Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1668

Chapter 1668: Forgive Me

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Of course, if it is less than a last resort, this large array is absolutely not allowed to open, otherwise it will be punished!

And this large array is in the hands of the host, which is also the means by which the Xingtang can deter everyone.

"How many years! How many years have not seen the sword of punishment show its power!" Feeling the powerful power in his hands, the old man could not help being slightly enchanted!

"Okay! Let me control these guys first!" Dong Haichuan saw that the other party was still in a daze at this time and couldn't help but shout.

"Old stuff! How dare you!" Liang Guang called out, "My master won't let you go!"

However, he did not dare to move, and let Dong Haichuan hold his neck and drag it to Zhao Yuande.

"I said that you are not qualified, and you still don't believe it!" Zhao Yuande sneered. "Let's let your master come out! These eight scenic palaces also need a big blood exchange!"

" you have to do this? Is this good for you?" Liang Guang's face turned red. He really had the urge to hit the wall on this matter. He ran out for no reason to show what, now Well, it was won.

"There is no benefit, just to give the Bajing Palace disciples a fair one, so that the Bajing Palace will no longer be smoldering!" Zhao Yuande said rightly.

Hearing Zhao Yuande's words, many people were silent, especially the deputy hosts, some of them lowered their heads in shame.

"Okay! Good talk! Good talk!" At this time, there was a round of applause from outside the hall. A middle-aged man who was a little white and clean walked in and clapped his hands, although he was clapping his hands, but The face was covered with frost, "But what you said is very good, but unfortunately you don't have that ability! No matter who you are, you can't get out of here today!"

"Master! Master save me!" Seeing this middle-aged man, Liang Guang suddenly came to his spirit and shouted desperately.

"Hey! I finally wait for you!" Zhao Yuande stood up at this time and looked up and down at this middle-aged man.

Although his appraisal technique can not identify what the other party is doing, but according to his estimation, the other party may be a strong mid-century fairy.

Such people are innumerable in Bajing Palace, but in places like Xifengzhou, it may be considered a master!

"What are you waiting for me? Is it waiting for me to kill you?" The momentum of the middle-aged man burst out suddenly, shaking the punishment sword in the criminal hall.

The old man in control of the large array shook his body, and his mouth spouted blood.

"But it's just a huge array! Is this your dependence?" The middle-aged mouth sneered.

"Luo Kong! You don't bite wildly here!" Dong Haichuan stood in front of Zhao Yuande and looked at each other coldly.

"Dong Haichuan, don't put on the predecessor's shelf, I'm going to kill you as easily as you can!" Luo Kong looked at Dong Haichuan with a disdainful sneer. "How about your seniority than me, but your cultivation base is too low, this is not the palace of Bajing Palace! Your majesty can't even get in front of me, let go of my disciples when you are acquainted, and then obediently Get out!"

"Okay! Okay! With the words just now, you have enough death penalty!" Zhao Yuande slapped in the palm of his hand and sneered.

"Do you still want to kill me? Why are you? A vague identity? Identity is useless here, useful is strength, is powerful strength!" Luo Kong grinned, his face full of joy and pride.

The palace owner is not here now. Even if he killed Dong Haichuan, no one dared to stop it. Looking at Dong Haichuan's appearance in front of the palace owner on weekdays, he was angry!

"Strength! Now I don't have it, but I have power!" Zhao Yuande turned to look in a direction in the void and sneered. "Sixteenth Emperor, you haven't seen enough, and haven't come out to clean up the mess!"


A sigh came from the void, with a trace of sorrow and a trace of misery.

A figure appeared in the hall. He stood there as if it were a blazing sun, exuding endless power of terror, so that everyone in the hall suddenly looked like a big change!

"Palace Master! Palace Lord..." Luo Kong trembles, looking at Sheri Immortal Emperor inconceivably, with a look of horror on his face.

He knew that the palace owner was out, so he would be so arrogant today, otherwise he would not dare to say something like the one he gave just now.

"I was the wrong person! Luo Kong, for the sake of getting along with us for so many years, you can do it by yourself and then leave!" Emperor Sheri gave Luo Kong a cold look.

"No! Why! Why! The palace lord, he is just a kid in the Divine Realm. You shouldn't treat me like this for him! For so many years, even if I didn't have any credit, I had a hard job..." Luo Kong shook his head, his face even more exposed Unbelievable look, his body kept receding, and he even shouted loudly.

"Boy in Shenhuang Realm! This is my uncle, even if I have to be polite to him, even my master should respect him, dare not treat him Ceremony, even if I dont punish you now, soon someone in the palace will come down to punish you! At that time, you may be extinct!" The Emperor Sheri almost roared and said this.

He was helpless in his heart. In fact, he had long known that Luo Kong had some greed for power, but he had a lot of abilities in this person, and he did not help him much, so he did not control him!

But he didn't expect that he even put it directly in the hands of his uncle.

And what he said just now is correct. Zhao Yuande's master Xiu made a tremendous progress, and even miraculously entered the late stage of the fairy emperor's realm. This speed is almost unprecedented and there is no comer, which is deeply valued by the old master.

The old master now let him take charge of some things in the clan, and it seems that there is a posture that he wants to cultivate it as a successor.

His influence in the Bajing Palace now exceeds that of his ancestors, so even the ancestors should respect each other when they see each other!

To move his disciples, not to mention the other party, even if you are in a different place!

Listening to the words of Emperor Sheri, everyone froze!

The uncle of the Sunri Emperor, even the master of the Sunri Emperor, must respect him. Who is this?

At this time, only a few deputy host thought of something, his face could not help changing.

"Sir Emperor Immortal! You have seen me for following you for so many years, just spare me!" Luo Kong was really shocked and stupid!

He fell to his knees with a thump, knocked on the face of the Emperor Sheri!