Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1630

Chapter 1630: Must Die

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Zhao Yuande already had some regrets in his heart at this time, regretting that he should not be so careless!

But just when Zhao Yuande was already desperate, suddenly he saw a silver brilliance rise in the sea, and a small pagoda rose in the sea, as if a round of silver moon released a thousand gods.


The opposite Emperor Hongyan suddenly screamed, covered her eyes and oozed out of her fingers, her body trembling as if it would be a willow branch shaking in the wind, as if it would be blown by the wind at any time go!

At this time everyone looked at Hong Yan Xiandi in disbelief, she... he was injured at this moment!

At this time, Emperor Purple Thunder suddenly moved. He seized the opportunity, and a purple thunder suddenly burst out of his body. Each purple thunder released an unimaginable tremendous force. The direction of the thunder's release In a huge fan shape, the fan-shaped void suddenly disintegrated, and suddenly became a void, and everyone saw a chaotic vacuum.

The area covered by the fan shape has a tens of thousands of squares, in which all matter is annihilated, I don't know how many people have died at once!

In this tens of thousands of enveloped areas, there are not only the Yi family, but also dozens of shops, a wide street, and even the main entrance of a large family!

Now all these moments turned into a vacuum, and even the earth melted at once, revealing a bottomless terror trench.

The immeasurable immortal city was chaotic all at once, and countless powerful existences flew in this direction one after another, and terrifying souls swept in this direction.

"What! Someone dared to start in the immeasurable fairy city, this is a living impatient!"

"Be quiet! This is the means of the Immortal Emperor, annihilating the void, destroying the earth and the invisible!"

"It's just tearing the void, what's amazing? I'm afraid I can do it too!"

"Be aware that this is the central fairyland, the immeasurable fairy city! With the terrifying large array of guardians, it is impossible to do without the strength of the fairy realm!

"This... isn't it the Immortal Emperor's War, there can be a lot of excitement to watch now!"


In just a moment, the surrounding sky was already covered with dense silhouettes, all of whom were strong men above the fairy.

Because today is the day of the Netherworld Chamber of Commerce Fair, almost all immortal emperors who have nothing to do will come to join in the bustling, and now standing in the void is already the emperor of the central immortal domain 50%!

"That's the emperor Hongyan! Opposite the emperor Zilei! The two of them...not a level!"

"The man next to it...that is the little fairy Jun Lei Yifan, the grandson of the Thunder God Emperor, the peerless genius of the Thunder God Immortal Palace, how could he be opposed to the Hong Yan Fairy Emperor!"

"I don't know what happened, but the relationship between Wuxian Xiangong and Thunder Gods Palace is not bad, they..."

"It seems that Emperor Hongyan was injured... How could this be possible, she was a powerful presence in the late Emperor Emperor!"

"Did there still be a master in the dark? There are other powerful players in the Thunder Palace hidden around?"

"If the two sides really fought, I am afraid that the Central Immortal Territory will be in chaos!"


Many powerful people talked around in the surroundings, and naturally there were people in Thunder Gods Palace. Seeing this situation, they all fell down and came to the side of the Emperor Zilei.

There are more than 20 people coming down, among which there is a strong man in the realm of fairy emperor.

"What happened to Zilei? Why did you confront the lady with the red face?" This fairy emperor is also an old man, but he looks older and releases a majestic power all over his body. By.

"Brother, don't be wordy, the old witch is going to kill us! Get ready to do it!" Emperor Zilei sees such a huge amount of power under this move, and so many helpers and faces are suddenly recruited There was hope.

"Why the hell?" the immortal emperor asked anxiously. "What misunderstandings can't be resolved, and there is something that can't be explained. Know that the two palace masters are talking about wine, but we are here..."

"It's like this..." Lei Yifan on the side briefly introduced the situation at that time.

At this time, there were more people falling down beside the emperor Hongyan. They looked at the embarrassed appearance of the emperor Hongyan and couldn't help but show shock and doubt on their faces!

But at this time, the Emperor Hongyan didn't care about these people, but closed her eyes tightly, and began to slowly recover from the injury caused by the resurrection of the soul just now.

After a long period of time, Hongyan Xiandi wiped away the blood and tears on her face. A pair of eyes opened, although it was obviously somewhat depressed, but it also recovered the injury.

But because it hurts the soul, it will not be able to recover at all for a while!

The emperor Hongyan looked at the other two dozen powerful thunder palaces, and the crowd of onlookers in the sky could not help but sigh.

When it was just Lei Yifan and Zilei Immortal Emperor, she could kill her mouth, but now that so many people are present, give her the courage to dare to do so!

If this is done, I am afraid that the infinite immortal emperor will not be able to keep her, and she will definitely be handed over to the thunder **** immortal palace to let the thunder **** emperor leave.

At that time, I was dead!

"Emperor Purple Thunder, you guys in Thunder God's Immortal Palace can go, and it has nothing to do with you at this time!" Although she gritted her teeth, she still made such a regression.

But her eyes looked at Zhao Yuande in an instant, and all the flashes in the eyes were deep resentment and greed!

She did not expect that she had planted a heel on the body of such a small ant. The other party must have a powerful treasure guardian spirit, but she vaguely saw the silver light in Zhao Yuande's soul, and there seemed to be a tower in the light...

Treasures that can hurt one's own soul are at least eighth-level or even nineth-level fairy treasures, and they are still soul treasures!

If you can get this treasure, together with Chitong bow, then you can be sure that you are undefeated to the last peerless emperor!

And these two treasures are on this kid now, just take him...

"Young Master! Let's go! It's unwise to be an enemy of Hongyan Immortal Emperor!" Emperor Zilei looked at Lei Yifan.

"No! I can't let go of this!" Lei Yifan was very determined at this time.

Just kidding, he boasted about Haikou in front of Zhao Yuande, but now he wants to leave him and run away, even if he dies, he can't do it!

"Yi's family can also be released, but this kid offended me just now, but he must die!" Emperor Hongyan glanced at Lei Yifan, and she also felt a headache. She thought Lei Yifan was a rescuer from the Yi family, so She gave in again!