Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1645

Chapter 1645: War

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"Okay! Then we will fight a battle!" The Emperor Jiuhua simply ignored it, and also released the terror to fight against the Emperor Lingxu!

The collision of the two forces suddenly triggered a terrible disaster. The already precarious Thunder Gods Palace collapsed suddenly, and countless powerful people who were watching around were all blasted out. Some weak people were torn apart by the power of terror on the spot. Fragment!

With the two peerless immortals as the center, the earth burst and exposed a bottomless abyss!

A war was about to strike, and everyone couldn't help but show horror on his face.

A good birthday feast instantly turned into a ruin, and Thunder God Immortal Emperor even cried!

"Can't I say you two can't give me a little face? Today is my birthday, you..." Thunder God Emperor is neither angry nor angry, only endless bitter smiles.

But the two of them can no longer listen in! They took off and took off for more than nine days. If they really fought here, I am afraid that the entire central fairyland would be broken!

"Brother Lingxu! Let me help you!" The Wuji Promise Emperor glanced at Zhao Yixin below, and his heart rose across the sky.

After all, the Spiritual Emperor Emperor became famous a little later, and the achievement of the Peerless Immortal Emperor's Coloring Page was only a matter of the last millennium, so he worried that the Spiritual Emperor Emperor could not cope with each other!

At this time, the two people had already connected everything because of Zhao Yixin's relationship, so he could not watch the defeat of the Emperor Lingxu.

"Hey!" Lei Shenxian Emperor sighed, looking helplessly at the rumbling noise coming from time to time in the sky!

"Brother Jiuhua! I'm coming!" What people didn't expect was that the infinite immortal emperor also skyrocketed at this time and chased up.

Obviously, Wuxian Xiandi formed an alliance with Jiuhua Xiandi early!

The remaining four Immortal Emperors looked at each other, and they couldn't help but show their dazed and puzzled faces.

Only Wuya Xiandi, the old god, stood there, glancing with interest at the crowd's reaction.

"Hey! I said, what's the matter, how could Wuji Fairy Emperor let you be a righteous girl?" At this time, another person with the old **** was Zhao Yuande. He came to Zhao Yixin and asked in a low voice.

"You still say! This flesh is actually the daughter of Wuji Promise Emperor! At that time, when he saw him, I couldn't help it..." Zhao Yixin could not speak directly in front of so many Immortal Emperors, but whispered Sound to him.

"What! What a coincidence?" Zhao Yuande was slightly shocked.

There is really a strange cause and effect in it!

At first, this flesh Zhao Yuande was discovered by the master of the Spiritual Emperor, and of course his master. Now the two of them form an alliance, which can be regarded as a free heaven!

"Hey!" Zhao Yixin talked freely and asked curiously, "Aren't you worried?"

"What are you worried about? Immortal Emperor's War? Is it useful to worry about my cultivation?" Zhao Yuande smiled faintly.

"It's really useless!" Zhao Yi thought.

"You two still have the psychology to joke here, what should I do now? My grandfather must kill me later!" Lei Yifan came up with a sad face at this time.

"Worry! If your grandfather knew that you were my brother-in-law, he would have to die happily. There were two powerful allies at once. He was too happy to be too late!" Zhao Yuande smiled slightly and ridiculed.

"Just this kid? He wants to marry me and dream!" Zhao Yixin glanced at Lei Yifan.

"In the whole fairyland, besides this kid, do you think there is anyone worthy of you?" Zhao Yuande smiled lightly. "Don't you think he is lowered? It doesn't matter, I will help him with a promise soon Catch up with you!"

"This..." Zhao Yixin heard Zhao Yuande say this, and really recalled the young people in the whole fairyland. Sure enough, none of them could compare with this guy of Lei Yifan, except this guy who was lower than himself. Some, others are really nothing!

The thunder **** Emperor on the side was also listening with his ears upright at this time. It was also a slight joy to hear this. If his grandson could really be married to this one, then if the three of them joined forces, it would be really solid.

What makes him even more impressed is that the Spiritual Emperor Emperor is the youngest and has the greatest potential. It is the one of the eight Peerless Immortal Emperors who is most likely to become the King of Immortal Emperor!

If it is an alliance with it, in the future the other party will become the king of immortal emperor, then he and Wuji immortal emperor will benefit the most!


At this moment, a tremendous loud noise came from the void.

A huge crack appeared above the sky dome, followed by a rain of blood.

"Everyone back away immediately! All back away, don't be touched by blood rain!" Thunder God Immortal Emperor looked at this situation and suddenly changed his face!

Many people do not understand what happened, why should they retreat?

But the next moment they will immediately understand that those blood rain drops are falling at an incredible speed!

It seems that the horrible meteors are falling down. Someone was hit by the body and suddenly the body exploded with a loud bang!

"This... this is the blood of the Peerless Immortal Emperor, and each one is comparable to the weight of a star, and we simply can't bear it!" Someone suddenly understood and was frightened to flee.

But it was too late at this time, and they could not escape at their speed!

Suddenly, countless cultivators were killed by blood rain, and the rest of the field were all cultivators guarded by fairy monarchs or fairy emperors.

"Who was injured in the end? It was such a large amount of blood?" At this time, everyone couldn't help but have such a doubt!

"It wouldn't be the Spirit Emperor Emperor who was injured!" Some people speculated.

"Very likely! The Spiritual Emperor Emperor has just become a peerless immortal emperor for less than a thousand years, and it is impossible to defeat the Jiuhua Immortal Emperor!"

"You are all wrong, this can not be seen as how long the Peerless Immortal Emperor, but depends on a person's five elements qualifications, like the Jiuhua Immortal Emperor who has achieved the Peerless Immortal Emperor does not know how many years, but still no progress, now it has been I lost my hope of entering the next realm!"

"What you said makes sense, but don't forget, now there are four peerless emperors above..."


All eyes can't help but stare!

However, as everyone guessed, four figures slowly fell in the sky, and the long beard of the Spiritual Deficiency Emperor Long Beard fluttered with blush.

On the contrary, Jiuhua Immortal Emperor, with a pale complexion, the blood at the corner of his mouth was still not cleaned!

The Wuliang Xiandi and Wuji Xiandi seemed to be facing each other, as if there was no fighting at all.

Everyone can't help thinking at this time, is it true that the Spiritual Emperor Immortal Emperor is really like the legend, the talent is beyond, and he is gradually preparing to step into the King of Immortal Emperor!