Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1666

Chapter 1666: Soul Search

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What he calls cultivation is naturally eating!

He first chopped up the dragon-eating eagle and cleaned it up, then threw the whole into the gluttonous true spirit tripod, then mixed it with various rare elixir fairy medicine and began to cook.

This kind of first-class fairy beast is just right for his present state. After five hours, the food is finally completed.

It was two hours later, and the dragon-eating eagle, which was hundreds of feet long, even got soup, juice, bone and meat into Zhao Yuande's stomach.

He felt that the power in the body was surging, and that he was constantly feeding back the power while swallowing the vortex.

He quickly entered cultivation.

Time was in a hurry, and I didn't know how much time had passed. He suddenly opened his eyes, and he felt a big step forward in the realm of the heavenly body.

If the five to six layers of the Heavenly Eucharist are counted as one hundred, he has just moved from twenty to twenty-five!

Calculated in this way, there are fifteen fierce beasts of this level eating dragon eagle, he should be able to be promoted to the sixth layer of the Heavenly Body!

His eyes lit up, and he began to hurriedly pick up the body of the three-legged firebird.

But Zhao Yuande, who woke up again from practice, was somewhat disappointed. The three-legged firebird brought him only two improvements!

Now he only reached twenty-seven!

"Hey! I knew it wasn't that simple!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but smile for a while, but then he was relieved again.

If it is so simple, the heavenly body is too simple!

It seems that if you want to continue to grow next time, you may need the second grade fairy beast!

The strength of the second-grade fairy beast is equivalent to the strong of the fairy kingdom, and only the strong of the fairy king realm can be slashed, and the wisdom of the fairy beast above the second rank is also getting higher and higher, they will all be auspicious and avoid evil. It will be hidden in inaccessible places, so it is really not easy to hunt a second-grade fairy beast.

Fairy beasts on the market are very rare for this reason!

It was at this time that there was a slight knock on the door outside.

He got up and pushed the door and saw Dong Haichuan standing outside.

"Is the Xingtang over ready?" Zhao Yuande asked.

"Well! Ready! It's about to begin." Dong Haichuan replied.

"Then go..."

Zhao Yuande followed Dong Haichuan and soon came to a hall.

At this time, the old man in the hall was sitting high, while Zhao Yuande and Dong Haichuan were sitting on the right hand of the old man.

The start is sitting with six serious and powerful men, they are all immortal monarch realm, there is a powerful majesty released in the entire criminal hall, it is the result of these six joint forces.

All around are disciples in the formidable face!

"Bring Beifeng, Cai Yang, and Dong Feng to me!" The old man screamed suddenly when he saw everyone was there.

Soon Zhao Yuande saw three people, Bei Feng and Cai Yang were excited, but Dong Feng was terrified!

However, Zhao Yuande always felt that Dong Feng seemed to be a bit wrong. Although this guy was frightened, there was a bit of cruelty and treachery deep in his eyes.

"Dong Feng, repeat what you said to me that day!" The old man looked at Dong Feng dignifiedly, with a kind of gloom in his eyes.

"I... I was beaten by you guys that day, I don't remember what I said!" Dong Feng shivered, looked at the old man with horrified eyes, and then looked at Dong Haichuan and Zhao Yuande.

But when looking at the two backwards, it was full of ridicule.

"What are you talking about?" The old man widened his eyes and looked at the other person in disbelief.

"In front of so many seniors, I dare not lie, I was beaten that day!" Dong Feng looked at the old man without fear. In front of so many seniors today, you can no longer torture me, so I This is the truth.

"Church Master! You have done such a thing?" Among the six immortal monarch powerhouses, a middle-aged man with no face, looked at the old man with an unbelievable face.

"Did anyone go to jail to see Dong Feng during this time?" The old man's complexion changed slightly, and he didn't answer the words without a middle-aged person, but looked down.

"Return to the host, a total of three people have seen Dong Feng, deputy host Sun and deacon Liang, and deputy host Liu in the past few days!" a disciple of the criminal hall hurriedly replied.

And the deputy host Liu in his mouth is a middle-aged man who doesn't need to be honest.

"Sure enough!" The old man sighed, "Liu Fu, it seems that you are premeditated!"

"I don't know what the host is talking about! I went to see this Dong Feng, I just want to understand what happened, and I want to remind the host at critical moments not to be too arrogant!" is called Liu Fu The deputy host, with a faint smile on his lips, continued, "I didn't expect that this person was really beaten by you. Is it just to please this person? You just made this kind of wrong, false and wrong case. As for where!"


Dong Haichuan took the case, he saw the other person's finger pointed at himself, and he suddenly burned with anger in his chest.

"Please be restless! I want to see what tricks they can still play!" Zhao Yuande gently pulled La Dong Haichuan and asked him to sit down. "I want to see, who is behind them? Who? Who is so upside down? If you let this kind of person stay in my Bajing Palace, I'm afraid I will finish soon!"

Dong Haichuan heard Zhao Yuande's anger, heard the sensational murder in his words, and couldn't help but jump in his heart.

"I'm the host now. I don't need you to do things and get out of my way!" The old man screamed with majesty, his body burst, and Liu Fu, who was shocked, retreated.

Zhao Yuande can clearly feel that this seemingly old-aged host, in fact, the combat effectiveness is not under Dong Haichuan!

"Okay! You will do it alone despite my dissuasion. At this time I will report it to Liu Gongzhu!" Liu Fu Leng snorted and turned to leave the criminal hall.

The old man and his eyebrows frowned slightly and turned his gaze to Dong Haichuan. He really didn't know what to do.

"Go on! They want to break our dirty water, I will see who will be unlucky in the end!" Dong Haichuan sneered again and again.

Hearing Dong Haichuan say this, the old man has regained his confidence.

"Dong Feng, it was Dong Shizu who personally searched for you that day. It was not that we were nonsense than you!" The old man looked at Dong Feng.

"I would also like to ask Master Ma, that Beifeng has insulted Cai Shimei. You should try him right. Even Soul should search him. Why should he search me for souls? Why am I now in prison? Among them, while he is outside with impunity?" Dong Feng said with an angry face.