Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 164

Chapter 164: Apologize

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Miss Zhu was beaten and covered her swollen cheeks, looking at her father in disbelief.

"You... you dare to beat me! I will tell the mother!" Miss Zhu looked at Zhao Yuande resentfully, and she would turn around and leave.

"Little brother, I taught my daughter not to be strict. In fact, she did not have any malice, but she was wayward!" The man looked at his daughter and showed helplessness on his face. Of course, the slap just now can explain to the other party.

"Is this the attitude that the Zhu family should have?" Zhao Yuande looked coldly at Miss Zhu no longer to see the Zhu family man, but turned to Zhou Hao and frowned at him, "Brother Zhou, this kind of repentance, thinking What do you think I should do with a vicious woman?"

"Brother Zhao, cousin he..." Zhou Hao looked at his cousin at this time and felt very disgusted, and the following help words could not be spoken.

"Forget Brother Zhao, our cadre has fallen, and the ancestors of the ancestors have long been gone. I have already seen these people's faces! Let's go!" Gan Zhen didn't want Zhao Yuande to provoke the Zhu family for himself. not worth it.

"No! The Godless Emperor bowed to the world of the Eastern Emperor. How could anyone be humiliated, and everyone who was humiliated would be humiliated, and he would kill the chickens and monkeys without repentance!" Everyone around.

"Yes! You must not let her go!" Someone responded immediately.

"You can't let go of those who insult God!"

"Kill her! Justify the God Emperor!"


I dont know if its really exciting, or if someone is behind to help, all the people watching around this moment are boiling.

"Brother Zhu, if you insult the Godless Dao Emperor, should you give us an explanation for all the practitioners in the Desolate City!" The crowd separated, and a middle-aged man in purple clothes came to the crowd, first nodded slightly to Zhao Yuande, then righteous Words to the Zhu family men.

"Liu Zhengdong! What should you Liu family do?" The Zhu family man's face was somber. He felt that something was wrong today.

"Humph! What's the matter with the Liu family?" Liu Zhengdong sneered. "My Liu family is in charge of the teleportation array for the past three years, and the teleportation array was built by the innocent God Emperor and his elders. Isn't it related? Don't you To change the subject, if you dont give us an account today, you Zhu family cant leave alone!"

Only then did Miss Zhu know how much trouble she had caused, and she immediately understood why her father wanted to beat herself and the cousin's good intentions!

Things were going too fast, and Zhao Yuande couldn't help but unexpectedly, even a family war was about to start.

The Liu family clearly wanted to use their control to hold the Zhou family, and then incited the power of the city's cultivators to remove the Zhu family.

The intention is not to be poisonous!

But was Zhao Yuande the kind of man at his disposal, he smiled happily.

"This senior Liu family is right! But now, this confession does not need to be given to you, but to the brother!" He gently pulled Gan Zhen in front of him, "Brother, you say it! What should I do? How can I forgive the Zhu family?"

"You...haha! The little brother said well!" Liu Zhengdong hurriedly turned his head to the truth, and said sincerely, "You are the descendant of the Divine Emperor, you will certainly help you to complete your wishes, even if It is you who want the Zhu family to perish, and we will also be obliged!"

Qian Zhen looked at the Liu Jiaqiang in front of him, he couldn't help but sneer. Not long ago, he went to the Liu family for help, but he was kicked out of the house by the Liu family. Today, the other party took out this kind of face to treat himself. Is he a fool?

"Brother Zhao, in fact, I don't have too many requests. I just want Miss Zhu to sincerely apologize to Zu Shang, that's all!" Gan Zhen didn't even care about the Liu Jiaqiang, but bowed slightly to Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande nodded to him, and did not go to see the Zhu family man, but smiled at the embarrassed Zhou Hao: "Brother Zhou, what do you think?"

"Uncle, I will talk about this to my aunt. As for what to do next, I think Uncle should know!"

"I know! I know!" The man of the Zhu family nodded quickly, and pulled over Miss Zhu, hatefully whispering in her ear, "Sin barrier, if you want to destroy the Zhu family, don't confess!"

Miss Zhu was terrified, shaking her head like a rattle. If she lost the Zhu family, she wouldn't count, even if she was asked to urinate again now, she was willing!

"I'm sorry! It's all me bad, it's all my willfulness, I know wrong! I really know wrong!" Miss Zhu ran to Qianzhen with a snot and tears. Regret the feeling of the beginning.

"Okay! Okay!" Gan Zhen waved his hands in disgust. Although he knew that the other party was under pressure, he apologized to himself, but this was enough!

"Thank you Brother Zhao!" Gan Zhen bowed deeply to Zhao Yuande, the gratitude in his heart could not be described in words.

"Remember what I said!" Zhao Yuande patted his shoulder and strode toward the teleportation array!

"Thank you Brother Zhao!" Zhou Hao also hurriedly clenched his fists.

"Brother Zhou, we will see you in the future!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand without looking back.

After seeing this scene, the audience felt a sense of dust settled in their hearts. They were not interested in the battle between the Zhu family and the Liu family. In their hearts, the Godless Dao is indeed a respectable good person. The emperor of the Eastern Emperor Great World brought well-being, but after all, the Divine Emperor is no longer in this world, and since the Zhu family apologized, it would be okay.

Looking at Zhao Yuande's back, Liu Zhengdong had such a good chance of anger that he was destroyed by this kid, but he dare not be angry.

Although he did not know who the other party was, he saw that Zhou Hao of the Zhou family was so polite to him, and he had determined in his heart that the other party was not a super-family's heir or a proselyt of a certain powerful person.

However, when his gaze reached the real level, he suddenly showed a harsh look, and the other party's death was already determined in his heart!

Gan Zhen shivered for no reason, and felt a bitter gaze sweeping around his back, and suddenly thought of Zhao Yuande's words.

It seems that it is time to leave this city, so he went to Zhao Yuande's case of hope.

Zhao Yuande finally returned to Shenxu City through dozens of successive teleportation arrays.

Although it is still more than a month before the opening of Shenxu, it is already overcrowded in Shenxu City. Countless young geniuses have squeezed all the inns, and many shops have been temporarily converted into inns, and the cost of accommodation every day is also Increased ten times!

Zhao Yuande quietly returned to the world's best food. There were signs of suspension of business hanging on the door. Two disciples of the Ji family were looking after them here. The store was spotlessly cleaned.

He quietly contacted these two disciples of the Ji family, and got the news that Zhu Luan still did not return, but Heifeng and Yijie were still practicing outside at this time. After Ji Yuling returned to the Ji family, he was immediately taken by her ancestor who loved her. Closed disciples, are now practicing in Moyun Cave.

Zhao Yuande asked the two disciples of the Ji family to convey the news of their return, but he re-exited the Shenxu City and set off in the direction of Songheling.