Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1654

Chapter 1654: Boundary

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"No! Qing'er, you have something wrong. If your body feels uncomfortable, hurry back to rest!" Situ Feng said with concern.

"Dad! The daughters are all made for the fairy peak! What disease will they get!" Situ Qingbai glanced at his father, suddenly said, "The daughter just saw an interesting person!"

"Oh? Who can make my daughter find it interesting? Let's listen to my dad!" Situ Feng's expression showed interest.

But he knew that his daughter, whose eyes were higher than the top, had grown up from such a behemoth such as the Void Chamber of Commerce since childhood. There were countless young Junyan who had seen her, and she said that she had never looked at anyone right now. Encountered one here!

"He... he seems to be a mid-level VIP, about the same age as me, very young! But it is different from other people. When he looked at his daughter, he didn't have those messy thoughts, it was funny..." Situ Qingyue said The more red, the last is simply mosquitoes, even she can't hear it!

"Oh! Intermediate VIP? Still young? Is that the old man said?" Situ Feng revitalized.

He remembered that the fourth son had passed on to him just now, saying that a middle-class VIP was coming to Xifengzhou and let him take good care of him!

"Dad knows?" Situ Qing's face was a little surprised, he couldn't help looking at his father eagerly.

"Qing'er! You... you let Dad say you are good, this kind of thing can't be anxious!" Situ Feng smiled bitterly on the face, this daughter really didn't worry, she urged her, but she was not anxious , Now it seems that I can't wait for a moment!

"Why not be anxious! When you meet a good man, you must hurry up. This is what Dad told me! Such a funny man, don't let him run away!" Situ Qing's mouth was curved and his eyes narrowed. One crescent.

"Good! You always let me ask your uncle first!" Situ Feng shook his head helplessly, the temper of this daughter... really like her mother!

Not to mention what the father-daughter is doing, Zhao Yuan Defei also escaped and found out that it is really Xifengzhou and Xiandi City, the largest city in Xifengzhou!

Looking at the prosperous street, Zhao Yuande let out a long breath, and his heart was still thumping!

The nephrite Wenxiang was just pregnant, and the stimulating feeling almost made him spur blood on the seven holes. For a long time, there was no such feeling that makes people feel uncomfortable!

"No! The woman will not chase it out again! I will run quickly!" Zhao Yuande suddenly thought of this extremely serious problem.

He hurriedly rushed through the immortal city and quickly found the teleport hall. After paying the fee, his figure disappeared into the teleport hall at once.

The next moment Zhao Yuande has appeared in the familiar Tongtian City!

But this time, the two of them didn't break through the sky tower, but he was familiar with the name when he chose the destination.

Tongtian City is very far away from Immortal Emperor City. Zhao Yuande didn't believe that the other party could find himself. His heart was just let go.

He rented a place to practice cave mansion. After so long battles and long hours of tempering, he felt that it was time for him to be promoted to the middle of the **** emperor!

This kind of promotion is also a natural thing for him. It is not difficult, just the problem of making a good food.

Half a day later, he successfully promoted to the middle of the emperor, and he took out the deacon token.

Listening to Situ Ya said that this deacon token has many functions, he can't help but curiously play it in his hands, this token seems to be made of a very strange metal, and it has a very mysterious feeling in his hand, It seems to be able to nourish his body and soul at any moment!

He injected a ray of soul into the token, and suddenly felt like he was traveling through the endless time and space, and suddenly appeared in front of a majestic tall building.

"Brother! Are you new here? Are you from that realm?" Zhao Yuande looked blankly, not knowing where he was, and suddenly a voice came from his ear.

He turned around and saw a young man his age, looking at himself with a smile on his face.

Although Zhao Yuande could see the other party, he could not detect the other party's cultivation behavior, and even felt that the other party was just a shadow.

He looked at himself again, although it looked the same as ordinary people, but it was just an illusory body with no power at all!

"You... where is this place? Who are you?" Zhao Yuande asked subconsciously.

"Oh! You are a novice! I will introduce it to you!" The man looked at Zhao Yuande and couldn't help but smile slightly, "Here is the Void Realm! It was developed by the Void World Realm Chamber of Commerce and can only accommodate the entrance of the soul. The big world!"

"It turned out to be..." Zhao Yuande nodded, and he realized why he appeared here.

In addition to being a status symbol, that token is also a medium, a channel like Black Rock!

"Your strength in this void realm is related to the strength of your soul, in my opinion you should be in the middle of Immortal Realm cultivation now!" The man looked at Zhao Yuande and continued, "Well! But at your age you can It is not easy to achieve this kind of cultivation, it should be an inner disciple!"

"Uh..." Zhao Yuande was still a little shocked at this time, but he felt that his identity was still to be hidden, and he nodded gently.

"Well! A new inner disciple, yes! It's worth wooing, it's better to join our Zhen Ling Tang! As long as you join our Zhen Ling Tang, we will take care of you so that you can quickly improve your own in the void world. Xiuwei, so that you can take fewer detours in the void world!" Unexpectedly, the man said that he started to draw Zhao Yuande up.

"This... Actually I... I just want to get acquainted with the environment here. The predecessor who gave me the token said that you can use the token to contact other people. You want to try it!" Zhao Yuande didn't want to join in any mess He didnt have time to perfunctory with these guys, he had to hurry up to improve his cultivation behavior, and he had to enter the Twelve Ascension City to get his own things back.

"Oh! Don't worry! Don't worry! I'll tell you how to use your token..." The man was very enthusiastic and told Zhao Yuande all the effects of the token.

This token has three major functions, the first is to enter this void world, the second is to contact all the people with tokens you want to contact, and the third is to warm up the soul!

This kind of token is made of a very magical ore found by the Void Chamber of Commerce. This mining area is unique in the vast universe of the void, and no other forces can get it.