Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1662

Chapter 1662: The Story Of Beifeng

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An elder ancestor of Beijia finally died to save the blood of Beijia!

Immortals of Beifeng were forced to follow their father and the remaining family members, and travel far away to settle in Tongtian City.

At this time, Beifeng Fairy also worked harder and vowed to avenge his family!

But his father let him give up, because the Qiu family is too powerful, and they are not able to reach them.

He also learned that his father's brother was the culprit of this Beijia genocide. He sold Beijia and successfully used it to become the patriarch of that family!

After he was promoted to the realm of God Emperor, he finally entered Bajing Palace and became a disciple of Bajing Palace, but he found that the child who grew up with him and cultivated together also entered Bajing Palace at this time.

When the two met, there was naturally a battle, and he won!

However, in the following years, the struggle between the two continued, and eventually they both stepped into the fairyland and became disciples!

And in a middle-aged battle he failed! It was defeated in the conspiracy calculation of the other party!

And just after his failure, a series of weirdness happened. He was led to appear in the room of a female disciple. When the female disciple died, he was planted and framed!

But when he wanted to defend himself, he was kicked out of Bajing Palace without hesitation by a deacon in charge of the inner door.

But after all, there are still other voices in the Bajing Palace, thinking that this matter is insufficient evidence, so he stayed in the Bajing Palace for the time being, waiting for things to fall!

Although he stayed in the Bajing Palace, he was just the kind of person who could not stand being wronged and pointed by countless people, so he had to choose to leave the Bajing Palace temporarily and wait until the day when the water came out!

I didn't expect that it would be hundreds of years since the incident dragged on. The Bajing Palace still found nothing, but the man who spoke for him had already gone to another continent.

He heard that he would be expelled from the Bajing Palace soon, but the meaning of being expelled from the Bajing Palace is not as simple as leaving directly!

The magical powers of Bajing Palace can't be circulated outside, and expelling Bajing Palace means being abolished to be a mortal!

These days he is so anxious that he does not know what to do!

When Zhao Yuande heard the other party's story, he couldn't help feeling sympathy for the other party's experience.

The other person's character, his father must also have this character, it is not unusual to be calculated.

"Okay! I know, I will help you with this matter!" Zhao Yuande nodded. "You take me to Bajing Palace!"

"Go now? No need to contact your friend in advance?" Beifeng Fairy suggested.

"Anyway! As long as you haven't cheated me, this matter is not difficult!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand, "Hurry ahead and lead the way!"

"All right!" Fairy Beifeng nodded when he saw the confidence on Zhao Yuande's face.

I pray in my heart not to mess up this matter, otherwise I will not only become a waste person, I am afraid that the other party will also be implicated.

The Xifengzhou branch hall of Bajing Palace is actually among the mountains not far from Tongtian City, about 100,000 miles apart.

As soon as he entered the mountains, Zhao Yuande felt a very familiar breath circulating in the air.

It's purple gas! Purple Qi from the East!

Zhao Yuande found out that it was early morning, and the purple qi burst out with the scorching sun.

And this mountain seems to have a huge attraction, attracting all the purple qi.

"This is the branch hall of Bajing Palace?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but feel a kind feeling in his heart.

"Well! The mountain gate is not far away. At this time, there should be only two outside disciples guarding. I can easily take you in." Bei Feng nodded to Zhao Yuande, took him down to the cloud, and appeared on a rugged Before the path.

In front of the trail, there were two young men who looked 18 or 9 years old. The two of them were completely absent-minded at this time, but looked at the direction of the top of the mountain with regrets and regrets!

"Who! Come to my Bajing Palace?" When Zhao Yuande and Bei Feng came to the front, the two people reacted and looked at the two with poor looks.

"Cough! I am a disciple of Neimen, this is a new recruit from Neimen!" Bei Feng held a token and shook it in front of them.

The two suddenly became extremely respectful and bowed slightly towards Beifeng.

"I don't know if Brother returns, please forgive me!"

"Do not give way to me yet!" Immortal Beifeng waved impatiently.

How dare they say more, so that they entered the mountain gate.

"I'll go directly to the deacon you said in a while, and I'll see how he treats you!" Zhao Yuande said lightly.

"Okay!" Beifeng was already a dead horse at this time as a living horse doctor, anyway, at most it was repaired as abolished, what else!

As soon as the two stepped on the top of the mountain, they immediately saw countless disciples of Bajing Palace sitting cross-legged on the top of the mountain, silently absorbing the purple air of the world!

Most of these disciples are practitioners of Divine Emperor Realm, and should be outside disciples.

Zhao Yuande looked at the other peaks and found that it was all this scene!

The purple qi makes Zhao Yuande have an urge to sit cross-legged and practice.

Beifeng also felt the same way, but he knew that things were urgent and he couldn't allow him to delay here.

He took Zhao Yuande down this mountain, and soon set foot on another mountain.

At this time, the cultivators above this mountain had already absorbed the purple air of the world, and all opened their eyes with unwillingness.

Zhao Yuande and I passed by right here.

"Beifeng! You dare to come back!" Just at this time, a loud drink came into the ears of the two.

Zhao Yuande turned his head and saw that a young cultivator was glaring at Beifeng, and the anger in his eyes could not be concealed at all.

"Brother Cai! Don't be impulsive. Today I came back to give you an explanation. I want to find a fair one!" Bei Feng saw this young man and smiled bitterly.

This young man is the brother of that female disciple! It was also one of my few friends at that time!

Although the female disciple was not killed by him, but without him, the other party might not be killed. All of this is because of himself!

So he was very guilty about it and always felt sorry for him.

"Humph! Fair! What fair is that you killed Sister Cai!" There was a cold hum not far away at this time, a calm temperament, but a middle-aged man with a haze between Meiyu came over coldly , "Brother Cai's relationship with you was so good, but you can still be scared of this ruthless man. You are a real beast!"