Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1641

Chapter 1641: You Hit Me

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"You... you're really here!" Zhao Yixin saw the young man, his face suddenly showed ecstasy, no longer care about Pang Tiande around him, but rushed up one step, directly and enthusiastically gave Gave him a hug!

"Oh! How is it, how have you been here in recent years?" Zhao Yuande saw her heart was also very excited, patted her back gently.

The two stared at each other, one was a doppelganger and the other was a descendant, but now they are nominal brothers and sisters!

Everyone around me suddenly widened his eyes and looked at this scene inconceivably!

At this moment, there are many people's hearts, cracked with a click!

"Who is this person? Why are you with a heart fairy..."

"Hey! I finally know why the one-hearted fairy has been indifferent to all of us, it turns out that she already has someone in her heart!"

"My heart hurts! The one-hearted fairy turned into someone else's arms, I don't want to live!"

"Who is that kid? I really want to kill him!"


After hearing the comments from all around, Zhao Yixin felt something was wrong, but she didn't care too much, but she gently loosened her arms holding Zhao Yuande and broke free from his arms!

"Okay! I have a very good life, and your brother takes care of me! But the generations between us are a little messed up!" Zhao Yixin's face soon showed a knowing smile.

"Seniority is for us...different opinions!" Zhao Yuande also scratched his head, feeling a headache.

She was a disciple of Lingxian Xiandi, and she was a teacher of Lingxian Xiandi, which was really awkward to say.

"Come and tell me how did you live these years?" Zhao Yixin took Zhao Yuande very consciously and walked away.

"It's you kid!" Just when Zhao Yuande and Zhao Yixin were planning to find a quiet place to chat, Pang Tiande finally woke up from the shock and stopped in front of the two, pointing with resentment on him. Zhao Yuande, "Your kid dare to appear in front of me!"

"Good dogs don't block the road!" Zhao Yuande was originally in a good mood, but now seeing this guy, a face suddenly pulled down.

"Pang Tiande, don't bother me again, otherwise I won't be polite to you again!" Zhao Yixin on the side felt the same at this time.

"Good! Good! The two of you are very good!" Pang Tiande saw the two men singing one peace, and the more jealousy and resentment in their hearts, "The more you say this, the less I will go. In this Thunder Palace, you still have Dare not do it to me?"

Pang Tiande is such a toad jumping on his insteps, not biting the character of the other person, looking at the anger on the faces of the two people opposite, there is an inexplicable feeling in his heart.

At this time, there were already crowds of people looking around, and many people cast their disdainful eyes on Pang Tiande. They did not understand Pang Tiande's approach. Why did the grandson of a peerless immortal emperor do this? Rogue, why is it so shameless?

In fact, this Pang Tiande is the sole grandson of the Emperor Jiuhua. Among the three generations of the Pang family, the real grandson of the Emperor Jiuhua!

From an early age, this guy grew up under the care of the entire Pang family. As long as he wanted something, his father and grandfather would always satisfy him. If he couldnt get him, he would cry. I feel a headache, and I will definitely try my best to satisfy him!

Once, because he was competing with his peers for sugar cane on the street, he was beaten up, and on the spot he rolled around and asked his father and grandfather to wipe out each other!

The other party is a huge family of Jiuhua Xiancheng, the left arm and right arm of Jiuhua Xiandi!

But in the end, after he did not eat or drink and cried all day and night, Jiuhua Xiandi and his son were really helpless. He could only destroy the family that was faithful to Jiuhua Xiandi!

Since that time, everyone in Jiuhua Xiancheng has been self-defeating, and no one of his age dares to play with Pang Tiande.

As long as Pang Tian found out that it was on the street, the whole street would be closed and closed. Everyone couldn't help but fear, annoyance, and helplessness!

Not only was Pang Tiande not ashamed of this, but he was smug, as long as he didnt get what he wanted, as long as he looked at it and got rid of it!

The Emperor Jiuhua thought he was young and ignorant. He might know it when he grows up!

But this character has been cultivated and can never be changed back!

Many people in the Jiuhua Immortal Palace secretly gave him a nickname called the skin dog!

Fortunately, Pang Tiande's talent is not bad, coupled with Jiuhua Immortal Emperor's spare no effort to train, can also be regarded as an outstanding genius in the younger generation.

Now, in their twenties, they have reached the middle of the fairyland!

But in the middle of his fairyland, he really didnt have much actual combat experience, because in Jiuhuas fairy palace, no one dared to really deal with him. Everyone knows his personality. The family loses together!

"Get away from me!" Zhao Yuande stared at each other coldly. Although most of the people in the fairy world were proud, they had a sense of superiority, but he was the first time he saw such a brazen slut!

"Don't be impulsive!" Zhao Yixin glanced at Zhao Yuande's eyes and suddenly knew that this guy had a murderous chance in his heart.

She didnt even think about whether Zhao Yuandes early cultivation could defeat the other party, but the first thing she thought was to dissuade the other party from being angry.

In her heart, she was full of confidence in Zhao Yuande and felt that there was almost nothing he could not do!

"You tell me to roll! I'm not rolling, how can you take me? Do you dare to do it? You beat me! As long as you dare to beat me, I can let you die without a burial place!" Pang Tiande With a sneer, he was getting closer and closer, and soon was less than three feet away from Zhao Yuande.

Looking at the disgusting face of the other party, Zhao Yuande's anger has swelled to the highest point, no matter what the rules of the Thunder Gods Palace, but without hesitation, four bright stars flashed on his body, punching him towards the other party Hit his head! He has exerted his full strength in this punch!

Suddenly, Pang Tiande felt a breath of death enveloping himself. He had never experienced that kind of terrible breath, which scared him to tremble and almost collapsed to the ground!

But after all, he is still a strong mid-century fairyland. In this situation, the body instinctively reacts and subconsciously retreats backward.

At the same time, a gleam of brilliance in his body was Zhao Yuande's horrific murderous intention, which inspired a hidden protective force in the other party's body!

However, the distance between the two was too close, and Zhao Yuande's punch did not even come to mind.

He did not expect that the other party would dare to actually do it to himself, and he would go all out with one effort, this is to kill himself!