Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1663

Chapter 1663: I Was So Disappointed

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"I am a beast? Huh! Dong Feng, your Dong family is a beast! How did my father treat you, but you? Not only destroy my Beijia, but also kill me! Who is doing this? Yes, you know it well!" Bei Feng was full of anger, and he just wanted to start on the spot!

However, private fighting is banned in the Bajing Palace. If he dares to do it, he may be caught directly into the torture hall, and waiting for him will be more severe punishment!

"Don't mention those Chen Sesame rotten grains, it's a battle between families, let's talk about it! Let's say Cai Shimei who was killed by you!" Dong Feng's eyes flickered, and there was obviously a trace of guilty conscience.

"Brother Cai! Do you believe I did it? Who am I who you don't know yet? It is clearly someone who is swindling and wanting to expel me from the Eight View Palace!" Bei Feng's eyes stared at the young man named Cai.

"Actually, I don't believe it!" The young man named Cai looked at Beifeng's eyes and couldn't help but feel a slight pain in his heart. With his knowledge of Beifeng, he wouldn't do such a thing at all.

But at that time, everyone was stolen and Beifeng appeared in his sister's room. He had to believe the scene!

But he knew that Bei Feng was interested in his sister, and mentioned it many times, and the sister had rejected the other party, would the other party become angry and angry...

If it wasn't because Beifeng was discussing cultivation with many people at the time, many people could prove that the time for Beifeng to enter the room was only a short of ten breaths.

And to do those things, it is impossible to complete in a few breaths, so everyone has always thought that he was blamed!

It was because of this that Zongmen Xingtang felt that things were wrong and that he must have been wronged, so he did not directly win him.

"Brother Cai! Don't be fooled by his hypocrisy, he can't do anything like this!" Dong Feng said he was hesitant again when he saw the young man named Cai.

"Brother Cai..." Bei Feng looked at the young man named Cai.

"Hey! I don't care anymore! I wait for Zongmen to explain to me!" The young man with the surname Cai shook his head in pain, and his eyes were helpless.

"Actually, it's easy to know who is the murderer!" Seeing this, Zhao Yuande couldn't help walking out slowly.

When everyone heard Zhao Yuande's voice, they couldn't help but all turned their eyes to him, especially Dong Feng looked at him with expectation.

This incident has tortured him for too long, no matter who the murderer is, he will never give up with the other party!

Dong Feng heard this, but couldn't help but startled a little, could the other party have some kind of evidence? Otherwise how could it reappear here?

"Who are you? Why did you appear here?" Dong Feng looked at Zhao Yuande and suddenly found his cultivation behavior, and snorted. "Why did an outside disciple in your area dare to enter the inner door? Who gave you the courage?" !"

"I don't belong to your eight palaces in Xifengzhou, so you don't want to come to me, I just want to find the murderer, what are you in a hurry! Could you be the murderer, afraid of being exposed?" Zhao Yuande sneered. To Dong Feng.

"You... you dare to break into our Eight View Palace privately, what sin should you be!" Dong Feng was somber and roared.

"Let's see! With your impatience, you simply can't think of such a way to swindle and blame, I think there must be someone behind you!" Zhao Yuande's face showed a faint smile, and the more anxious the other person was, the more sure he was. The thing is done by the other party, you can be sure of the innocence of Beifeng.

"Who the **** are you?" Dong Feng looked at each other, always feeling a faint uneasiness.

"What kind of people are yelling here!" Just when Dong Feng was uneasy, a figure appeared in front of everyone.

This is a middle-aged man with a somewhat obscure face. He glanced at everyone with a pair of eagle eyes, and finally landed on Zhao Yuande.

"Who are you? Why did it appear in the inner gate of my Bajing Palace?"

"Return to Master Deacon! This person is coming from Beifeng, it seems that he came to make trouble unreasonably!" Dong Feng saw the middle-aged man, he was very happy, and hurriedly stepped forward to report.

"Beifeng! I'm about to send someone to catch you back, and that thing should also be understood!" The middle-aged man with a dark face looked at Beifeng with a look of disdain in his eyes, "As for you, dare to run privately My eight-view palace, today I will send you to the penal hall, let them follow the traitor!"

"Oh! Want to treat me as a spy?" Zhao Yuande's mouth smiled ridiculously. "But I have a way for everyone to know whether Beifeng is the real murderer, and who the real murderer is!"

"What you said is true?" The young man named Cai heard the words of surprise from Zhao Yuande's face.

Everyone else looked at Zhao Yuande, an incredible look.

"What nonsense are you talking about! There is nothing you can do about delaying time!" Dong Feng looked at Zhao Yuande's confidence, suddenly felt awkward, and hurriedly pointed at Zhao Yuande.

"What are you in a hurry? Are you a murderer? Fear of being exposed?" Zhao Yuande sneered again and again.

"You... you are slandering me, and I'm welcome to you!" Dong Fengqi's face was pale, and his fingers were shaking when he pointed to Zhao Yuande.

"You broke into my eight-view palace privately, and you're still talking nonsense here, come here! Take me down and send him to the execution hall!" The middle-aged man with a disgraceful face sneered and didn't plan to give Zhao Yuande a chance anymore. !

As soon as his words fell, a few people rushed up to capture Zhao Yuande.

"Hey! You are really disappointing me! It seems that you are also involved!" Zhao Yuande shook his head helplessly at the middle-aged middle-aged man, and shouted at somewhere in the void, "Dong Haichuan, haven't you seen enough dramas yet? Don't come out to me!"

"Oh! I'm only here, I'm here!" Dong Haichuan came out of it and cracked at Zhao Yuande repeatedly.

Zhao Yuande will not let him reveal his identity, but how can Zhao Yuande's identity be neglected.

At this time, Beifeng was a little dumbfounded. What is the origin of this friend he met halfway through? He even called his name to a strong man in the fairy realm, and this strong man was a famous star picker. Dong Haichuan!

He heard more about the legend of Dong Haichuan in the Bajing Palace. It is said that this person is very senior, and he is also a legend in the Bajing Palace!

Others are also incredibly looking at Dong Haichuan, this legendary character, why is he so polite to a young man, does he have any background behind him?

But letting everyone use their brains, they just don't understand what Zhao Yuande's identity is.

"Dong...Dong...Dong Shizu!" The middle-aged man with a shameful face saw Dong Haichuan, and he couldn't help but jump in his heart and hurried forward to respectfully salute!