do I want you to use it, is it for the family to cause disaster?"