Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1648

Chapter 1648: It's Too Late

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"Void Chamber of Commerce! This chamber of commerce is very mysterious and powerful. Even Daotian will not easily be enemies with it. I don't think they will disclose this matter!" Feng Cang shook his head.

Zhao Yuande was relieved, but this made him more curious about the Void Chamber of Commerce. How huge the other party's power was, even Dao Tian was afraid!

"What is the origin of the Void Chamber of Commerce?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help asking.

"Void World Chamber of Commerce!" Zhao Yixin couldn't help but change the color slightly when she heard the name. She knew that this chamber of commerce was one of the most mysterious forces in the fairy world, even the Peerless Immortal Emperor didn't dare to provoke.

She remembered that the Emperor Lingxu first brought her attention to this chamber of commerce, saying that it must not be provoked.

"The founder of the Netherworld Chamber of Commerce may be an existence that is older than me and Daotian. It is said that this life was born in the beginning of heaven and earth and monopolizes the luck of heaven and earth. It is one of the most powerful among the entire heaven and earth. It has already reached the state of Dao Zun!" The word Dao Zun was mentioned, and Feng Cang's face was yearning.

"Okay! This thing is too far away from us!" Zhao Yuande stabilized his mind and looked at Feng Cangdao, "ancestor, I want to teach her the celestial body of the heavens, do you think there is no problem!"

"I really don't have the right to say no, the Huntian Holy Body belongs to the Huntian Immortal Kingdom, and you all have the bloodline of the Huntian Immortal Emperor. This is enough!" Feng Cangdao said.

"That line, today I will pass on the heavenly body to you. You must be absolutely confidential! Keep it confidential to everyone, including my brother!" Zhao Yuande solemnly said.

"Relax! I know the weight!" Zhao Yixin nodded, but he was extremely excited!

If she possesses the celestial body cult of the heavenly body, she is absolutely sure to surpass herself in the previous life!

Zhao Yuande and Zhao Yixin soon returned to the palace, and their faces were full of smiles.

A birthday feast was no more waves, and soon ended.

Zhao Yuande once again had a secret talk with the Emperor Lingxu, and told Wan Yao about the Emperor Lingxu.

The Emperor Lingxu also looked at Zhao Yuande gratefully and asked about Wan Yao's current situation.

Zhao Yuande answered one by one...

Zhao Yuande bid farewell to everyone, embarked on the teleportation array, he planned to rush back to Xifengzhou as soon as possible, go to Dengxian Island, where to wait for the people of Water God Palace!

At this point, he was already somewhat attentive, but it was not that simple to return to Xifengzhou. It would take a lot of time to ride the Void Ship. I am afraid that the rest of the time will be very urgent.

To reach Xifengzhou through the teleportation array, a huge amount of top-grade fairy jade is required, and it will be opened only after a sufficient number of people have arrived.

Zhao Yuande couldn't help but think of the Void Chamber of Commerce and Situ Ya, who wondered the vastness of the magic. I wonder if the Void Chamber of Commerce would have any way to go to Xifengzhou.

As soon as Zhao Yuande stepped into Infinite Immortal Emperor, he immediately felt something was wrong, he felt like he was being stared at!

"Not good!" Before he stepped out of the gate of the teleporting hall, he felt a void change, and he appeared in a hall of nothingness.

Two people were standing in the hall at this time, looking at him coldly.

One of them is Pang Tiande with a smug face, and the other is an old man.

Zhao Yuande couldn't see the old man's cultivation practice. Obviously the other party's cultivation practice had reached the realm of immortal emperor.

"Hey! Boy, you finally got caught by me!" Pang Tian looked proudly at Zhao Yuande and smiled, with a cat-and-mouse expression on his face, "You never thought of this day, but you might have thought that it would be lost In the hands of the young master!"

"Young Master! Do you want me to take him down, you come to send!" The old man glanced at Zhao Yuande, all of which revealed cold killing intent!

"Don't use it first. I haven't played enough for such a fun game!" Pang Tiande looked at Zhao Yuande with a smile on his face, and said, "You will suppress his cultivation first, I will teach him a lesson with my own hands!"

"Master, don't worry, he can't show a little spiritual power!" The old man's face showed confidence.

With a wave of his hand, a powerful force came from the hall, as if to cut off the connection between Zhao Yuande and the spiritual power in his body.

Zhao Yuande frowned slightly, and felt that it seemed difficult to be good today. He simply killed Pang Tiande first!

He has more black rocks in his hands. Zhao Yuande doesn't know what grade this magical treasure is. Anyway, he knows that he should be above Xianbao!

Its sharpness can completely cut the Jiu Pin Xian Bao. As long as the other party dares to come, he will kill the other party without hesitation!

"Haha! Master Ben personally captured you today and pinched the bones of your whole body. I want to see if you dare to fight the young master again!" Pang Tiande stepped forward step by step Two of them, the spirit of his spirits is surging, apparently has not been suppressed to cultivate.

Zhao Yuande looked at Pang Tiande, who was approaching, and couldn't help but show a cold smile in the corner of his mouth. The black rock sword in his hand slowly shot out a sword body formed by the light.

"Hey! I'm coming! Are you ready to suffer?" Pang Tian's excited fist squeezed hard, his face covered with a greasy smile.

"I'm ready! Come here!" Zhao Yuan's German language remained indifferent, and the Black Rock Sword had been raised.

"Rebel! The more you resist, the more excited I will be, and the stronger I will be when I torture you!" Pang Tian looks like a hawk plopping a rabbit.

At this time, Zhao Yuande also raised his butcher knife that could kill the fairy emperor, and chopped towards the other party!

"Not good!" The old man didn't care, but when Zhao Yuande raised his black sword in his hand, he couldn't help but stir up a cold war, and a bad hunch flooded his mind.

"Young Master! Hurry!" The old man shouted loudly. At this time in his hand, the laws and regulations were changing again and again. A large wall composed of a thick fairy spirit appeared directly in front of Pang Tiande.

"Hum! Did you discover it now? It's too late!" Zhao Yuande's hand whispered the black rock sword lightly, and the large wall composed of fairy spirits was split open without any hindrance, and the black rock sword suddenly hit Pang. God's body.

"Ah!" Pang Tiande felt a huge pain in his body, and screaming could break through the clouds.

"You dare!" The old man's complexion changed at this time. His body appeared behind Pang Tiande like a teleport. He reached out and grabbed his arm directly to pull it back.

But he pulled Pang Tiande's half of his body to the front, but this half of his body did not include his head!

Zhao Yuande split it in half with a sword, half was taken away by the old man, and the other half fell into Zhao Yuande's hands.