Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1672

Chapter 1672: Xuesha

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When he saw the situation in the Ya room, he couldn't help but frowned slightly.

However, he didn't believe in this wind and cloud, his brother's daughter, but that was the top ten super genius of the Void Chamber of Commerce, how could he do such a thing.

However, in the end, the Chamber of Commerce is to value peace and profit. These VIPs must not offend!

"Xiaoqing, what the **** is going on?" Dahan frowned and asked Situ Qing.

"Uncle Lin! This person is too annoying. He always entangles me, so I..." Situ Qing did not think that what Zhao Yuande just said was true, so she simply took this moment to herself. Uncle will punish himself for not succeeding?

"This..." Dahan turned his head to look at Feng Cangyun.

"Senior! I just want to buy some materials, why bother to talk about it! But this person pretends to be a VIP, and also said that he wants to buy a lot of materials, how should your chamber of commerce deal with this matter?" Feng Cangyun looked at Zhao Yuande with his mouth hanging An indifferent smile, "Our Fengjia is a low-end VIP... You have to think about it, the reputation of a chamber of commerce is the most important!"

This guy even dared to export threats to the Void Chamber of Commerce! Really impatient!

Zhao Yuande was all jumped off by the other party's words. It was the fearlessness of the ignorant. This guy was really ignorant!

Not to mention the Void Chamber of Commerce, even this big man may be able to destroy the Fengjia with one hand!

He is still talking about it here!

Zhao Yuande now has some doubts whether this Fengjia is related to the Fengjia left by his ancestors, so he does not want the Fengjia to perish.

"You said that I was posing as a VIP, do you have any evidence? You said that me and the mentoring girl were teasing you, and what evidence do you have?" Zhao Yuande came out at this time and smiled faintly against the wind and clouds, " This is the chamber of commerce, not your style, and dont want to be embarrassed and leave now!"

Although the middle-aged big man was angry that the wind and the clouds didn't know the life and death, it didn't mean to attack. When Zhao Yuande came out, he couldn't help but frown and wanted to say something.

"Uncle Shi, don't talk! He is really a VIP of the Void Chamber of Commerce, and he is also a mid-level VIP!" Situ Qing whispered quietly to the middle-aged man.

"What! What are you talking about? He's a mid-level VIP? That's possible... Qing'er, you're not kidding Shishu!" The middle-aged man looked at Zhao Yuande in disbelief.

"Where is my mid-level VIP token issued by my uncle!" Situ Qingdao.

"It's Brother Si! That wouldn't be wrong!" When the middle-aged big man heard the word Uncle Si, he immediately thought of Situ Ya.

There was a bit of respect in his face!

Feng Cangyun was still unaware at this time, he did not know the details of the Void Chamber of Commerce, so he dared to say the above words so carelessly, he was even more confident about Zhao Yuande!

Is it possible that a kid from the middle age of the emperor is a VIP? Is it possible to be pregnant with tens of billions of fine jade?

"Huh! Are you really a VIP? Are you able to spend tens of billions to buy materials?" Feng Cangyun looked at each other disdainfully, "If you can, I..."

"How about you?" Zhao Yuande pressed before he finished.

"I'll just... turn around and leave!" Feng Cangyun's mouth twitched, and he always felt a little bad.

"You still want to turn around and go! Hum!" The middle-aged man's face suddenly became difficult to look at this time. "If you are framed, don't blame our Chamber of Commerce for being rude to you, and take back that low-end VIP token. Now!"

"This..." Feng Cangyun was shocked in his heart, but his father was very rare for this token. If he lost it today, he wouldn't take his skin back when he returned!

"Look what this is!" Zhao Yuande's mouth slightly tilted, took out a token, and shook it in front of Feng Cangyun.

Feng Cangyun took a look and found that the other party's token is the same as his own style, but his own is silver, while the other party's is golden!

"Yes! This is the mid-level VIP token!" The middle-aged big man swept his eyes and immediately confirmed the authenticity of this token.

"This is 30 billion, which I used to buy materials!" Zhao Yuande threw a storage ring into Feng Cangyun without hesitation.

Feng Cangyun was stunned by the other party's mid-level VIP token at this time. He unconsciously reached for the storage ring. When he looked at the soul, he stood on the spot stupidly, and his mouth grew up, unable to think at all. !

The middle-aged man stretched out his hand, and the storage ring fell into his hand. He also gazed slightly. The mid-level VIP was a cow. He brought so many fairy jade with him!

Of course, this immortal jade is not unavailable to people of his realm. He wouldnt be surprised if he changed to an immortal emperor for 30 billion, but the point is that this is just a kid in the mid-term of the emperor. Isn't he afraid of being robbed?

"Feng Cangyun, hand over your low-end VIP token!" The middle-aged man quickly recovered, and looked at Feng Cangyun without a touch of emotion.

"This..." Feng Cangyun shivered.

"Humph!" the middle-aged man said involuntarily, with a slight palm in his hand, and something directly flew out of the storage ring on Feng Cangyun's finger and fell into his hand.

Zhao Yuande was taken aback for almost all of a sudden. What kind of magical power was he able to take away from the other party's storage space?

It seems that it is really not safe to put things in the storage ring in the future!

"Get out!" The middle-aged man drank coldly.

Feng Cangyun gave Zhao Yuande an extremely bitter look, then left in a hurry.

"Yun Shao, what's wrong? His face is so ugly?" The thin Du Gu Lin saw Feng Cangyun walked out of the room with anger and couldn't help but stepped forward to ask.

"Damn things!" Feng Cangyun first scolded, but he looked at Du Gu Lin's eyes around him, but he was full of expectations. "Duo Gu Lin, don't you mean that you know the people of Xuesha? Contact me, I want to kill someone!"

"Who killed?" Du Gulin frowned.

"The kid who made me lose my face!" Feng Cangyun gritted his teeth and said, "A kid in the middle age of the emperor dare to tease me. Today I will not kill him and swear not to be a man!"

"You have to think about it! The price of Xuesha is not low!" Du Gu Lin said.

"How much fairy jade can I need to kill a kid in the middle period of the emperor? Isn't 100 million enough?" Feng Cangyun said coldly.

"Enough! Enough!" Du Gulin nodded, "Go, I will take you, don't talk nonsense after you have passed, you just need to provide the other person's appearance, and just pay Xianyu!"


"Don't know this senior's high name?" Seeing Feng Cangyun leave, Zhao Yuande bowed to the middle-aged Han.

"This is my Sixth Uncle, Founder!" Situ Qing hurriedly came over to introduce the two, "This"

She doesn't seem to know Zhao Yuande's name yet!