Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1649

Chapter 1649: Help Me

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Zhao Yuande did not hesitate to wrap the Black Rock Sword around Pang Tiande's neck, and put his head directly in his hand.

At this time, Pang Tiancai only reacted from the shock. A pair of eyes stared at the old man holding his half of the body opposite. The throat had been cut open, and the grunt could not make a sound.

"Give me life! Take my life!" Pang Tiande knew at a moment what situation he was in. He knew his life had fallen into the hands of the other party.

"Kid don't want to come here if you want to live. Now you can close your hands!" The old man looked at Zhao Yuande's head and suddenly changed his face. The cold sweaty soybeans on his forehead fell into a crack.

He knew that if this young master died today, he might not be able to live anymore!

"What's the matter! Isn't it going to crush me a thousand times? Isn't it to crush my bones one by one? Now you are like this?" Zhao Yuande looked at Pang Tiande with a smile, and the mocking in his mouth made The other person's face turned red.

"I... I'm wrong! You adults don't remember the villains, you will spare me!" Although Pang Tiande is reckless and arrogant, he still judges the situation when he is alive.

"Do you know that you are wrong now? It's a pity that you don't feel a little late?" Zhao Yuande's black rock sword gestured in front of Pang Tiande, his face all mocking.

"It's not too late! It's not too late! As long as you don't kill me, I will promise you whatever the conditions are. My grandpa is Jiuhua Immortal Emperor. He hurts me very much, even if you want Bapin Xianbao, he will satisfy you!" Pang Tiande Said quickly.

"Good! As long as you let the young masters, everything is easy to say!" The old man said quickly.

"Really? Then let me go out of this place first!" Zhao Yuande looked at each other with a faint smile, "This place is terrible, my courage is very small, maybe my hand shakes accidentally, this guy knows the sea Broken!"

You guts little fart! You are more brave than anyone else! The old man secretly cursed in his heart, but he had to do what the other party said.

Although he controlled the entire palace, he did not dare to guarantee that the young master would be killed by the opponent before starting his own hands, so he could only compromise.

When the old man waved his hand, they immediately appeared outside the teleportation hall of the immortal fairy city.

The passing crowd suddenly saw Zhao Yuande holding a sharp sword and carrying his head, and he was shocked.

All the people who did not control it stepped back, immediately enclosing this place into a big circle.

"What the **** happened? Who is this man? Why is he holding a head in his hand!"

"How do I feel that the head in his hand is familiar?"

"It's nice to be familiar, it seems...Pang Tiande!"

"Yes! It was this guy, he was finally picked up!"

"What the **** happened, Pang Tiande was the lifeblood of Emperor Jiuhua, and his head was cut off by someone. I am afraid that Emperor Jiuhua was going to be angry!"


Many people pointed to Pang Tiande's head and couldn't help showing a gloating expression on their faces, and even some people were full of excitement and felt very relieved.

"Okay! Let go of your young master and let you leave, otherwise you might not be able to leave!" The old man looked at the crowd around him, and he couldn't help showing a worried look on his face.

"Let him go, do you think I'm so stupid? You are an immortal emperor. If I let him go, I'm afraid it will soon fall into your hands. When that happens, it's really going to be dying. "Zhao Yuande looked at each other like a fool.

"What the **** do you want?" The old man was angry.

"In fact, it is also very simple. Let your ancestor Jiuhua Immortal Emperor come out. I want to ask him who really attacked me." Zhao Yuande knew that this matter must have been given by Jiuhua Immortal Emperor, but Jiuhua Immortal Emperor certainly I didn't expect this to happen to this extent.

"This..." The old man couldn't help but feel shocked. If this matter is now known to the ancestor, it will definitely kill him directly. If he saves the young master, he will say it again, maybe his life will be saved.

"Without asking him to come, I will directly shatter his consciousness of the sea!" Zhao Yuande focused his strength on the other person's consciousness of the sea. As long as he moved his mind, Pang Tiande must die!

"Good! I will inform the ancestors!" The old man had no choice but to do what Zhao Yuande said.

"Tian De! Tian De!" At the next moment, a voice sounded in the void, and two powerful beings came together and appeared in the void.

One is Jiuhua Immortal Emperor, and the other is Infinite Immortal Emperor!

At this time, the Emperor Jiuhua saw Pang Tiande's head in Zhao Yuande's hands, and he couldn't help but change his face!

"What the **** happened? Why is it that the presence of an immortal emperor will make Tiande fall into the hands of the other party!" The emperor Jiuhua looked coldly at the old man, and his words were full of murderous opportunities!

"All the young masters made their own claims... Ah!" The old man just wanted to compromise his responsibilities and pushed all his mistakes to Pang Tiande. He felt an irresistible force of terror that shattered his body directly. Strangling him alive on the spot.

"Waste! What's the use of leaving you!" Emperor Jiuhua turned to Zhao Yuande with his eyes full of frost, "Boy, let go of my grandson, I'll keep you from dying, but if you dare to push three obstacles, I promise you to let you die very much awful!"

"Really? There have been countless people who told me like this, but the people who died terribly are usually themselves!" Zhao Yuande was not nervous when facing the Emperor Jiuhua, but he grabbed Pang Tiande's hand Tightened.

"Grandpa! Save me! Save me!" Pang Tiande saw the Emperor Jiuhua appear, and his eyes suddenly showed the light of hope.

"God! You can rest assured, grandpa will save you!" Seeing his only grandson treated like this, Jiuhua Immortal Emperor's heart was like a sword, but he could feel that the power of the other party had penetrated into Sunzi's knowledge. Among them, as long as you have a little change, the grandson will soon be destroyed!

"Speak! Tell your request!" Emperor Jiuhua looked at Zhao Yuande again, and his mood gradually calmed down.

"My request is very simple. You make a vow of heaven, you can't be against me at any time, and I let him go!" Zhao Yuande looked at each other and sneered and made his request.

"Impossible!" Immortal Emperor Jiuhua refused without thinking, and killed his grandson like this.

"Oh! Then I'm sorry, I'll come to a jade burnt today!" Zhao Yuande pretends that he will take a sword off and split the head in two.

"Slow down!" At this time, the infinite immortal emperor beside Jiuhua immortal emperor waved his hand to stop Zhao Yuande!