Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1659

Chapter 1659: Troubles Are Due To Be Strong

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"This... this is a bit unfair! We are all trying our best. If we don't have our big formation, without our control, he can't be successful!" A middle-aged man with no white face needs no brows. Wrinkled.

"Good! He just killed the three-legged firebird with the last blow. You can't allocate more to him because he saved your life. This is obviously unfair!" Another old lady with a cane stood up suddenly Come out to express dissatisfaction.

"Although he has some credit, but there is no need to give him 100 million! Brother Beifeng Dao this matter is not appropriate!" Another person stood up.


Except for one survivor of the late Emperor God who survived, there was no objection, all the others struggled for their own reasons.

Zhao Yuande couldn't help frowning slightly, watching these people have no good feelings for them.

If these people all agree, he may not be willing to take 100 million, and he does not care about this one hundred million with his net worth.

He plans to throw out 350 million yuan to buy the bodies of these two fairy beasts, and then go back to fry and cook the beautiful one for a while!

According to his current physical level, this level of fairy beast is the most suitable for him, otherwise he will not come here.

"Everyone..." The fairy of Beifeng couldn't help but frown slightly. These people were too realistic. Although he still wanted to speak, he didn't know what to say. He couldn't help but looked at Zhao Yuande apologetically.

But at this moment, there was a loud laughter behind them.

"Haha! It's really no effort to break through the iron shoes and find nowhere! I didn't expect this kind of good thing to happen today!" A young man dressed in white with a proud face took seven or eight people from behind them Came out of the woods.

Although the young master is just the late stage of the Divine Emperor Realm, behind him, he is closely following the two middle-level strongmen in the fairyland, and the remaining few are all in the early stage of the fairyland.

The young man's eyes at this time all fell on the two fairy beasts, with a smile on his face.

But at this time the face of Beifeng Fairy showed an angry expression on his face.

But some of them could not help but see this young son!

"This...this is our spoils!" Someone suddenly showed dissatisfaction.

"Good! What kind of people are you, don't think you have a mid-term strong in the fairyland, we are afraid of you!"

"We can kill two fairy beasts..."


"Well! The big guys say a few words! This is the master of the Nangong of the Xiandi Palace and his master of the Nangong. His father is the master of the Sannomiya!" One person lowered his voice and said to everyone.

Everyone heard the other person saying this, so they couldn't help but take a breath!

They are all cultivators at the bottom of the mixed life in Xifengzhou, how dare they offend the immortal emperor of the immortal palace!

Their mouths closed all at once, but they looked at each other with some fear, and there was no more anger!

Looking at the expressions of these people, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but show a sneer in the corner of his mouth.

"Master Nangong! This is a fairy beast that we all hunted desperately. For this reason, we died fifteen people! You can't take it out of thin air like this!" Fairy Beifeng came out at this time, and also cautiously pleaded. .

"Who are you?" Nangong glanced contemptuously at Beifeng Fairy, "Do you know what happened against me?"

"I am a disciple of the inner gate of Bajing Palace, Beifeng!" When he spoke of the three characters of Bajing Palace, his waist was straight, and his face could not help showing a proud look.

"Oh! The inner disciple of Bajing Palace!" Nangong Qi frowned slightly, but he knew the strength of Bajing Palace. His father had repeatedly reminded him that it shouldn't matter who provokes anyone. Don't provoke the people of Bajing Palace!

"Hum! You are the North Peak that was crowded out and cannot be mixed up in the Bajing Palace?" But at the moment, the mouth of a mid-level powerhouse in the fairyland behind Nangong showed a mocking smile.

"Haha! I also heard that people like you are kind of saying that you are a disciple of Bajing Palace? It makes me laugh!" Another mid-term fairy powerhouse also couldn't help laughing.

"What's the matter?" Nangong Qi heard them say this, and he couldn't help showing an excited expression on his face.

"This guy is a strange person. Among the disciples in the Bajing Palace, he has always been independent and ignorant of the human world. As a result, he finally offended a deacon in the Bajing Palace. He was violently driven out of the Bajing Palace by the deacon. The name of the Bajing Palace has nothing to do with the Bajing Palace. If we kill him, maybe the deacon of the Bajing Palace will be grateful to us!" The man who spoke before looked at Beifeng Fairy, with a mocking face .

"Haha! Really help me too!" Nangong Qi looked at Beifeng Fairy's eyes showing murderous intent.

At this time, the fairy of Beifeng was exposed to scars, and he couldn't help shy and angry.

The other practitioners who stood with the fairy of Beifeng couldn't help but cast their disdainful eyes in the past. Their bodies backed away again and again, and they opened the distance with the fairy of Beifeng!

Only Zhao Yuande couldn't help but look at Beifeng Fairy at this time, he felt he wanted to help this guy!

"Since you stand up, you must have the consciousness of death!" Nangong Qi pointed at Beifeng Fairy Road. "Today I will kill you. By the way, I will tell you the truth, all the troubles are due to be strong!"

"You... Nangong Qi! You are really lawless. Today, even if I fight for my life in Beifeng, I will kill you!" The fairy of Beifeng flushed and yelled, "If you want to keep our spoils, don't... "

But he stopped before he finished, because at this time he realized that all the people around him had already distanced himself from him.

His complexion suddenly became ugly, and his face was filled with misery!

"Okay! Why do you generally know these people in the fly camp Gougou, today I will protect you from death!" Zhao Yuande stepped forward at this time and gently patted the shoulder of Beifeng Fairy.

Immortal Beifeng looked at Zhao Yuande and couldn't help showing a grateful look in his eyes.

At this critical moment, only he stood by his side, and those who used to call themselves brothers and sisters in the past, at this time, they were ignorant!

"Little brother, thank you! But you should leave! Don't be dying here!" Although the fairy of Beifeng suspected that the other was in the middle of the fairyland, the two of them had no chance of winning in the face of so many people. court death!

"It's okay! You will know in a moment!" Zhao Yuande smiled at him slightly, his face full of confidence.