Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1653

Chapter 1653: This Is How To Do

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It's about his reputation, like men... Zhao Yuande felt a chill in his imagination!

He was deemed to be a man by such a beautiful woman, and he could hardly bear it. It was even more explosive than eating explosives, and he immediately lost the calmness of the past, even swearing.

"You... you are vulgar!" The woman was shocked by Zhao Yuande's fierce reaction, and her body hurried back!

After Zhao Yuande finished scolding, he quickly calmed down. The other party was Elder Situ Yas niece, and the other partys cultivation ability was above himself.

"That... Actually I was just talking nonsense, you don't mind!" Zhao Yuande's face was a little apologetic, "You'd better not ask this kind of question casually, this is a person's privacy, if you have some temper The irritable people may not die with you because of such problems!"

"Do you really like men?" The woman confirmed again.

"Really don't like it! I like women..." Zhao Yuande frowned.

Is there a problem with this woman's mind? A good peerless beauty has such a problem. It really is the answer, no one is perfect!

"If you like women, why do you see me in a hurry to hide? Am I not beautiful enough? Isn't it attractive enough?" The woman looked at Zhao Yuande as she took it for granted.

"This...this..." Zhao Yuande was speechless for a while. This question made him difficult to answer.

"How? Nothing to say! You just like men, what five wives, and daughters are guise, excuses! You must be constantly questioned, so you will tell lies like this!" The woman saw Zhao Yuande looked speechless and smiled happily.

"I'm fighting with you!" Zhao Yuande felt that it was only Xiu who met the soldiers who couldn't explain clearly. This woman has long been prejudiced that she likes men, which can't be explained.

There is no way to explain, Zhao Yuande is angry and nowhere to vent, he can only rush to fight the other side!

The woman saw some words rushed over, and the excited, blushing Zhao Yuande sighed softly: "Hey! You are angered and angry again, so you admit it! Its not a shame to like men, its also in our place It's normal!"

After more than a dozen breaths, Zhao Yuande was knocked down to the ground by the other party, his face covered in black, and his body was sore.

He then remembered to use the appraisal technique to identify the other party.

"Situ Qing, the strongest genius of the Situ family, the peak of the fairy, the celestial body..."

The strongest genius of the Situ family! Fairy Peak! Star Eucharist!

Zhao Yuande was lying on the ground, his eyes widened, and he looked at each other inconceivably.

Isnt it just the four major Eucharist? Why is there another Star Eucharist?

Seeing its true age is only about twenty, this has reached the peak of the fairy! This kind of qualification is really insane!

And through the battle just now, Zhao Yuande also felt that the opponent's combat skills are very powerful, as if practicing a terrible fighting magic!

" are so willing to believe that I don't like men!" Zhao Yuande's undead body was completely recovered from his injuries. He stood up and looked at each other helplessly!

"I didn't expect you to fight it hard! But after this battle, I'm more sure you like men!" Situ Qing smirked. "If you like women, you shouldn't be handcuffed when fighting just now. You havent gotten a good chance, and I have a blind date with my skin, but I am afraid to shrink and have some scruples!"

"I..." Zhao Yuande felt that this woman was simply unreasonable. If I went on, I would be mad at her!

Can't I afford it or not? I'm leaving!

Without a word, he turned and left!

"Hey! Don't you want to go, let me know this clearly!" I tried the young man to block Zhao Yuande in front of me with no scruples. I hung on my waist and I decided what you wanted. The plump and full body was perfectly displayed in In front of him!

Zhao Yuande was almost irrational by the other party, no matter who the other party was, he hugged directly to Situ Qing who was near!

Situ Qing has long believed that the other party likes men, so he has no taboos and no precautions.

A man's masculine breath rushed into her nose, and a hot body was quietly attached to her at once, and she stayed in the same place instantly!

What is the cultivation of the peak of the fairy, and what is the celestial body, it doesn't work at this time, she seems to become a weak woman with no power at all!

And Zhao Yuande felt at this time that a soft and elastic body was hugged by himself all at once, especially his chest was full of elasticity!

A refreshing fragrance came into his nose, he couldn't help but look down at the beautiful woman in his arms, and looked at the other person's flawless face up close, feeling the wonderful elastic touch, he just felt a blaze of flame burning inside him. There was a reaction somewhere in the body.

"Ah! Get away!" Suddenly, Situ Qing felt something wrong and screamed, and the body of force surging out like a wave of tide.

Zhao Yuande only felt an irresistible force flew himself out at once.

The whole person seemed to fly out of the kite with a broken line, and a violent blood swelled in his body, and a mouthful of blood spewed out of his mouth.

But at this time, his head was sober, and while flying out, he turned into Kunpeng's real body, breaking through the void at once, and traveling a thousand miles away.

"This bad guy! He... he turned out... Oops! Shamed to death!" Situ Qing saw Zhao Yuande's figure disappearing, but did not pursue it, but stood on the spot and stomped on the spot with some shame!

"It turns out that he doesn't like men! It's just different from others!" Situ Qing suddenly smiled on his face and said to himself, "I didn't expect there to be such an interesting man in the small place of fairyland here, I like this man! But are the five wives and the daughter he said true? What can I do?"

"Qing'er! What are you doing here? Why is your face so red? Is it sick?" Just when Situ Qing was thinking about it, suddenly a gentle middle-aged man appeared in front of him.

This elegant and middle-aged man looks somewhat similar to Situ Ya. It is Situ Qing's father and Situ Ya's younger brother Situ Feng. At this time, he is looking at his daughter with doubts.

"No... nothing! Dad, you are not practicing in the quiet room, how come out?" Situ Qing's face was even redder!