Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1669

Chapter 1669: Wangxiancheng

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"Please, I'm useless! As long as you get the forgiveness of Uncle Xiao, I will spare you!" Sheri Xiandi waved her hand.

"Please also ask your senior to spare your life! Please also ask your senior to spare your life!" Luo Kong could no longer care about others at this time, and turned his head directly to Zhao Yuande and pounded the garlic.

"It's too late! It's too late!" Zhao Yuande sneered, "It's too late to apologize just now that you said so!"

"I..." Luo Kong desperately found that the other party would not forgive himself at all, he suddenly ruthlessly clenched his teeth.

"If you don't let me live, I will kill you!" Luo Kong burst into a scream and rushed towards Zhao Yuande.

How fast the immortal emperor's powerful existence is in the middle of the day is simply beyond description. Zhao Yuande hasn't reacted yet. The opponent's palm grabbed his clothes. As long as his strength spit out, he might be crushed directly.

But at this time, Zhao Yuande's body disappeared, and it was the Sun Emperor who appeared in Zhao Yuande's position.

"Damn things!" She Rixian Emperor's eyes are full of murderous opportunities, and the big hand squeezed the palm of your hand.

"Sir Emperor Rao life! Rao life!" Luo Kong instantly felt that he had lost his resistance, and suddenly knew that the general trend was gone.

"I would have spared your life now, and now you are going to die!" As if holding a round of red sun in the palm of Sheri Immortal Emperor, he shot Luo Kong directly without hesitation.

Luo Kong's body exploded at once, and a ray of soul floated out of his head, trying to escape.

"Come back!" Emperor Sheri gripped this ray of soul indifferently.

"Little Uncle, what do you say?" Sheri Xiandi looked at the divine soul in his palm.

"Cut grass and roots! Otherwise, it will certainly become a serious problem in the future!" Zhao Yuande's voice was cold and ruthless.

"Yes!" Emperor Sheri didn't expect Zhao Yuande to be so decisive, but his face showed some relief, otherwise how could he be valued by that one!

"It's up to you to deal with the matter here! I still have some things to go first!" Zhao Yuande glanced at the deputy hosts with a sneer in the corner of his mouth, and then turned around and left.

"Uncle Master, I'll send you!" Dong Haichuan fart and fart followed.

"No! I'm going to find a place to practice!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand.

Dong Haichuan knew Zhao Yuande's temper, so he no longer insisted, but looked at the distant figure with envy.

"Brother! You have to work hard too, or you will not be a fairy emperor after all!" Sheri Emperor looked at Dong Haichuan.

"Got it!" Dong Haichuan was also really stimulated today. What if he was invincible, he still had no power to fight back in front of the fairy emperor, and he couldn't hold himself alone by his identity alone!

Although I am also the fourth generation of the Eight Kings Palace, but the identity of the uncle Xiaoshi is worse than the world, they have a good master! There is a good master!

"I have to go to death this time when I go back. I won't go out until I reach the Immortal Emperor!" Dong Haichuan gritted his teeth.

"Good! Very good! That's it, that's it!" Emperor Sheri nodded, seeing his teacher's brother look like this, he couldn't help but feel a burst of joy in his heart.

Besides, Zhao Yuande left Bajing Palace, knowing that in the future Beifeng will certainly not be excluded from the palace, it can be regarded as a relief.

Now his main task is to practice!

He decided to go to the closest city to Dengxian Island first and practice there!

Back in Tongtian City, he inquired about it in the city, and he knew immediately.

The closest city to Dengxian Island is called Wangxian City, and this city is very large.

Because it is closest to the void sea, many powerful practitioners will stay here.

And most of the treasures obtained in the Void Sea will be shot here, so all of the buildings in this big city are shop treasures!

The Void Sea sounds mysterious and unpredictable. In fact, the outer periphery is also very safe. Some practitioners in the fairyland can also move in the outer periphery. If you are lucky, you can also get good treasures!

Zhao Yuande took the teleportation array and soon reached Wangxian City.

Although he knew that Wangxian City was very prosperous, he was still shocked by the prosperity here.

He feels that it is even more prosperous than the immeasurable fairy city. In addition to being much smaller, the size of various stores is very large. He even saw the signboard of the Chamber of Commerce of the Void.

But he did not enter the Void Chamber of Commerce, but first went to find a place to live.

It is now two months before the time agreed between him and the Shuijia. He will take advantage of these two months to quickly upgrade his cultivation base.

As a city developed by hunting, there are naturally many places for the strong to cultivate and rest.

Under the parcel of Ayutthaya, there is a towering green mountain, surrounded by immortals, and caves are arranged on it.

Zhao Yuande came to the bottom of the mountain and saw that the whole mountain was covered by a strong breath, and only one hall was the real entrance.

He followed the flow of people into the hall, and there were several long dragons in the hall. He had no choice but to find a team to stand at the end.

When it was his turn, the old man who dealt with the Dongfu lease glanced at him, and then he persuaded with a long heart: "Boy, its cheapest to rent a cave in Dongfu, and its also worth a thousand fine jade a day. You can go back and find one. Stay in the inn!"

"Senior! Don't look down on me. I'm not alone. I just queue up for the old man!" Zhao Yuande felt a lot of surprise eyes around him. Some of these eyes were full of curiosity, and some were full. Malicious!

The masters of these gazes are all powerful people above the fairyland, all of which he cannot provoke.

So he can only keep a low profile and make a master!

"Oh! That old man has a lot of talk! I have three kinds here. One is the low-grade one-thousand-day fairy jade just mentioned. This kind of cave house has a low concentration of fairy gas at the foot of the mountain. The second kind, then At mid-mountainside, a higher concentration of Reiki requires 3,000 top-grade fairy jade a day. The last one is at the top of the mountain, 10,000 top-grade fairy jade a day, but the last one is usually a strong man receiving fairy emperor realm! I dont know what your master needs What kind of cave house?"

"The second kind is required. My master said that I want to live for two months. This is 180,000 high-grade immortal jade." Zhao Yuande is not too verbose, and living in the lower level is too wrong, and living in the upper side is too arrogant, and can only live in the middle. !

After that, he took out a storage ring and handed it to the other party.

"Well! The 6,900 caves in the middle are still shiny, and no one lives. Choose one yourself!" The old man collected the storage ring and wiped it in the void, and it suddenly appeared. A map like a star map, with thousands of light dots flashing.