Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1660

Chapter 1660: Slaughter Him

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"Who is your kid? Do you want to die?" Nangong Qi looked at Zhao Yuande and always thought this guy was annoying, and there was a very dangerous feeling in his heart.

But when he saw clearly the other party's cultivation behavior, a little lower than himself, the trace of doubt in his heart disappeared!

"It doesn't matter who I am, what matters is that you will die here today because of your arrogance!" Zhao Yuande looked at each other lightly, his eyes seemed to be looking at a dead person!

Everyone is not forbidden to look at idiot eyes at Zhao Yuande at this time, is this guy crazy? He even said that he was going to kill Nangong Qi, did he know what he was talking about?

Even the fairy of Beifeng couldn't help but have the urge to pull Zhao Yuande to escape, but in his heart there was a strong expectation, expecting the other party to say true!

"Haha! I will die here?" Nangong Qi laughed wildly, "Look at the fact that you make me so happy today, I will not kill you immediately, I will let you die slowly under my hands... "

Speaking of the last, Nangong's complexion gradually changed.

"Take him for me! I want to live!"

"Your son, just look at it!" One of the powerful men in the middle of the fairyland immediately stepped out, and his body suddenly burst out, as if a giant mountain was suppressing towards Zhao Yuande.

But at the next moment, the power of this fairy realm suddenly changed greatly, because his imposing pressure had not yet come, the other party stepped into the void, and the whole person disappeared all at once!

"This... how is this possible!" The strong man in the middle of the fairyland opened his mouth, but suddenly his face changed again, turned his head to look at Nangongqi behind him, and shouted, "Protect the son!"

But his words were too late, and he kept protruding out of the void with a big hand, directly pinching Nangongqi's neck, and dragged him into the void.

At the next moment, Zhao Yuande's figure gradually appeared in place, but Nangong Qi was already pinched in his hand, and he looked at him with a sneering face!

"You... you let me go! My father is an immortal emperor. If you dare to hurt me, he will make you die!" Nangongqi felt that his power had gradually disappeared, and his heart was filled with infinite fear!

"Is the Emperor Emperor?" Zhao Yuande's mouth turned slightly, he wouldn't care!

"Let's let go of our young master!" The two middle-aged strongmen in the middle of the Immortal Realm approached and looked at Zhao Yuande with a solemn look.

"You two bastards! Hurry up and save me, otherwise my dad won't bypass you!" Nangong Qi couldn't help but look angry at the two of them, these two guys, as mid-century powerhouses, even watched Being robbed of yourself is really two wastes!

"It disappoints you! This Nangong must die today!" The killer on Zhao Yuande's face appeared, and the terrifying killer flashed away.

"Don't be impulsive! If you kill my young master, you won't be able to live. You might as well let my young master go. Let's turn around and leave. What happened today shouldn't happen?"

"Yes! Just now we were wrong, we shouldn't bully others, you just let my young master!"

The two mid-century powerhouses all softened and lowered their noble heads.

"Yes! As long as you let me go, I can not blame the past, just when nothing happened, you walk your Yangguan Road, I walk my my wooden bridge, and I will never find you in the future!" Nangongqi also knows the point of life and death, can no longer Playing with a temper!

"Unfortunately it's too late!"

Zhao Yuande pulled a cold smile from his mouth, and the power in his hand burst out at once, and a terror force instantly rushed into the opponent's body, destroying everything in the body, including his soul!

In fact, Nangong had a lot of cards on his body, and it was a life-saving thing that his father gave him, but he didn't have any chance to use it. He didn't expect that he was such a waste, and he was directly captured!

His eyes widened, as if he did not give up the beauty of this world, as if he would not be willing to die here!


Zhao Yuande dropped his body directly on the ground.

"You... you really killed him!" The fairy on the side of Beifeng's eyes straightened.

"It's just rubbish, kill it and kill it!" Zhao Yuande said lightly, as if you had just stepped on a small ant.

"You... you dare to kill my young master, you are dead! Brothers slaughtered this guy to avenge the young master!"

"Kill him! Revenge the young master!"


The group of people brought by Nangong Qi were all red eyes and roared and rushed towards Zhao Yuande.

"Since you are going to die, don't blame me!" Zhao Yuande's eyes showed a look of excitement.

He was trying to test his fighting power but he didn't expect these guys to come to the door in person!

The four stars in Zhao Yuande's body lit up the sky, and a terrifying power burst out of him instantly. A killing intention that made people feel terrified rushed out at the same time and swept toward the opposite side.


Zhao Yuande first collided with a mid-level powerhouse headed by a fairyland, and a terrifying hurricane erupted in the field.

The hurricane swept through the world, suddenly flying sand and rocks around, and countless trees were ripped out by the violent force and thrown into the sky.

The body of the strong man in the middle of the fairyland was knocked off, and Zhao Yuande's figure turned into a golden light.

In the golden light, everyone saw only one Kunpeng with its wings shrunk countless times, and a beam of blood burst through the crowd.

There were actually three people who were directly transformed by Zhao Yuande's Kunpeng into two pieces!

This result suddenly made everyone's heart almost jump out, even if many people thought that Zhao Yuande had hidden cultivation behavior before, now seeing Zhao Yuande's horror means can't help but feel incredible!

Especially the fairy of Beifeng, who had already stayed in place at this time, he had already felt that death was about to come, and today it must have escaped this disaster.

But I didn't expect a young man to kill him in the sky, and looking at this, it seems that he can really kill the people in the fairy palace!

"No! This guy is awkward! Be careful!"

"All gave me the strongest means and slaughtered him!"


The two middle-aged powerhouses in the fairyland cheer for everyone, but their hearts are bottomless.

The mid-level powerhouse of Fairy Realm who had just ran into Zhao Yuande just now had one arm half-broken and his bones split into seven or eight segments, but at this time he had to rush up to fight Zhao Yuande again.

Otherwise, this group of people may really be scattered.

A cruel smile hung on the corner of Zhao Yuande's mouth. He did everything he could to do his best.