Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1643

Chapter 1643: Youthful

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Other people look at me, I look at you, all can't help but wonder.

"Everyone! Or let's go out and see!" Wu Yaxian Emperor also moved a little in his heart at this time, stood up and said to everyone.

"it is good!"


Everyone nodded their heads, and their shapes disappeared into the hall.

"Tiande! How are you doing?" The void cracked a gap, and the Emperor Jiuhua appeared beside Pang Tiande.

Immortal Emperor Jiuhua looked at his grandson with bloodstained faces and no teeth left, and his face suddenly changed!

"What the **** happened? Who hit you?" Emperor Jiuhua's voice was cold and full of murderous opportunities!

At this time, the two figures appeared beside Lei Yifan and Zhao Yixin, it was Lei Shenxian Emperor and Lingxu Emperor Emperor!

"What happened?" Lei Shenxian Emperor looked at several of his sons, looking very unsightly!

It's strange that he can be happy when this happens at his birthday party!

"Grandpa! This is the case..." Lei Yifan preemptively explained.

"One heart, just now you sent me a message, in the end..." Lingxu Emperor also asked Zhao Yixin.

"It's him! It's him! This **** thing, grandpa, you hold me to him, I want him to die, I want him to suffer all the pain!" Seeing his grandfather coming, Pang Tian The tears in his eyes flowed out, he was wronged!

Immortal Emperor Jiuhua looked in the direction of Sun Zi, saw Zhao Yuande, and saw a kid in the Divine Realm!

Immortal Emperor Jiuhua looked at Zhao Yuande in disbelief, then looked back in the direction of his grandson, and found out that Zhao Yuande was right!

Jiuhua Immortal Emperor couldn't help but get angry, almost didn't get angry by his grandson, you were injured by a kid in the early stage of the fairy emperor's realm, you are so kind to call your grandfather out to support you!

However, seeing the embarrassed appearance of Sun Tzu, Emperor Jiuhua's heart suddenly softened again. This is how he is his only grandson, the only heir to the Pang family, so he might blame him!

"Come and punish Tiande Kowtow!" Although the Emperor Jiuhua resented his heart, he could not torture Zhao Yuande as much as Sun Zi said, but today is the birthday of Emperor Lei Shenxian. He is not good for bleeding here.

Letting you kowtow to make a guilt is the greatest forgiveness for you. From the perspective of Jiuhua Immortal Emperor, the other party will definitely be grateful for Dade's coming to kowtow to pay the court.

But I didn't expect that it was a cold hum!

"Humph! Jiuhua Immortal Emperor, you are still a peerless immortal emperor. There is no way to teach the child. I feel embarrassing for you!" Zhao Yuande snorted coldly, without giving the opposite face.

Zhao Yuande's words suddenly shocked everyone around Le Si!

Even the thunder **** immortal emperor and the spirit emperor imperial emperor, and even the other six immortal emperors who dared to come out together to see the lively immortal emperor and the infinite immortal emperor were shocked by Zhao Yuande's bold approach!

Did this kid eat bear heart leopard gall? How dare you teach a peerless immortal like this!

But the Eight Great Peerless Immortal Emperors, only one of the kings of immortal emperors seemed to understand something.

That is the Immortal Sword Emperor. He looked at Zhao Yuande curiously, but he knew exactly what the kid was. The King of Immortal Emperor came to him!

There is an expectation in the mind of the Immortal Sword Emperor, looking forward to what kind of expression he would be if Jiuhua Immortal Emperor knew that the kid in front of him was the uncle in the mouth of Wu Yaxian Emperor!

"This matter is not suitable for rumor!" Immortal Emperor Lei suddenly awakened, and a powerful **** soul suddenly enveloped all the onlookers around.

These microscopic people suddenly seemed to feel that there was something missing in their minds, and their memories of the previous moment were completely erased by Thunder God Immortal Emperor!

A huge enchantment rose up beside everyone, blocking everyone's sight, leaving Zhao Yuande and several other parties in the class enchantment.

If the passage of Zhao Yuande's lesson on Jiuhua Immortal Emperor just now spreads, I am afraid that the entire fairyland will be shocked. Many people have witnessed what happened just now. If this matter is connected, the reputation of Jiuhua Immortal Emperor may be instantaneous. It's smelly!

This emperor Jiuhua didn't look elegant, but he was a complete lunatic. Under anger, this guy didn't know what kind of things he would do!

So the Thunder God Emperor only needs to erase the memories of those people, so that only a few of them know about it.

Immortal Emperor Jiuhua also felt the good intentions of Immortal Emperor Lei, and could not help but nodded slightly to him. The anger originally aroused by Zhao Yuande also disappeared a lot.

"Brother Thunder, you can handle this matter!" Emperor Jiuhua glanced coldly at Zhao Yuande and simply kicked the matter to the other party.

"Grandpa! No, I must shave this little **** by my own hands!" Pang Tiande didn't resign, and a pair of eyes stared at Zhao Yuande resentfully, as if he was going to eat people.

"Pang Tiande! Are you looking for death?" Zhao Yuande heard the words of the little hybrid, and his face suddenly showed anger, and a pair of eyes sprayed a sharp edge.

"Grandpa! Have you heard? He is still threatening me. You have to catch me and catch him!" Pang Tiande saw the fierce words in Zhao Yuande's eyes, and the whole body couldn't help but shuddered involuntarily. , Grabbed Jiuhua Xiandi's arm and kept shaking.

"Enough!" Emperor Jiuhua felt his grandson was annoying at this time!

"This is not the Jiuhua Immortal Palace, but the Thunder God Immortal Palace! Thunder God Immortal Emperor will deal with this matter! Your grandfather will leave you alone..." Jiuhua Immortal Emperor passed on the message to his grandson, asking him not to make trouble again. !

Hearing Grandpas rare and severe voice, Pang Tiande knew that this matter should not be too hasty, so he could only stand still and looked at Zhao Yuande with resentment.

"Humph! Rubbish characters!" Zhao Yuande glanced dismissively at the corner of his mouth.

This matter was not only Zhao Yuande, but even the other strong men who came out to watch the liveliness could not help showing a disgusted face.

Lei Shenxian Emperor also heard Sun Zi's introduction to Zhao Yuande, knowing that the other party and grandson are best friends, there may be a weak force behind the other party, otherwise how to make Hong Yan's woman retreat!

However, he was not optimistic that the other party would be able to fight against Jiuhua Immortal Emperor, so he whispered to Zhao Yuande: "Little boy, don't stop! You will be wronged and apologize to the boy, this is the case. It's over! I promise he won't trouble you again!"

Zhao Yuande frowned slightly, but he was still grateful for the kindness of Thunder God Emperor.

"Okay! You are all young people, young and vigorous, it is inevitable to do some impulsive things! We also came from this time, you might as well apologize, everyone will not know each other, maybe in the future Will be friends!" Lei Shenxian Emperor smiled and said to Zhao Yuande, started the peacemaker.