Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1671

Chapter 1671: Thoughts

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"Feng Cangyun son! This is a noble guest of my Void Chamber of Commerce, patron!" Situ Qing pouted.

The other party is a real middle-class VIP, and there are not many in the whole fairyland. The other party is just a low-end VIP, and there is no comparison at all!

"Huh! My son Feng Cangyun is also a VIP! He can still be taller than me, I don't believe it..." Mr. Feng Cangyun took out a token, which is a low-level VIP token.

"Let's go! Let me introduce you to the situation of this chapter. Show me the detailed names of all the third-grade fairy medicines and fairy beast materials. I want a big purchase!" Zhao Yuandela gave Rastitu Qing's little hand and winked at him Blinked.

"Oh, VIP, please come with me!" Situ Qing was handed by Zhao Yuandela, although it was one touch, but still felt like there was a current coming from the place where he touched, making her body shake.

Master Feng Cangyun originally wanted to take out the token, let Zhao Yuande retreat, and let the girl Stuart understand her importance.

I didn't expect people to ignore themselves at all, as if they were air.

"Damn! You bitch! And that kid! My son, I..." Feng Cangyun withdrew his token fiercely, and he could not help but curse secretly.

He continued to follow behind the two unwillingly!

Situ Qing took Zhao Yuande to an elegant room and handed over an account book to Zhao Yuande, which was the roster of all the items in this branch.

Zhao Yuande took it, glanced at ten lines at a glance, and soon understood.

"Except these few pages, I will have the rest!" Zhao Yuande nodded at Situ Qing, trying to pretend to be a gentleman.

"You... need it all?" Situ Qing couldn't help but grow his mouth slightly, although these are all things under the third grade, but they are not a small number, at least tens of billions of fairy jade!

"Well!" Zhao Yuande nodded. He liked to look at the other party's shock. The kind of expression and that kind of look made him feel inexplicably refreshing!

"Huh! There is always a first-come-first-served purchase. Master, I'll come first. I'll buy the stuff first, otherwise I'll find your president... I'll ask why this happens!" Feng Cangyun Although the son did not enter the room, he stood at the door.

Hearing the conversation between the two of them, I suddenly got angry and pushed in.

"Oh! If you want to buy it, let me give it to you first!" Zhao Yuande glanced at the other side lightly, waving his hand to express his freedom!

"Okay! As long as you can afford the price, I will naturally not be too thin!" Situ Qing gently covered the lips of cherry blossoms, holding back the urge to laugh.

It turns out this guy is waiting for each other here! This is a real loss!

"Okay! What does he need? I want to double it!" Master Feng Cangyun stood proudly, and suddenly felt that he had to be a bit domineering in front of such a beauty.

"Double!" Situ Qing almost laughed out loud, handed the account book to the other party, and pinched a few pages in his hand, "In addition to these pages, the other dignitaries need it! But since Feng Cangyun If you want to double it, then give our Chamber of Commerce one day, I promise to prepare double copies for you! And because of the large transaction amount this time, you may be promoted to be a mid-level VIP!"


Feng Cangyun suddenly felt his throat dry, he swallowed hard, and his face suddenly turned red!

" are cheating on me!" Feng Cangyun screamed at Zhao Yuande very angry.

"Do not pretend to be a VIP here if you can't afford it! Go out!" Zhao Yuande's eyes coldly began to rush people!

"Good! You can do it! I'm looking for the elders here responsible for the Void Chamber of Commerce. Our Feng family is not a bully. Then I will see how you will understand this matter!" Master Feng Cangyun angered you Turned and left, and left this cruel remark.


Zhao Yuande frowned slightly when he heard the name of the family!

Could it be that Feng Family? The ancestor left by the ancestor? The Feng Family who was spurned by Zhao Yixin?

Seeing Zhao Yuande frowning, Situ Qing thought he was worrying about how to disturb the elders of the chamber of commerce. He couldn't help but walk up and said: "Don't worry, the elders here are my uncles, and you are mid-level VIPs, Noble status will never matter!"

"Well! I'm not worried about this, I just..." Zhao Yuande didn't know what to say.

"Aren't you worried? Then what are you worried about? Are you worried about me..." Situ Qing said suddenly blushing!

"Cough!" Zhao Yuande suddenly discovered that this beautiful and unparalleled woman seemed... strange.

She won't be fooling herself! Otherwise why would you blush often?

Zhao Yuande has five wives, is a veteran of love, and still has some vision!

Thinking of the dryness in his mouth here, this woman is so good, how could she like herself? This is unlikely!

The fighting power he shows is not enough to convince him!

Is the other party attracted by their personality charm? This is obviously just nonsense!

Is it because...Zhao Yuande suddenly thought of the somewhat fragrant scene, his body couldn't help but slightly warm, some...

Ok! Regardless, he is now able to determine one thing, the other party is really a bit interesting to himself.

He was a bit worried. Can such a woman accept himself?

I have five wives in my home! And each one is very kind to himself, and... he still has a little girl, the lovely little girl Zhao Yiyi, who has now begun to practice, every time she returns to the other side of the world, she will get into her arms, facing Spoil yourself.

My wife and daughter, you should be satisfied!

Zhao Yuande's thoughts flew, but Situ Qing was secretly watching Zhao Yuande, and Fang Xin was also beating violently!

She also feels very strange. There are countless geniuses she has seen, and she is more unknown than Zhao Yuande's powerful ones, but she is not a fancy!

One by one, I knew that the brain's sloppy thoughts, even if it was a serious look on the surface, but she could still feel the look of the red fruit.

And this guy alone...

Just when the two were caring for each other and were silent, the door of Yajian was pushed open!

"It's this kid! It's him!" Feng Cangyun rushed in angrily, pointing at Zhao Yuande, "He pretends to be a VIP and also teases me with this woman!"

At this time, behind Feng Cangyun, stood a middle-aged big man, this big man with five big and three thick, full of flesh.