Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1658

Chapter 1658: Distribution

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"Not good! Everyone sacrificed protective treasures, this banner is about to break!" The fairy of Beifeng hadn't gasped for a moment before he heard a crackling sound.

He immediately sacrificed a bronze mirror over his head!


At this time, the flag was torn by terrible feathers and countless feathers were shot down.

Although the fairy of Beifeng was covered under the bronze mirror, a feather still hit his calf.


Immortal Beifeng just wanted to look at his injury and saw a strong man in the fairy realm shot by his feathers into a sieve!

The hot flame rushed out of this person's body and instantly burned it into a ash!

The screams were one after another, but in a moment there were seven or eight people under this round of feathers!

Pieces of dust fell in the sky, and that was proof that those people had survived.

Zhao Yuande will naturally not be hurt by these feathers, and his Dingding is at least a third-grade fairy treasure, leaving him intact.

"Kill! This animal has consumed most of its blood, now it is weak! We went to slaughter him!" The fairy of Beifeng was blood-red. There were a few people around him but his best friend, but he did not expect to die like this. Beside him, he was full of guilt and anger!

He was the first to rush up, and another huge mountain appeared out of nowhere, slamming toward the three-legged firebird!

This is his most powerful supernatural power, moving the mountain!

The rest of the people also saw that after the three-legged flamingo ejected feathers, their eyes were obviously weak, and they knew that this animal was not good!

There was a battle with the dragon-eating eagle just now, and now the feathers are expelled to expel feathers. If they can no longer clean it up, these people are probably going crazy!

Zhao Yuande naturally has the same thoughts as these people. Although he is strong, he still dared not greet him in the situation just now.

To know that this three-legged firebird is equivalent to the existence of the late fairyland, he is now full of mankind to be able to fight the people in the middle of fairyland, and may be able to overcome, but he has not tried it!

If he was to play against the powerful players in the late fairyland, he would not have any confidence at all!

But now at this time, Zhao Yuande is still somewhat sure to kill his opponent.


The huge mountain once again fell on the back of the three-legged flamingo, and he slammed his back into a huge wound, and the blood spewed again!


The attacks of several others also fell on the body of the three-legged flamingo, and the huge three-footed flamingo was suddenly scarred.


The blood of magma spouted out of the mouth of the three-legged firebird, and the eyes suddenly became extremely crazy, and regardless of the violent attacks of these people, they swooped down towards everyone below.

That pair of sharp claws flashed their debut, and even Zhao Yuande felt a panicky heartbeat at this time!

The claws seemed to infuse all the spirits of the three-legged firebird all at once, and there was no end to urge, nothing to break.

Killed to the forefront of a fairyland powerhouse, was instantly torn to pieces by this claw!

However, the rain of the claws has not diminished, and he is still catching up against the immortal Beifeng immortal.

Immortal Beifeng wanted to escape at this time. It was impossible for him to bite, and he directly patted the bronze mirror in his hand towards the paw of the three-footed firebird.


The bronze mirror of the second grade Xianbao was torn in an instant!

"This... how is this possible!" Fairy Beifeng's face was extremely ugly, he had already felt the arrival of death, and his heart would sink to the bottom!

Seeing the sharp claws is about to smash his body, Beifeng Fairy closed his eyes helplessly.

But at this moment, he suddenly saw a golden light flashing away, and then he was flew out with a violent impact, just avoiding the attack of the claw.

The claw did not catch the fairy of Beifeng, and did not stay at all. He directly crushed the bones of the two people, but in the end he was still exhausted.

At this time, there were twelve people left in the field, almost every one was pale. They were originally confident to hunt the three-legged firebird, but they didn't expect it to be so miserable in the end!


A voice rang in everyone's ears, and a golden shadow seemed to pass by a big bird, directly cutting off the head of the three-legged flamingo.

The three-legged firebird was already exhausted, and the catch just exhausted most of his body strength. Zhao Yuande seized this moment before he beheaded the other side.


The body of the three-legged firebird crashed to the ground suddenly, not far from the body of the dragon-eating eagle.

When everyone saw this scene, it was a long breath.

They looked at the two bodies below, and their eyes lit up!

Escape from the hands of the **** of death, plus the joy of double prey, even now there are only twelve people left. Isn't that even fewer people distributing these two first-class beasts, they are gradually excited.

Zhao Yuande hovered in the sky and turned into a humanoid form and returned to the ground.

Among those people at this time, only the fairy of Beifeng looked at Zhao Yuande's eyes full of gratitude.

He knew that if he hadn't been this person, he would have died under the claws of the three-legged firebird.

Why would the other party save himself? Is it because he said a few fair words when he joined the team?

"You, now these two first-class beasts are ours! Let's discuss the question of how to allocate them first!" Someone asked this question at this time.

Everyone looked at Beifeng Fairy and Zhao Yuande who had just landed on the ground.

But when they saw Zhao Yuande's face clearly, he couldn't help but be slightly surprised.

They originally thought that Zhao Yuande was just coming here, thinking that he had already died under the firebird's attack, but they didn't expect it to be harmless now, and it was he who finally killed the three-legged firebird.

This person must have hidden the cultivation base! Everyone came up with such an idea at the same time!

Even the fairy of Beifeng thought so at this time. He bowed deeply to Zhao Yuande and said: "Thank you Brother Dao for his life-saving grace. If no brother Taipei Peak died under the claw."

"Hey! Forget it! It's a fate for everyone to come together!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand. "Then let's talk about the value of these two fairy beasts!"

Immortal Beifeng nodded and looked at the remaining ten people: "The three-legged firebird is wanted because it is wanted, so the value is 200 million top grade immortal jade, but this dragon-eating eagle is not so valuable, it should be about 150 million. The total value is 350 million. Because the three-legged firebird was killed by this Dao brother, he was allocated 100 million top grade immortal jade, and the last 250 million we are divided equally among eleven. What do you think?"