Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1635

Chapter 1635: Yibao

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"This is no problem! We don't force it!" Situ Ya nodded.

After careful consideration, Zhao Yuande finally gave Situya an answer.

Let him be a deacon, but they need to promise one thing, that is to protect the Yi family.

Situ Ya thought of Zhao Yuande's request long ago and agreed with a smile.

Zhao Yuande left the immeasurable fairy city and set off for the thunder **** fairy city.

Thousand-year-old feast of Thunder God Emperor he just didn't know, but now that he knows, he can't ignore it.

Lei Yifan was absolutely a friend to him, and he was able to see Zhao Yixin at the birthday banquet. He didnt know how the ancestor had been!

In the teleportation array, Zhao Yuande quickly reached the Thunder Fairy City.

Thunder City is not smaller than Wuxian City, and it is more magnificent. After he arrives, the next day will be the day of the birthday feast.

He did not go to find Lei Yifan first, but went to various major chambers of commerce to transfer.

It is natural to prepare gifts when going to birthday, and it must not be too shabby, otherwise Lei Yifan will be lost.

He first came to the Void Chamber of Commerce. The branch here is not as big as the immeasurable fairy city, but there are not many items.

Zhao Yuande made a round in the Chamber of Commerce and found that there are all kinds of Xianbao in the Chamber of Commerce, even one or two pieces of Jiubian Xianbao, but the price is really outrageous, he can't afford it.

There are quite a few things here, and there is nothing special about it.

Zhao Yuande had no choice but to start wandering around the major chambers of commerce, but he still returned disappointedly, probably because there were too many people praying for birthday, and some rare Xianbao Xianbao medicines were gone, leaving only some ordinary goods.

Just when he frowned, someone suddenly stopped him.

"Son, you are also here to attend the birthday feast!" This is a fifteen or sixteen-year-old boy, his eyes are bright, looking at Zhao Yuande with some expectation.

"Good! What are you going to do?" Zhao Yuande saw this young man's cultivation as mediocre, and there was no danger, he couldn't help asking curiously.

"Young Master! The strange treasure city of Thunder Gods City is about to open, and the things sold in it are some weird things, many of which are unidentifiable things. If you are interested, I can take you there!" Some expectations.

"Oh! That line, please take me to see it!" Zhao Yuande's face showed interest.

"Good! Master, come with me!" The boy heard Zhao Yuande's reply, and his face suddenly showed joy.

The two went one after the other and walked through the streets, and soon appeared on a relatively quiet road, which was a little quiet, and there were many people on both sides of the street.

"Your son, this is it!" The local teenager looked at Zhao Yuande with expectation again.

"Hehe! This is for your reward!" Zhao Yuande naturally knows the hardships of this kind of person, so he is generally very generous in shooting this kind of person.

The teenager took the storage ring thrown out by Zhao Yuande, and his soul suddenly showed a look of surprise on his face.

"Thank you, son! Thank you, son!" The young boy bowed down again and again, his face full of gratitude.

"Okay! Go! Remember the truth that money is not exposed!" Zhao Yuande asked him to wave his hand.

"Son, many of the things inside are forged, only those ones will not lie, you have to look carefully!" The boy looked at Zhao Yuande gratefully, and when he heard no one around, he quietly passed on to Zhao Yuande. , And pointed to a few people.

Zhao Yuande froze for a moment, still nodded and smiled, and then walked to the path.

Although the young man was grateful for his advice, it didnt do much for Zhao Yuande, but it was able to save some time and was a kind return!

He directly crossed the other stalls and came to the first house where the young man directed.

The stall owner is a Chinese character with thick eyebrows and big eyes, and he is a straightforward person at first glance.

There are not many things in his booth, only seven or eight.

Zhao Yuande's appraisal technique swept away, and his eyes suddenly fell on a small incense burner. There was a slight crack on the wall of the incense burner, which was obviously damaged.

"The Qingming furnace is damaged. Six grades of immortal treasures. Ignite the incense in it, which can make people quickly enter the set, and there is more chance of epiphany..."

Zhao Yuande went out to explore the Qingming Furnace again, and found that the spirit had disappeared or slept, but with this effect, even if it was bought as an incense burner, it was very worthwhile.

Dahan did not brag to Zhao Yuande like other people, but saw Zhao Yuande turn his eyes to the incense burner and handed it to Zhao Yuande.

"Son, this incense burner was obtained by chance, and I can't judge its value. If I don't cover it, I feel that it's a bit extraordinary. You can see for yourself!"

"Boss, how do you sell this incense burner?" Zhao Yuande played the incense burner in his hand for a while, and said to Dahan.

"If you want, just give... ten thousand high-grade fairy jade!" The big man gritted his teeth and said the price.

"Okay!" Zhao Yuande didn't bother, he directly threw a storage ring to Dahan, and then put away the incense burner without hesitation.

The big man looked at Zhao Yuande in disbelief, shaking with a storage ring in his hand.

He originally thought that the other party would definitely bargain, but his psychological price was actually only two thousand high-grade fairy jade, but he did not expect the other party to be so happy and so generous!

"Okay! I'm gone!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand to the big man with a faint smile on his face.

It is also a big profit to buy a damaged six-grade Xianbao for ten thousand! If it can be repaired, I am afraid the value will be countless times.

However, this kind of encounter is just a fortune for him. It is not difficult for him to earn immortal jade now. All he wants is the feeling of picking up leaks.

Saying goodbye to the big man, he walked around the other stalls pointed by the teenager. Although there were some things in these stalls, Zhao Yuande looked down.

He couldn't help being disappointed here. He just turned around and left, but he heard a cry from a stall not far away.

"This... this is Xuanji Immortal Gold!"

Xuanji fairy gold!

Zhao Yuande was shocked in his heart, this thing is very precious, but it is a material that can be refined into nine grades of Xianbao, and its value can be imagined!

He followed the flow of people in that direction, and soon saw a large group of people in front of a stall, while an old man shivered and stroked a grey stone of watermelon.

The gray stone was covered with cracks, and faintly shimmered with golden light.

Zhao Yuande glanced at the gray stone, and suddenly his face was disappointed.

This was obviously disguised through falsification, and it made people look like it contained some kind of bizarre metal, and the scene was really similar to Xuanji Immortal Gold.