Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 165

Chapter 165: Enter The Underground World

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If he looks at the underground world of the demon clan, why does Zhu Luan have not returned so far, is it hijacked by the demon clan or there are other reasons.

The entrance of the demon race is on Songhe Ridge, and he is familiar with this journey.

It soon appeared in a city not far from Songheling. This city is called Lincheng. It was built by a large family of Lins. Although it was only a few hundred years, its scale is no less than Huoyuncheng. .

Zhao Yuande still looks like a black skinny boy, walking on Lincheng Street, and found that most of the people here are demon races.

These demon clan are very arrogant and overbearing, and they have regarded Lincheng as their own city.

"These demon clan, I will one day seal you again in the earth, and this time limit is forever!" Zhao Yuande was ruthless in his heart, but he didn't make any excessive actions. This time, he came to save people. If there is a big incident, the demon tribe will be alert.

"How do you get into the underground world of Yaozu?" Zhao Yuande was a little worried. When he entered the underground world, an ancestor of the Yaozu arranged a congenital spirit treasure "photo sun mirror", no matter what race you are on this side There is nothing to hide under the mirror.

As long as you can pass the supervision of the "photo sun mirror", the underground world is mixed with fish and dragons, and is pure demon, there are half demon, and there are half humans with demon clan blood. Is impossible.

"Broken sky, your mother doesn't seem to be a tireless beast of Zhu!" Zhao Yuande suddenly saw the broken sky around him, remembering that there was such a message in the message.

"Um! Yes... pass... arm... ape!" The sky whispered, and finally pulled the word "God".

Speaking of the mother who broke the sky, it is a powerful demon clan Thongbiao ape that is not weaker than innate creatures. There is only one ape in this world. Only after this one will die, the next one will be born.

Moreover, the birth of this kind of arm-armed ape is very peculiar, it will be born in any family of apes and monkeys! Therefore, the practitioners call it the "son of God"!

The descendants of the Son of God and Zhu Yan's beast, although it is a Zhu Yan, but also has some characteristics of the arm-armed ape, such as blood!

"Okay! It's up to you to enter the Underworld of the Demon Race!" Came into a corner of the characters around, Zhao Yuande's body got into the space of the copper furnace, and the copper furnace fell into the hands of the sky.

Under the command of Zhao Yuande, Po Tian soon followed the demon clan of the follower group to Songhe Ridge. Although Zhu Yans armor was very dazzling, there were not a few among the demon clan, and a set of armor was not counted. what.

Although a few demon clan came up to talk to Potian, they were forced back by Potian's cold eyes.

Among the demon clan, the strongest is the most respected. As soon as the terrible momentum is released, the demon clan around him will be as far away as possible.

To know that among the demon clan, it does not prevent fighting and fighting, as long as you are strong enough to challenge anyone you dont like, even if you kill the other party, you will only win applause and applause.

It was also the death of this environment that led to the development of the arrogant and domineering character of the demon clan.

Moreover, the demon race is different from the human race. If a demon race fails, even if you have a face to survive, you will not go to the strong family to help you find a place. Instead, you will work hard in silence and strive to win the opponent in the next challenge!

The spirit of the sun-mirror is so strong that the soul can radiate the entire underground world, and there will be no mistakes in the exploration of the blood of the demon race!

Soon it was the turn of the day, Zhao Yuande suppressed his own soul wave, curled up in the copper furnace world, and even the atmosphere did not dare to gasp.

The light of the sun-mirror swept around Po Tian's body, and suddenly a brilliant brilliance!

Zhao Yuande's heart almost jumped out, but soon he discovered that this Guanghua didn't seem to find a spy, but...

Not far away is the man who controls the sun-mirror is a strong man in a yin and yang union. When the strong man saw this glory, he was shocked at the time. This light represented the emperor of the demon clan, he I didn't expect to be able to meet a demon emperor here, and immediately trot to the front of the sky.

"Dare to ask this son what to call?"

The strong power of Yin and Yang in this demon race is a sheep-head demon. The excited light radiates in his small eyes, and he can have a relationship with an emperor. The demon life in the rest of his life will be brilliant!

"Broken... Heaven!" Broken Sky's heart was also a little uneasy, but he couldn't see any expression on his face wrapped in armor, and his tone was stiff, expressing a kind of attitude that was not close to others.

"Broken son, you..." The sheep-head demon didn't know what to say next, but don't anger the royal family.

"Go in..." Po Tian pointed to the entrance of the underground world of the black hole and expressed his meaning stiffly.

"Good! Good!" Sheephead demon dared not say a word, and led the way to the entrance to the ground.

Under the guidance of Zhao Yuande, Po Tian jumped into the entrance without hesitation.

The sheep's head returned to his position in a daunting way, always feeling a little unwilling, and finally encountered a royal family, so missed it!

"Yes!" Suddenly, the sheep-head demon's face suddenly took delight, and picked up a piece of letter jade to start sending messages.

Somewhere underground, in a huge temple, several powerful monster clan giants are arguing fiercely.

"Why marry Princess Mononoke to that human waste! Do I have no outstanding youth in the Golden Eye Demon Clan?" The strong power of the Golden Eye Demon Clan smashed the jade table in front of him, "I am golden The pupil demons will never compromise!"

"Okay, Brother Jin, isn't this negotiating? Why do you have such a big temper!" An ape-faced strongman pulled the golden-eye pupil demon strongman.

"Huh! You use our golden pupil demon clan's channel, but also want to hit our golden pupil demon princess's idea, no way!" The golden pupil demon clan's strongman shrugged off the ape face strong man's hand coldly. Grunted.

"Jin Chiyang! Don't think that we can't make the next plan without your ghost princess, and you don't take this opportunity to open the lion! As long as you give up, our princess of the White Tiger tribe can sacrifice at any time." White Tiger tribe His majestic man with white hair dances wildly, and Zhangkou knocks over Jin Chiyang's little abacus.

"The Mo family only need a reason! The princess of that family is okay. We might as well send that little **** to it. In this way, our families have no pressure!" A golden sheep family with a golden goatee with long horns under his head and a strong head There was a vague smile on the face of the person.

"You mean! Zhujia's little girl?" Jin Chiyang's eyes lit up, "This is a good idea, really good!"

"But she is the blood of an innate **** and devil after all, and her mother is a family of Luan birds. Will we cause unnecessary trouble if we do this?" The strong tigers of the White Tigers are worried.

"No problem, she rebelled against the demon clan first, and sneaked into the demon clan privately. We haven't killed her. It's benevolent justice to marry her, and it's benevolent justice to marry her to the human race!" That's it!