Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1656

Chapter 1656: Join The Team

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"Many people have issued a kill order, as long as they can kill this three-legged firebird, they are willing to give out 200 million top-grade fairy jade!"

"Two hundred million top-grade fairy jade! If I can kill it, I am afraid I can't spend so many fairy jade in my life!"

"You are delusional delusion! The fighting power of the three-legged firebird can already be comparable to a strong man in the late fairyland! You are in the early fairyland, you are going to deliver food!"

"I'm just talking..."


"The three-legged firebird in the late fairyland, although this thing is powerful, but it has so many means, it should not be difficult to defeat it!" Zhao Yuande heard these people's comments, and suddenly moved in his heart!

"Hey! I heard that Beifeng Fairy has already joined dozens of Taoists to kill the three-legged firebird, why not let's join in the fun?"

"Go check it out! Maybe you can get a bit of material!"

Just when Zhao Yuande was about to walk out of the restaurant, he saw two cultivators hurried to the outside of the city, their faces also showing a touch of joy.

Zhao Yuande was worried about how to find the three-legged firebird, but now he could not help hearing a conspicuous smile on his face.

He hurriedly caught up with the pace of the two in front, tightly behind them.

They went out of town soon after.

Far away, Zhao Yuande saw a group of cultivators gather outside the city and seemed to be waiting for someone.

Most of the cultivation of this group of cultivators are in the early stage of fairyland, and very few are in the late stage or peak of the Divine Realm.

"Brother Beifeng! We also want to join!" Zhao Yuande's front two were both cultivated in the early days of Xianren Realm, and one of them saw a middle-aged man in a robe headed by the crowd and suddenly smiled at the corner of his mouth.

"Oh! It's Brother Yi, Lu! Welcome, welcome. We are dealing with a three-legged firebird comparable to the late fairyland, so the more people, the better! But if you really killed this three-legged The fairy jade that everyone assigned to Firebird is less, the two will not care!" Beifeng fairy looked at the two.

"It's okay! Being able to kill the fairy beast with Brother Beifeng Dao, our brother is satisfied! As for Xianyu, it's just piggybacking!" One of them, called Brother Yi, was a slightly old-faced old man. This fairy of Beifeng is highly respected.

"Good! Brother Beifeng Dao comes from Bajing Palace. Compared to the concentrated magical powers in Bajing Palace, we fight with Brother Beifeng Dao. We came out with a long experience!" Smile.

"Hey! I'm just an ordinary disciple in the Eight Kings Palace. I don't have the qualifications to learn the core magical powers, but I also learned the magical powers that are less concentrated!" Immortal Beifeng heard that they were touted, and they felt a little floating. Gone with the Wind!

"Brother Beifeng, don't be humble. We will rest assured that you will lead this time!" Someone immediately echoed.

"We can rest assured! Rest assured!"


The fairy of Beifeng was said by everyone, originally fluttering to immortality, and now a heart has flown out of the sky!

At this time, Zhao Yuande had already arrived, and everyone thought that Zhao Yuande was following this route, and the two came, so they didn't say much.

Zhao Yuande naturally also heard the words of the people touting Beifeng Fairy, and couldn't help but look up and down at each other.

This person can become a disciple of Bajing Palace, but he also has some skills. He is also pursuing Ziqi from the east, but he does not know that he has learned the skills of one gasification and three clearing methods.

The crowd waited for a while, and a few early strongmen in the fairyland joined the team.

At this time, Zhao Yuande ranked first. There were eighteen cultivators in the early fairyland, and nine people in Divine Emperor Realm, adding up to exactly twenty-seven.

Among all people, he is the only cultivator of the mid-level cultivation of the emperor, so many people have a slight contempt for him.

Immortal Beifeng asked after crossing the road, and the two of them learned that Zhao Yuande was only coming by himself. Although there was some displeasure on his face, he did not say anything.

Only after the two Louis knew this time, they insisted on driving Zhao Yuande away, but they were stopped by the fairy of Beifeng.

"Brother Beifeng! Why don't you chase him away, a cultivator in the midst of a **** emperor in other areas is likely to be bad!" The cultivator with the surname Lu looked at Beifeng Fairy's face with puzzled expression.

"Okay! Give him a chance! Maybe he will be the one who lost his strength in the end, and we will regret it at that time!" Beifeng Fairy said lightly, "If he doesn't fight hard for a while, we will kill the first three. After the Firebird is not allocated to him, it is enough!"

"Okay!" The practitioner with the surname Lu glared at Zhao Yuande, and then he said nothing.

But everyone else is thinking at this time. This guy is clearly here to mix, so many people are too lazy to take care of each other, and some people are even thinking that they would rather let this mixin die in battle for a while.

"Let's go! Let's go! As long as the three-footed firebird is successfully killed this time, everyone has a fairy jade!" Beifeng Fairy waved his sleeves, and everyone followed behind him, the mighty dynasty Flying northwest of Tongtian City.

After flying for more than one hour, almost when Zhao Yuande was consumed impatiently, everyone's figure gradually stopped.

"This piece is the Black Feather Forest. The entire forest is occupied by a ninth-order beast called the Black Feather Crow, and almost no other beasts can be seen! We cannot fly in the sky like this, otherwise thousands of us may be ushered in. The siege of 10,000 black feather crows, even if we are the cultivation of the fairyland, we may not be able to escape!" The fairy of Beifeng seems to be very familiar with the black feather forest.

"Good! I have been hunting here, we just need to carefully avoid the nest of the black feather crow on the ground!"

"Well! It seems that the three-legged firebird is a variant of a black feather. It is also the leader of this group of black feather crows. When we kill, we must block the void and not let it make a noise, otherwise we will be punished. Black feather crows are surrounded!"


Many people talked about how to fight, and many people showed dignity on their faces.

"Okay! Let's not talk about it for a while, we will enter the forest and find the three-legged firebird discussing how to beheaded!" Beifeng Fairy waved his hand and rushed into the Black Feather Forest.

In the Black Feather Forest, trees cover the sky, and almost every big tree has crow nests!

These crow nests are all built with a kind of golden branches, and very far away you can feel a strong flame breath diffuse in the air!

"Everyone has converged their breath. We will follow the direction of the strongest flame breath, and we will be able to find the three-legged firebird!" Beifeng Fairy said.