Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1650

Chapter 1650: Just Thought

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"Brother Jiuhua, it's more important to leave Qingshan without worrying about firewood or firewood!" Wuxian Xiandi gave Jiuhua Xiandi a glance.

"Brother Jiuhua, it doesn't matter if you swear, I personally took down the two boys, and then I will deal with him!" Infinite Immortal Emperor said secretly.

"Okay! I swear, can't I swear?" Although the face of Emperor Jiuhua was helpless, but there was a move in his heart. Infinite Immortal Emperor was right. Is there any difference between his killing and his own killing?

"You swear according to what I said!" Zhao Yuande's mouth suddenly smiled and turned to look at Wu Quanxian Emperor. "And you, Wu Quanxian Emperor, you also have to swear! You don't know what you think when you fight?" ?"

"This kid is too courageous! How dare I let the two immortal emperors make the oath of heaven, this is simply pulling their teeth on the tiger's mouth!"

"This kid is really smart, and he has a lot of courage. If he doesn't fall in the future, he will definitely be a superpower!"

"I don't know what the two peerless emperors will do?"

"As the saying goes, leaving Qingshan without worry or firewood, they will definitely agree, but even if they agree, there are countless ways to kill each other!"

"How come I feel familiar with this kid! It seems..."

"What does it look like? It seems that it is Zhao XIV who has won three games in a row in the fairy demon battle!"

"Zhao XIV! I have heard of him, how could he appear here?"


Wuliang Xiancheng is one of the largest cities in the fairyland. Naturally, many people come here to admire it. Of course, this also includes some powerful people who have participated in the fairy demon war.

There is nothing surprising about Zhao Yuande being recognized at this time.

"You are Zhao XIV?" Wuliang Xiandi was slightly surprised, and he had heard the name of this guy.

"Yes! I'm Zhao XIV!" Zhao Yuande did not hide, and admitted his identity.

However, his incident happened in Xifengzhou, which is far away from the void, and many things have not been passed on.

"Since you are a hero of our fairyland, then it's easy to say. I will explain to Brother Jiuhua about this matter. I believe that for the future of Fairyland, Brother Jiuhua will promise to release your suspicions with you, anyway, you will not suffer any losses! "Wuliang Xiandi nodded and said, "Let's put it down now! I promise you're okay! A safe return!"

The sincere words of Wuliang Xiandi said that if ordinary people listened, they nodded again and again, but in Zhao Yuande's ears, it sounded like a fart, and it smelled bad.

"Don't waste your time! I'm not a fool you imagine!" Zhao Yuande angled a disdainful arc.

"You...really toasting and not eating fine wine, today I must take you down!" The countless immortal emperor's eyes were cold, tearing open the disguise, and snapped towards Zhao Yuande.

"Hey! I thought about it!" Zhao Yuande couldn't avoid flashing, holding the head in his hand to the front.

"Stop!" Immortal Emperor Jiuhua saw this situation and immediately opened the hands of the immense amount of Immortal Emperor.

"Brother Jiuhua! Is it necessary for us two to be humiliated for such a waste?" The countless Immortal Emperor's face suddenly turned very ugly.

"What a waste! This is my only grandson. My hope is that if you kill him, I will fight with you!" The Emperor Jiuhua looked angry, and looked at the immortal Emperor immensely.

At this moment, Zhao Yuande suddenly felt a crisis coming behind him, he did not hesitate to block that head behind his back.


The head was immediately smashed by a person who was attacked from behind, and blood splashed everywhere in the head!

Zhao Yuande saw an indifferent face and appeared in front of him.

"No... God!" At this time, the Emperor Jiuhua saw his grandson died, and suddenly gave up the confrontation with the infinite immortal emperor, but rushed towards the man who killed his grandson.


The same was true for the man, who was directly slapped by the Jiuhua Immortal Emperor!

However, Zhao Yuande looked at Wuliang Xiandi at this time, because he found that the corners of Wuliang Xiandi's mouth were slightly raised. This person was obviously arranged by Wuliang Xiandi!

But even so, Zhao Yuande did not panic, but looked at Wuliang Immortal Emperor with a smile.

"Infinite Immortal Emperor, you are really smart. What if you killed Pang Tiande, not only broke the alliance between you, but also formed a deadly hatred with the Jiuhua Immortal Realm, which has no benefit to you!" Zhao Yuande's The sound wafted through the space, and at once made many people's faces change.

Especially Jiuhua Immortal Emperor, suddenly suddenly changed color, he looked angrily at Wuxian Xiandi and said: "Wuliang Xiandi! Do you want to die with me?"

"Zhao XIV, you are dead! You can't change this fate no matter what you say!" Wuxian Xiandi ignored Zhao Yuande's provocation, but turned to look at Jiuhua Xiandi Road, "Brother Jiuhua, I must give you an account of this matter, but I have to deal with this kid before this, you have no opinion!"

"Okay! I'll give you this time, but don't try to perfume me!" Although the immortal emperor Jiuhua was extremely angry, but he didn't know why, when he saw the death of his grandson, he suddenly felt lighter, as if The same burden was lifted all at once, and I felt a lot cleaner even in my heart!

Otherwise, according to his previous love for Sun Tzu, he would have been up and desperately immortal Emperor!

The other party can be regarded as broken after this!

"Infinite Immortal Emperor, you really are a good means! But do you really think you'll eat me?" Zhao Yuande looked at each other without a little fear on his face, but instead had a mocking expression.

"Don't pretend to be a ghost! This is not Xifengzhou, and there is no Emperor Sunri to help you!" Wuliang Immortal Emperor's mouth smiled, but the next moment, he seemed to suddenly think of something, and his face changed suddenly.

"How? Remember? Haha!" Zhao Yuande laughed, his smile full of ridicule.

" wouldn't be...Wuya..." The infinite amount of Immortal Emperor's face changed dramatically, and his body couldn't help but retreat.

"What's wrong! What the **** happened?" Immortal Emperor Jiuhua saw the expression of Infinite Immortal Emperor, and immediately felt that something was awkward and asked urgently.

"Hey! Do you remember what Wuya Xiandi said when he came?" Wuliang Xiandi's voice was full of bitterness.

"Remember! He is looking for Uncle Xiao... The uncle Master in his mouth, don't..." Emperor Jiuhua looked at Zhao Yuande inconceivably.

"Yes! It's him... I just thought of it now!" Wuliang Xiandi sighed.

"This..." Jiuhua Immortal suddenly froze!