Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1665

Chapter 1665: A Little Tired

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At that time, Cai Shimei sent a letter to Beifeng that he wanted to see him, and the words were very ambiguous.

You must know that Sister Cai refused him during the day, and she was very determined. At night, she was so active and exposed. This is definitely a problem.

So he was so swift that he brought a few friends who discussed the cultivation with him to Cai Sister's room. This happened.

Although Dong Feng's conspiracy was not completely successful, how could he be willing to spend a lot of Xianyu to buy Liang Guang, the deacon, to frame him.

With money to make the ghosts grind, Liang Guang knew the whole story, knew that there was no power behind Beifeng, and knew that his talent was only moderately high, and did not attract the attention of many strong men, so he dared to accept Xianyu. To do such a thing.

Of course, what he didn't expect was that the host of the Xingtang was an upright person. He felt that there was a lot of doubts in this matter, so he didn't catch Beifeng, but only investigated in secret.

Dong Feng and Liang Guang teamed up, a high-level pressure, a secretly making waves in the inner door, and soon forced Bei Feng to stay in the Bajing Palace, and finally only went out to experience!

If he hadn't met Zhao Yuande, he might not have dared to step into the Bajing Palace in his life and became a person who didn't dare to return.

"Okay! This matter is already clear, you don't have to feel guilty for Beifeng!" Zhao Yuande patted Beifeng on the shoulder, comforting him.

"This abominable thing... Cai Shimei's death is a good injustice!" Bei Feng looked at Dong Feng with resentment, his fists clenched tightly, and his finger joints were a bit white.

"Relax! Zongmen will definitely give you justice! And he will definitely get justice for your sister Cai!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

"I'll tell Old Man Zhu of Xingtang to come over, this guy will be able to satisfy them!" Dong Haichuan nodded at Zhao Yuande and began to contact.

But after a few breaths, an old man with a strong body and a full face appeared in front of everyone.

"Meet Dong Shizu!" The old man first bowed to Dong Haichuan to salute, very respectfully.

"Okay! Don't have so many red tapes!" Dong Haichuan waved his hand and pointed at Dong Fengdao, "This kid is doing bad things, you can interrogate again!"

Dong Feng once again said the good things that were only done. The old man's face suddenly sank like water, and Lan Xiang's eyes were full of sharpness.

"Take me away!" The old man waved his big sleeves, and several disciples from behind him rushed up, taking Dong Feng away!

"I will deal fairly with this matter!" The old man looked solemn, but his heart was bitter.

This Dong Feng is easy to handle, but although Liang Guang is only a deacon, the forces behind him are intertwined and cannot be underestimated, even if he can't move each other.

"How do you plan to deal with Liang Guang?" Zhao Yuande asked at this time.

The old man gave Zhao Yuande a displeased glance, but he was still somewhat helpless and said: "This person is too much, I can't restrain it, he and I really can't do anything!"

"Don't the Xingtang just control the disciples below, do the rules in the Eight View Palace only work for the disciples below? This is ridiculous!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but sneer when he heard the other party's answer, and his mouth also showed a scornful smile. .

"Hey! Uncle Xiao! He is also forced to help! The force behind the opponent is quite large, he dare not fight against it! Otherwise, he does not know how to die!" Dong Haichuan sent a voice to Zhao Yuande, the tone was also dignified .

" an outside disciple who dared to speak to me like this, who gave you the courage!" The old man heard Zhao Yuande's words and couldn't help but become angry, pointing at Zhao Yuande and shouted, "Come people"

Zhao Yuande looked at him coldly, and there was anger in his heart. Is this the Eight View Palace?

Among them, Neng was also filthy. He couldn't help but feel a lot less at home in Bajing Palace, and was a bit disappointed.

"Shut up for me!" Dong Haichuan shouted sharply, and immediately came to the old man's face, glaring at him, and secretly whispered, "You are **** dead, don't hurry to shut up!"

"Who...who is he?" The old man also felt that Dong Haichuan's reaction was too fierce, which was somewhat unreasonable. Does this person have a great identity, even Dong Haichuan is so afraid!

Was he the Sun Emperor of the Sun... The old man couldn't help but start to guess wildly, but he didn't dare to say what he just said.

"I can't tell you who he is, but as long as you know one thing, you must investigate the matter, and no matter who it is, you must punish him severely, and I guarantee you nothing!" Dong Haichuan continued.

"This...okay!" The old man nodded helplessly.

Although this identity is special, he is only a fairy king after all, but the other side is behind the fairy emperor, or the left arm and right arm of the sun emperor. He can't help but feel a bit embarrassed.

"Huh! You guys, don't you believe me?" Dong Haichuan saw the expression on the other person's face, and suddenly knew he was perfunctory, but Zhao Yuande's identity could not be broken, which really made him anxious.

"Okay! I'll believe you once!" The old man took a deep look at Dong Haichuan and Zhao Yuande again, and he felt that the kind of guessing in his heart was definitely possible.

In that case, he took a gamble, and he already had a lot of Liang Guang's criminal evidence. If he changed to another person, he would have brought it to justice.

It is a pity that the opponent is powerful, he is not sure that he can win him, and he can only let him continue to go unpunished, maybe this time is an opportunity.

"Let's go back and prepare! When you are ready, remember to inform me, I will definitely be there!" Dong Haichuan nodded.

Hearing that Dong Haichuan could be present, he couldn't help but feel a bit sure, so that this person is an ancestor-level figure, and at least those people dare not act rashly.

Looking at the old man's back in a hurry, Dong Haichuan sighed softly: "He's not easy! It's really hard for him at this time!"

"Okay! I know! I only hope that it will end early at this time, and I am a little tired of Bajing Palace!" Zhao Yuande's face was unhappy.

Legend has it that the eight-view palace was well-ruled, and no one dared to take more than half a step, but did not expect that what he saw today was such a scene. It was exactly disappointing him.

"Hey! This is called Emperor Seco. Far, the ruler here is the sky, so there are some rules for the Bajing Palace..." Dong Haichuan felt his head embarrassed.

Zhao Yuande bid farewell to Beifeng and the young man with the surname Cai, and asked Dong Haichuan to arrange a cultivation chamber and began cultivation.