Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1638

Chapter 1638: Boundless

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"Oh! Nie Leixian, you're welcome! Today is Brother Lei's birthday and it's still a million years old. This is my gift!" Emperor Sword Sword waved his hand, and a beautiful white jade box fell into it. In the hands of the angry Thunder Emperor, "This is an eight-grade fairy medicine Void Grass I found in the Endless Void!"

"What! Voidgrass! This thing is rare. Although it belongs to the Eighth Grade Immortal Medicine, it is very valuable. It is said to be comparable to the Nine Grade Immortal Medicine!"

"Good! This Voidgrass has a huge effect on the cultivation of the Void Way. Although it has no effect on the level of Peerless Immortal Emperor, if it is given to the genius of Xiaoxianjun, it will definitely complement each other."

"Emperor Sword Sword really generous, hundreds of billions of things are sent out like this!"


Everyone looked at that jade box and couldn't help but talk about it!

Zhao Yuande is also slightly moved, this kind of thing is absolutely rare, if he can get it, then the understanding of the void will be deepened, and it should be possible to move the void in a short distance!

"Thank you Brother Ming Jian! Please speak inside Brother Ming Jian!" At this time a voice came from the palace, and the voice echoed with endless dignity and majesty.

Zhao Yuande felt this breath and couldn't help but think of someone, Lei Zun!

This person in the Lower Realm Thunder Prison family, her breath is somewhat similar to the kind of heavenly majesty exuded from the words of the Thunder God Emperor.

They will not be relatives! Zhao Yuande suddenly had such an idea in his heart.

Immortal Sword Emperor Xian took a quick move, the black giant bird and the palace on his body suddenly shrank to the size of his palm and fell into his palm. He strode into the palace.

But this time the Emperor Nu Lei did not return to the palace, but still looked at the sky above.

Soon a huge palace appeared in the void, many people saw this palace, and immediately felt the terrible breath of indescribable obligations, this breath is much stronger than the Sword Sword Emperor!

At this time, a figure in the hall flashed out, and the person surrounded by lightning was like a **** born in a thunder!

Many people saw this person, and suddenly a shocked expression appeared on their faces. They did not expect that the Thunder God Immortal Emperor would come out to meet him personally.

"I don't know that it was the Daoist from the Eight Kings Palace, Raytheon was courteous!" Thunder God Fairy Emperor slightly bowed to the palace that slowly landed.

"Hehe! Brother Thunder, I haven't seen it for thousands of years. It's always good!" A handsome young man flew out of the palace. The young man's breath was huge, and he seemed a little unstable. Can't take full control!

"It turned out to be Wuya Daoyou! Wuya Daoyou broke through!" Lei Shenxian Emperor looked at this young man, feeling the kind of breath from the other person's body, and his face could not help changing slightly.

There is both awe and envy in the eyes, and a trace of loneliness!

The other party actually broke through the peerless immortal emperor and entered the dream state of the king of immortal emperor!

"Oh! Lucky fluke!" The young man, who was called Wu Dao Dao You, had a faint smile on his face.

"Waida Daoyou please inside!" Lei Shenxian Emperor bowed slightly. At this moment, his heart was both excited and anxious. I don't know what the reason for this arrival was?

This person is really not as old as they are, but they have already taken that step!

Although it was only a small step, in front of him, Thunder God Immortal Emperor felt that he was short!

Watching the figures of Thunder God Immortal Emperor and Wu Yaxian Emperor disappear in the hall, many people haven't been able to return to God for a long time!

They didn't expect that a birthday feast of the Thunder God Emperor even brought this one in the Bajing Palace!

This man is famous, and he is the fourth generation leader in the Eight View Palace, an absolute first genius!

Earlier achieved the Peerless Immortal Emperor, sitting in the central fairyland!

But I didn't expect to see it today, it seems to have broken through the last hurdle, and achieved the realm of the king of immortal emperor!

Fortunately, Bajing Palace has always maintained a neutral attitude, otherwise the Emperor Wuya alone can tie the Central Immortal Territory alone!

Watching the two enter, the angry Thunder Emperor still did not leave, because there are still many big people coming!

A building ship appeared in the void, but the moment fell in front of everyone.

An old man stood on the building ship with a smile. Behind the old man stood a few young men with great vigor, and a young man standing in the back was Ji Yun who became friends with Zhao Yuande.

"Senior Skywalker! You are here!" Emperor Nu Lei saw the old man, bending his fist slightly, showing a respectful face.

"Well! The nephew hasn't seen it in years, I didn't expect to have reached this step, it's gratifying!" Emperor Takong Xian gently nipped his head and praised.

"Senior Takong has won the prize!" Emperor Nu Lei seemed to have extraordinary respect for Emperor Takong, and his praise made him very excited.

"This is my gift! You have collected it!" An azure blue bead was added in the hands of Emperor Takong and sent to the Emperor Nu Lei, laughing, "This is a star in the Thunder Sea of Stars The star nucleus, which breeds a thunderous thunder, even my old bone was almost taken away by this star burst!"

Although this star core does not have much effect on other people, but it is a treasure for people of their thunder physique. The value of this star core may not be high, but it is very rare. Not under the void grass!

"Thank you Brother Takong, please join the hall!" The voice of the Thunder God Emperor came from the palace.

"A few of you are waiting outside!" Emperor Takong put away the building ship and nodded at the many young people behind him.

"Yes!" These young people are naturally the descendants of the emperor of the Sky Emperor, all promised and waiting aside.

Today is the millionth birthday of the Thunder God Emperor. There will definitely be a large group of strong men coming. These juniors can only wait outside temporarily!

"Lingxu Xiandi is here..."

Just after the Emperor Takong entered the palace, a multicolored phoenix fell in the void, and several people were supported on the back of the phoenix.

As the first person, the fairy bones, three strands of long beard fluttering, is the spirit emperor!

And Zhao Yuande saw at a glance a girl standing behind the Spiritual Emperor Emperor, whose perfect and flawless face was full of noble temperament, which was the dream fairy image that everyone dreamed of.

As soon as the Spiritual Emperor Emperor appeared, all the young people's eyes suddenly fell on this girl!

This girl is exactly Zhao Yixin, the former avatar of Zhao Yuande, and now the ancestor is born again.


The Emperor Lingxu coughed slightly.

Everyone seemed to be taken by the head, his body was shocked, and a cold sweat came out!