Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 166

Chapter 166: This Is A Misunderstanding

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Just as several demon clan giants asked the next question, Jin Chiyang's messenger jade suddenly lit up.

He put the jade symbol in his ear, and suddenly his face showed joy, and he sue for the crime, and left the temple in a hurry.

In fact, the underground world of the demon race is not as people imagined. The dark dome, the suppressed atmosphere, and the untouched ground do not exist!

As soon as he entered the underground world, his eyes were suddenly bright. Thousands of domes were inlaid with countless luminous gemstones, shining the entire underground world.

These luminous gems are worthless to the cultivator, they can't assist in cultivating or forge weapons, and they don't even have a trace of aura, and there are many luminous gems in the underground veins in this underground world.

So in the long-term mining, almost all gems are mined, and then the entire underground world of makeup is bright.

There are also very rich plant resources, huge huge mushroom forests, black bushes covered with spikes, and vast red bushes.

There are various birds flying in the sky, a group of bats in the forest, and even a vast lake. The huge strange fish in the lake often surface to breathe the fresh air.

What is even more amazing is that the concentration of Aura here is greater than that of the outer realm, which is simply a holy place for cultivation.

As soon as Zhao Yuande entered the underground world, he quietly walked out of the copper furnace world.

He transformed himself into a demon clan with a human face through the technique of change, and followed him as his men behind the sky.

They walked out of the teleportation array. Not far away was a demon city. They entered the city and stopped in front of a restaurant.

Where there are people, there is news transmission. This sentence is also applicable among demon races. If you want to know the news about Zhu Luan, you must go to places where there are many demon races.

But they just wanted to step into the restaurant, and they saw that there was an earthquake in the restaurant. The whole building was constantly shaking. Two figures jumped out of the windows on the second floor one after another and landed on the street. .

These are the two demon clan strongmen, cultivated as the strongmen in the sixth order, which is roughly equivalent to the combination of yin and yang, one is the golden pupil demon clan and the other is the black tiger clan.

"Dark Black Tiger, if you want to die, let me go to the arena for a real bright fight!" The golden pupil demon clan is a handsome young man with a calm and extraordinary manner, and seems to be a genius figure in the golden pupil clan.

"Jin Yuanfeng, if you want a fair and upright battle, I won't do what you want. Today I will kill all the debris from your Jinguang City, so that you can't explain it to the ancestor of Chiyang!" 'S smile, flew towards a demon girl not far away.

The demon girl is the opponent of this one, and the opponent is easily held in the hand.

"It is the vassal jade rabbit family of the Jintong tribe. This skin is white and tender, smooth and smooth. It just opened my uncle tiger!" The dark black tiger opened his blood basin and bite towards the girl.

"Give me a hand!" Jin Yuanfeng was furious, and a golden sledgehammer smashed his head towards the black tiger.

Ningheihu didn't make a hard connection at all, just blindly dodge.


Along with a crackling sound, a flesh of flesh and blood splashing, the petite girl of the jade rabbit family was even bitten off half of her body, and the demon girl collapsed in pain.

"It's really delicious!" Ming Heihu intoxicated chewing on the flesh and blood of the demon girl, his face showing an excited light.

"Damn! Damn!"

Seeing this situation, all the demon races on the street suddenly frightened and fled, leaving only a few people in the blink of an eye.

In Zhao Yuande's view, these two pose no threat to him at all and do not need to escape. Po Tian was even more of a tendon Zhao Yuande pointed to where he went, so he did not leave.

When Zhao Yuande thought that it was now on the territory of the demon clan and he was just an ordinary ape demon, the trouble had come to the door.

"Hey, these two monkeys are quite bold, it seems that the tiger's deterrent is not enough!" Ningheihu directly dropped the body of half of the demon girl in his hand and grabbed it into the sky, "Don't think you are wearing I dont know if I would take you as a monkey in armor, but Tiger Tiger likes to eat monkey brain the most!"

"Look for...dead!" Apart from Zhao Yuande, Po Tian was not afraid of the sky. He gritted his teeth and said these two words with a very loud voice.

However, his strength is unquestionable, and he can fight Zhuo Qinglong, the equivalent of the black and white tiger that is equivalent to the combination of yin and yang. In front of him, he is like a kid who has just learned to walk.


Ningheihu's outstretched palm was grabbed by Po Tian, and the powerful force directly crushed his bone.

Ningheihu felt an irresistible force coming from his arm, and pulled himself to the strong ape clan in armor.

"Misunderstanding! This is all misunderstanding!"

The Nether Black Tiger shouted in horror.


Po Tian pulled the Black Tiger in front of him, and slapped it directly on his face door.


The whole face of Ninghei Tiger was sunken directly, two eyeballs were smashed directly, and a roaring ghost sounded from the broken throat.

"This ape brother is merciful!" Jin Yuanfeng jumped in his heart when he saw this scene.

Although this black tiger is not strong, but his master is a famous strong man among the white tiger clan, he is very short for the demon, and he is now a guest of the golden pupil demon clan. In case of killing the black tiger here, it may be gold. The pupils caused a lot of trouble.

However, Po Tian didn't pay attention to Jin Yuanfeng's shouts, and flew out with one foot. The Black Tiger was kicked and torn apart, and he was dead on the street.

A black shadow flew out of the heavenly spirit of the black tiger, and escaped towards the distance.


Po Tian coldly snorted, and a beam of electricity shot from its palm, directly breaking the shadow!

"Hey!" Jin Yuanfeng sighed, watching Potian and Zhao Yuande shaking their heads.

"Who dares to kill my disciples of Bai Xiao!" A white light rushed out of a hall in the middle of the city and blinked in front of the body of Chong Heihu. It was the Baihu tribe who just discussed major events with the powerful demon clan just now. man.

Zhao Yuande's appraisal technique turned a little toward the other side, and suddenly saw a series of question marks.

This white tiger is at least a strong man in the world. He can't help but worry. Any small movements in front of this strong man may be seen.

In desperation, he can only let things go, let it be his fate!

Bai Xiaohu glared and cast a cold look at Jin Yuanfeng.

"Senior Bai, Brother Black Tiger died in his hands!" Jin Yuanfeng pointed to the sky and showed helplessness in his eyes.

"Damn! You dare to kill my Bai Xiao's disciple, you are the child of that ape clan!" Although Bai Xiao is overbearing and unreasonable, but he is not stupid, this ape clan is clearly in his childhood, but he has a blow There is no huge force behind him to kill the Nether Black Tiger. He will not believe it.

"Ji...Ji! It's...dead!" Po Tian wouldn't say that he was a descendant of Zhu Yan's mythical beast, and Zhao Yuande didn't teach him how to say it. He could only say it in a very stiff tone.

"I'm mad at me too!" Bai Xiao shouted, and his face was angry, and he would attack the sky without any consequence.