Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1655

Chapter 1655: Three Legged Fire Bird

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Therefore, it is a unique identity sign that no one can imitate!

Only after entering the inner door will you be eligible to get a token, so getting such a token is also the struggle direction of all the disciples in the Void Chamber of Commerce.

And the most amazing thing is not the token itself, but this void world!

There are several large areas in the void world, divided into holy, heaven, earth, and people!

In each area, there are cultivation chambers, with various insights left by the predecessors, and even simulated the trajectory of many heaven and earth avenues!

And as long as you contribute to the chamber of commerce, you can practice in this training chamber, and the speed of cultivation is absolutely fast!

Zhao Yuande listened to some emotions at this time, and cultivated into the fairyland. That is not the accumulation of fairy power, but an insight in the practice. The deeper the understanding of this world, the deeper the perception, the stronger your cultivation behavior. The stronger the power of heaven and earth you can use.

Zhao Yuande still has the help to eat the Taoist heritage, but after he has realized the heavenly Taoism, eating the Taoist heritage basically does not play a big role, so in an instant this has become his next effort.

"I don't know how to get the contribution points here?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help asking anxiously.

"We are the Chamber of Commerce here. The most direct and easiest way is to exchange the contribution points with Xianyu or Shengjing. As long as you are rich enough, there will be no shortage of contribution points. Point!" the man replied.

"How many fairy jade can you exchange for a little contribution point? And how many contribution points do you need to practice in the Chamber of Secrets?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help asking again.

"One billion immortal jade or a holy crystal can be exchanged for a little contribution point, and a little contribution point can be practiced in the secret room of the human-level area for one day!" the man replied.

"What about prefecture-level districts?" Zhao Yuande asked.

"You can't enter the prefecture-level area now! The prefecture-level area is not eligible to enter until you have been promoted to the realm of fairy monarch. I heard that for every area you upgrade, the price you need to increase is ten times! You are good Do it!" The man answered with a smile.

Human-level districts are one billion a day, prefecture-level districts are 10 billion, and the next is 100 billion, one trillion...

Zhao Yuande felt a little dizzy!

If one day can be promoted and okay, I am afraid that I will not be promoted for ten days and one hundred days. That fairy jade flower is like running water!

Zhao Yuande decided to make a lot of drunk dream wine quickly, and to make a big profit for him before taking advantage of this price reduction!

In fact, what he didn't know is that this drunk dream wine will not only reduce the price in the future, but the price will soar all the way!

He can make a few bottles of drunk dream wine, and how many people in the world of the void need it!

I am afraid that even if the materials are enough, he will continue to make all his life, and he will not be able to satisfy the cultivators of the entire void world!

If you don't want to do this, Situ Ya will not give Zhao Yuande his only mid-level VIP token!

"So! Those of us who don't have fairy jade, can only work hard to help the Chamber of Commerce complete various tasks to redeem contributions!" The man smiled bitterly.

"Thank you brother! My name is Zhao Yuande, and I don't know what his brother's name is?" No one here knew him at all, so he simply reported his real name.

"Oh! My name is Zhuang Jutian. If the brothers say something interesting to me, please come to me at any time!" Zhuang Jutian nodded to Zhao Yuande and reported his name.

"Well! If I want to join any forces, I will definitely think of you the first time!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

"Brother Zhao, you can go shopping at will. The cultivation chamber is in that direction. If you have a contribution now, you can try it!" Zhuang Jutian pointed in one direction.

"Thank you Brother Zhuang!" Zhao Yuande arched his hands and nodded slightly at the other party, then walked in the direction pointed to by the other party.

Soon he saw a series of neatly arranged stone houses, all of which were made of peculiar rocks. When he came to these stone houses, Zhao Yuande suddenly felt a peaceful atmosphere filled the air.

Although there were many people standing here, none of them spoke. They all sat cross-legged on the ground. They looked at the stone houses with envy and felt the peaceful atmosphere from the stone houses. Some people even went into cultivation.

There are twelve of these stone houses in total. Not every one has a person inside, and most of them are empty!

Zhao Yuande understood it in a little thought. Where there is a fairy monarch, there will be so many people who spend billions of celestial jade to squander, and they can feel the tranquility brought by the stone house nearby!

Of course, Zhao Yuande cant use these stone houses now. His current state is only the middle of the Divine Emperor, and he can surely enter the peak of the Divine Emperor without feeling!

He will come here only when he starts to attack the fairyland!

The most important thing now is that he wants to raise his flesh up to the sixth layer of the Heavenly Body. As long as the Heavenly Body reaches the sixth layer, he can take the food made by the chaotic three-color fruit and transform himself. The fifth star under the other foot opens!

As long as the fifth star is turned on, he has the strength to fight against the fairy king!

However, the sixth floor of the Heavenly Eucharist is not so easy to open. He will take the next two months to start eating and eating, and he will be as busy as he can!

In particular, the plant of Hydrangea may help him enter the sixth floor, but the level of Hydrangea may be too high, he can only test a little bit, and if it is not good, he may be affected by its huge power. Blast it directly!

He quietly withdrew from the void world and returned to reality.

He feels that he needs a lot of materials, especially the essence of the very powerful fairy beast or monster beast.

He walked out of the inn and walked around the city's big shops, but did not find the material that he could see.

The fairy beast material was never seen once. As for the monster beasts, there are a few of them, but they are not very toxic. They are transformed into human-shaped monster beasts. He really can't eat this kind of human-shaped monster beasts!

Going around in the city, I entered a restaurant, where I casually ordered some food and drink.

The main purpose of his coming here is to inquire about the news. He wants to get more news from the mouth of practitioners who travel from south to north.

"Hey! You heard that the black feather forest in the west of Tongtian City did not find a fairy beast, like a descendant of Jinwu!"

"I heard! I know the fairy beast, but it is a three-legged firebird that has only recently been promoted. If it does not move, it will burn all over the sky. I don't know how many people are in the hands of this beast!"