Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1637

Chapter 1637: Lei Yinshi

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He wanted to ask someone who knew what to do, but he knew the truth about his crime.

While he was worrying, a tall building suddenly appeared in front of him, with two golden characters "Book Sea" on it!

Seeing these two words, Zhao Yuande suddenly showed surprise on his face.

He had seen similar places in Baidi City, and perhaps there was an introduction of this Thunder Silver Stone!

The flow of people at the door of Shuhai is endless, but they are very quiet and very orderly.

It can enable countless unruly cultivators to achieve this level. The power behind this book sea is definitely not simple. It may be the Thunder Gods Immortal Palace.

Zhao Yuande wandered into the sea of books and suddenly felt a different atmosphere.

It is quiet and peaceful, there is no **** storm, everyone is polite, and they nodded slightly when they saw each other, as if it was an ideal perfect world!

When Zhao Yuande was shocked, a beautiful maid greeted her!

"This son is the first time you come to Shuhai!" The maid looked at Zhao Yuande with a beautiful smile on her face.

"Good! This is the first time, how did you see it?" Zhao Yuande asked curiously.

"Hee hee! I think the young man's eyes are full of surprises, so I'm sure!" The maid saw Zhao Yuande's kind attitude, as if there was no shelf, and she relaxed.

"Okay! I want to look at books on high-end materials, I don't know where to look?" Zhao Yuande smiled and said his purpose.

"My son needs to pay a deposit if I want to read a book. Come with me!" The maid took Zhao Yuande to a counter quickly. At this time, there were 30 or 40 people waiting in line.

"The bad environment here is really good, everyone is at peace, and it seems a bit out of place with the fairy world!" Zhao Yuande looked at the people in line in front.

"You don't know, son, this place was not so quiet at first, and there have been several incidents, but after the master of the book sea severely punished a few people, they all became well-behaved!" the maid explained.

"How to punish?" Zhao Yuande wondered.

"Everyone was thrown into the Thunder Prison, let them die by themselves!" The maid mentioned Thunder Prison's face suddenly showed a look of terror, "Thunder Prison is a terrible place, I heard that there are all The white bones, everyone can't live for three days, and they will be torn apart by the endless thunder, leaving only the bones!"

"Don't the forces behind these people save them?" Zhao Yuande wondered.

"No one dares to come! I heard that one of the punished people was also a true disciple of the Eight Great Immortals. Even if it was still like this, he was still sent to the Thunder Prison! ! Others are even more afraid!" The maid replied.

"Who is the owner here?" Zhao Yuande was even more curious!

"I don't know!" The maid shook her head.

Soon it was Zhao Yuande. After paying 10,000 top grade fairy jade, he was taken to the third floor by his maid.

On the first floor are books on fairy medicine, including alchemy, alchemy, and poisoning.

On the second floor, it is in terms of regulations, on the third floor is ore material, on the fourth floor is fairy beast, on the fifth floor, and on the sixth floor...

After listening to the introduction of the maid, Zhao Yuande gradually learned the structure of the entire book sea.

As for the 7th, 8th, 9th and 3rd floors, the little maid didn't know what it was!

The maid took Zhao Yuande to the third floor and left quietly, looking for Yuande and began to read books on ore materials.

He soon saw the introduction of Lei Yinshi in a book.

Thunder silver stone is produced in chaos, it is very rare, and the strong man who cultivates Thunder Shentong can use Thunder silver stone to attract nine days of Thunder for his own use!

And Thunder Silver Stone can be made into a very unique fairy treasure, Thunder Silver Sword!

The level of the Thunder Silver Sword is related to how much Thunder Silver is doped. If all of the Thunder Silver swords are used to build the level, it can reach nine grades, even if it is a small amount of it, it is the sixth grade!

This kind of thunder silver sword can directly lead the nine-day thunder in battle, and use the nine-day thunder to defeat the enemy, as if it can control a huge sky-tribulation at any time!

This Thunder Silver Sword is what all those who practice Thunder Technique dream of!

Zhao Yuande was very happy when he got this result!

That piece of thunder silver foot is half the size of a watermelon, and it should be more than enough to make a thunder silver sword. If it is dedicated to Thunder God Emperor, it will certainly not insult his identity.

Having obtained the knowledge he wanted, Zhao Yuande did not stay in the sea of books and left the sea of books in a hurry.

He used the Black Rock Sword in space to divide Lei Yin into two pieces, one big and one small!

The big one intends to dedicate to Lei Shenxian Emperor as a birthday ceremony, while the small one intends to give Lei Yifan, it can be regarded as supporting him!

The next day arrived soon. As soon as Zhao Yuande walked out of the inn, he immediately felt that the Thunder Fairy City had changed differently today, as if there was a vitality spreading.

Zhao Yuande followed the direction of the flow of people, and soon saw an extremely majestic palace. The palace seemed to stand in the clouds, and the huge palace gate of thousands of feet was closed tightly. There was a strong pressure.

At this time, in front of the palace, there was a huge square with thousands of squares. The square was crowded with people, and countless powerful existences were waiting here quietly.

"Auspicious time has come!" Just as everyone waited anxiously, the palace gate slowly opened.

"Nether Sword Fairy Emperor arrived..."

Just as everyone wanted to enter the palace, a cry came from far away.

A huge black giant bird came out of the air, and then appeared above the square, and a tremendous pressure was on the way. Everyone could not help but retreat!

Suddenly, a huge space was given up in the field. The black giant bird slowly landed in the center of the square. A giant fairy palace stood on the back of the giant bird. The Emperor Sword Emperor stood at the gate of the palace!

"Senior Sword! Please forgive your sins if you are far away!" A middle-aged man flew out of the palace. Although the middle-aged man was not as good as the Sword Sword Emperor, he was still powerful and made everyone tremble.

The middle-aged man looks similar to Lei Yifan in seven or eight points, and should be his father!

"This man is the three favorite sons of Thunder God Immortal Emperor, Thunder God Immortal Emperor! Only he is qualified to greet the Nether Sword Emperor Emperor!"

"Not bad! I heard that the Thunder Emperor has already reached the peak of the late Emperor Emperor and is only half a step away to enter the Peerless Immortal Emperor Realm!"

"Hey! Half a step, it's easy to say, but it's actually as difficult as going to the sky!"


Zhao Yuande could not help but nodded slightly when he heard the introduction of these people. The realm of Peerless Immortal Emperor was a new beginning. He broke everything in his body to find heaven, and he was not sure when he could find him. It depends on your qualifications. Perception is even a chance!

Some people who are against the sky can find Heavenly Dao only in the moment of breaking, while some people are searching for nowhere in their lifetime!