Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1644

Chapter 1644: Wishful Thinking

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"It's impossible for me to apologize to this kind of scum!" What the Thunder God Emperor did not expect was that the other party seemed to have not heard his own voice, and he refused very happy!

"You... are you not afraid of death?" At this time, even the Thunder God Emperor's face felt unsustainable.

"Seniors are naturally afraid of death! But it is not me who is wrong. Why should I apologize?" Zhao Yuande looked at Thunder God Immortal Emperor and sneered. "If someone of the Emperor Emperor whispered in your ear, treat your sister What are you going to do if you are arrogant and mad about you? Would you still bow your head and admit to the other party?"

"This..." Emperor Lei Shen could not help but stagnate!

If you change to him, you will slap the other party!

"Yes! The fault is not with him, but with each other!" The Emperor Lingxu snorted coldly at this time, and said.

Lingxian Emperor's words suddenly seemed to be a stone thrown into the calm lake water!

Everyone looked at the Spiritual Emperor Lingxu inexplicably. I don't know what he meant by saying this. Is this to be opposed to the Emperor Jiuhua?

"What do you mean by Lingxu?" Emperor Jiuhua looked very unsightly. This was just a simple question, but he did not expect that Emperor Lingxu would come out against himself at this time.

"I'm just talking about things! If the other party just said, I think my choice will be more violent than him! And do you know who your grandson is molesting? That's my disciple!" Lingxu Emperor's face Suddenly changed into ice cold.

"This..." Jiuhua Immortal suddenly stayed on the spot!

Sunzi teasing the disciples of Jiuhua Xiandi, this is not easy to handle!

"What! Someone dared to tease my family!" At this time, an old man suddenly came out of many peerless immortal emperors, looking gloomy at Jiuhua Immortal Emperor and Pang Tiande behind him.

"Wu Jixiong!" Emperor Jiuhua's face changed when he saw the old man.

"One heart! Did he tease you?" The Wuji Emperor looked at Zhao Yixin, his eyes full of concern.

When Zhao Yixin saw this fairy emperor, there was also an inexplicable emotion in his heart, as if there was a kind of unfavorable affection in the stock!

When she heard the other person's words, a grievance filled her heart, and there was even a trace of mist in her eyes!

"Humph! What the hell!" Emperor Wuji saw Zhao Yixin's grievances, and couldn't help but anger in his heart. He slapped a backhand on Pang Tiande's face and flew it up, " You dare to tease even my windless daughter, it's really death!"

The Emperor Jiuhua never dreamed that the other party would slap his grandson. He was shocked!

"You... Wind Promise, you dare to do it to my grandson!" Emperor Jiuhua saw his grandson flying out, unaware of his life or death, and suddenly he was furious and rushed up to start with the imperial emperor.

"Don't act rashly! Wu Jixiong just gave him a little lesson!" Lei Shenxian Emperor hurriedly stopped Jiuhua Xiandi.

If these two people start their hands here, I'm afraid their thunder fairy palace will be wiped out instantly!

"Your grandson dares to tease my daughter, I am already merciful!" Wuji's Immortal Emperor stared at each other with eyes wide open!

At that time, his daughter was willing to break into the immortal world and went to the front to fight with the Demon Clan. At that time, Wuji Immortal Emperor felt that this was a kind of grinding for his daughter, but he did not expect this to be a farewell!

He heard news from the front line that his daughter was killed by the Demon Race and took away the body!

At that time, Wuji Proud Emperor was just an immortal monarch. He killed 100,000 li in the front line and still did not find the bones of his daughter. He could only return home desperately to face his wife.

Unexpectedly, after these hundreds of thousands of years, he happened to be a guest at Lingxu Emperor, and he saw his daughter!

That's right, that kind of voice and smile is definitely my own daughter!

Under Zhao Yixin's confession, Wuxi Immortal Emperor finally knew everything!

Of course, Zhao Yixin did not say that she was an ancient Emperor of Biwuji, but she said that after losing her body, she was rescued by Zhao Yuande, and Zhao Yuande just got this body, so she naturally became this. New owner with flesh!

Looking at the desperate eyes of the Wuji Prosperity Emperor at that time, Zhao Yixin was inexplicably impulsive. I don't know whether it was the reason for the same blood flow or the same source hidden in the bones. She recognized the Wuji Prosperity Emperor as the righteous father!

At that time Emperor Wuji wept with joy, and his daughter was recovered, making him full of joy. He vowed to protect his daughter well, even if he died, he would not hurt her a little!

Today I heard someone dare to tease his daughter, but he can bear it!

The two immortal emperors care for Sun, and one caress for the girl. This confrontation sets up the atmosphere in the field, and the atmosphere becomes dignified again!

"Okay, the two! It's just a little misunderstanding. It's normal for young people to make some conflicts. It's normal for them to solve it by themselves. What else do you do!" The Thunder God Immortal Emperor is no longer able to help, and can only be tough The scalp became a peacemaker.

"Good! Good!" The emperor Jiuhua twitched his face. He also knew that he was really in a loss today. This grandson did not scramble. He even made himself directly confront the two immortal emperors. Now!

However, in this way, he really felt a little unwilling, but his eyes quickly fell on Zhao Yuande.

"Tiande has indeed done a little too much, but that is not the reason for beating him. This is the Thunder God's Palace, but it is forbidden to do anything! What kind of punishment should Brother Lei do if he starts here?" Jiuhua Immortal Emperor Turned to look at the Thunder God Emperor, cold and quiet asked.

"Send it to Thunder Prison lightly, or directly kill it!" Thunder God Fairy Emperor answered dryly.

"That's good! I don't want to beheaded, just go to Thunder Prison!" Jiuhua Xiandi said indifferently.

"Humph! I'm delusional!" Lingxian Emperor strode over, blocking Zhao Yuande behind him, sneering, "Jiuhua, don't do too much, otherwise..."

"How about otherwise? Do you still have to fight against me for him?" Emperor Jiuhua seemed to have stepped on the cat's tail.

"Yes! He is my brother, how can he be against you!" Spiritual Emperor Emperor's sleeves flicked, a powerful momentum burst out of his body, and a monstrous terror force broke through the Thunder God Immortal Emperor. The enchantment set down!

There are countless people around me who are inexplicably confused. At this time, his face suddenly turns pale, and his body is hit by the terrifying power.


Under this power, the Thunder Gods Palace made an overwhelming broken sound!