Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1642

Chapter 1642: What Do You Say

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But he really wanted to be crooked. Although Zhao Yuande was angry, he didn't really want to kill the other party, but only because the other party was in the middle of the fairyland. If he didn't go all out, he might not hurt the other party!


Zhao Yuande's punch is too fast, too anxious, too powerful!

The brilliance in Pang Tiande's body was just covered, and this punch directly hit the other person's face!

Although Pang Tiande had already retreated abruptly, there was still a crisp bone crack under this punch!

Under everyone's incredible eyes, Pang Tiande's body flew far into the sky, and then fell like a meteor into the distance!


Flying in the sky, Pang Tiande opened his mouth with a spit of blood!

This blood is also mixed with countless white and white teeth, which makes people feel terrified.

At this time, Pang Tiande felt a lot of pain in his face, and the palm of his hand found that the entire face was broken by the other party!

Looking at Pang Tiande flying out, Zhao Yuande's face couldn't help showing a cheerful smile.

"Broken! You are in big trouble!" Zhao Yi looked at Zhao Yuande with a hesitant face.

"What's wrong? Didn't you just hit a rubbish?" Zhao Yuande's lips flicked, and a light smile appeared on his face.

"Do you know where this place is! Thunder Gods Immortal Palace, and it was at the birthday of Thunder God's old man, at this time, do you not fight the face of Thunder God Emperor? How should it end in a moment!" Zhao Yi was full of face. Anxious, this time she had no choice but to send a letter to the Emperor Lingxu.

"It's okay! The soldiers will cover the water and the earth, you can rest assured!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand, his face smiling confidently.

After playing Pang Tiande, Zhao Yuande felt refreshed and felt full of energy!

At this time, although countless onlookers also felt very happy, but they did know that Zhao Yixin said well, this punch is really happy, but how to get rid of it?

They were all stunned at this time, but no one remembered that Zhao Yuande was only the early cultivation practice of the Divine Emperor. How can he punch the other party with a punch?

"Ah! I'm going to kill you! Kill you!" At this moment, not far away, the dust was flying, and Pang Tiande roared with anger!

Pang Tiande seemed to be a wounded hungry wolf with blood-red eyes. He didnt know what elixir he had taken. The collapsed and disfigured face had gradually recovered, but his mouth was still full of teeth. It's awkward to talk and leak.

"What happened!" Just as Pang Tiande rushed in front of Zhao Yuande, several figures had rushed over and stood between them.

These figures are just the sons of Thunder God Emperor who received the guests!

"Several predecessors! It was this **** kid who dared to beat me in Thunder Gods Immortal Palace. You will soon grab him and smash corpses!" Pang Tiande scolded with his feet pointing at Zhao Yuande.

Several immortal emperors changed their faces and looked at Zhao Yuande, but when they saw Zhao Yixin next to Zhao Yuande, they frowned slightly!

"What happened? Brother Zhao, you can come!" At this moment, a figure rushed over and over, just Lei Yifan who had just walked away with hatred.

As soon as he saw Zhao Yuande, his face suddenly greeted him with joy!

"Yifan? Do you know this person?" The six uncles just looked at Lei Yifan, and he couldn't help but show his doubts on his face!

He can see that the relationship between his nephew and this person is unusual. Now that this is happening, he needs to know more!

"You guys at Thunder Palace haven't caught this kid for me! He hit me! I know, you all know, you are all a group! No... I have to tell Grandpa! This is not the end!" Pang Tiande had to look at Lei Yifan, Zhao Yuande, and then some of the fairy emperors of Lei's family.

"Don't disturb several palace masters in such a trivial matter! Besides, there are VIPs at this time..." Lei Yifan's Sixth Uncle saw Pang Tiande's face, and he was anxious.

"Humph! You people are embarrassed, and when I at Jiuhua Xiangong are so bully, I tell you!" Pang Tiande looked at the other people, especially Zhao Yuande, with an extremely vicious look on his face.

"Hey! That's fine! We don't care, just wait for several palace masters to deal with it personally!" Lei Yifan's Sixth Uncle was also almost mad at the other party. This kid is simply a rogue, if the other party is not Jiu Huaxian Emperor's grandson, he will definitely go up and shoot him to death!

At this time, eight immortal emperors in the palace were sitting, and the infinite immortal emperor of the eight-view palace was arranged in the middle seat by everyone!

A king of immortal emperors, and a king of immortal emperors in Bajing Palace, they dare not have the slightest negligence!

Although it is not the power seen in the eyes of the fairy world, it is still trembling in the face of a king of immortal emperors.

"I don't know what the purpose of Brother Wuya Dao is to come today?" Lei Shenxian Emperor didn't believe that the other party would come over to celebrate his life for himself, he couldn't afford it!

"Oh! Actually, I heard that one of my little uncles appeared in the Central Fairy Field. This young uncle is very young and inevitably will provoke some strong enemies. I want to come here to talk to you first, Let everyone take care of this little uncle!" Speaking of his purpose, Wu Yaxian Emperor is also somewhat helpless.

The king of his immortal emperor would do such a thing, which is really helpless!

When he received the news from Brother Sunri, he was also surprised!

He knew the existence of this young uncle, but he had never seen it. Now the other party has arrived at his site. If something goes wrong, I am afraid that the master will kill himself alive!

"His!" Hearing the other person's words, several immortal emperors could not help but take a breath of air, all with an incredible look on their faces.

The uncle of the infinite emperor! Who is this man?

But at this time, the face of Jiuhua Immortal Emperor changed, and his face showed an angry look.

"Brother Thunder, my grandson was beaten by you here! What do you say?" Jiuhua Immortal stared at Thunder God Emperor.

"What! It's impossible, how could such a thing happen in my Thunder Gods Palace, Brother Jiuhua, don't worry, I will give you an account of this matter!" Thunder God Emperor, with a serious face.

"I'm going to see my grandson!" Emperor Jiuhua left the hall in a flash.

Thunder God Immortal Emperor was afraid of what the other party was doing, and arched his hand at the Wordless Immortal Emperor, and then hurried out.

The Emperor Lingxu suddenly changed his face. He thought of the message Zhao Yixin sent to him just now, and he couldn't help but leave the palace in a flash.