Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1673

Chapter 1673: Goddess

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"Oh! I am Zhao Yuande!" Zhao Yuande chuckled, "Younger generation has seen Senior Fang!"

"Hey! Don't be too polite! Is it true that you said you want to buy materials?" Founder's face still has an incredible look.

"Yes! I want to buy a lot of materials, because I want to retreat, so I refine some immortals before I retreat for my own use!" Zhao Yuande had already thought about it and said that he was an alchemist!

"Oh! So it turns out, I don't know if the little brother can wait for a long time, if all the materials you need are taken away, here is basically emptied, how to do business! I want to go to the warehouse of the branch to extract!" Founder Zhao Yuande is very polite.

"Of course this is no problem!" Zhao Yuande smiled, he was not in a hurry.

"If there is nothing wrong, I'll go to transport the goods first, let Qing'er walk with you!" Founder nodded and turned away.

As soon as he left, the atmosphere in the whole room was embarrassed again!

"Cough! Situ girl, I have something to ask you." Zhao Yuande said for a while after being silent.

"If you have any questions, just ask! But don't call me Situ Girl anymore, it seems a little bit of a life, you just call me Qing'er, people around me call me this way!" Situ Qing's voice was very low, and his cheeks felt There was a burst of fiery.

I have only seen it twice, I dont know why I always think this guy is very kind, even his own name...

"Oh! Okay! Qing'er, I want to know if you can contact Senior Tutuya?" Zhao Yuande thought of the three hundred bottles of drunk dream wine in his space.

"Ah! Do you want to contact Sishu? Is there anything?" Situ Ya felt a little disappointed in her heart. She thought the other party wanted to ask about herself!

"Have you seen this kind of wine?" Zhao Yuande moved his heart and took out a bottle of drunk dream wine.

"Wow! Good fragrance! What kind of wine is this?" Situ Qing hurriedly took the bottle from Zhao Yuande's hand, and was immediately attracted by the mellow fragrance.

"This is called Zui Mengjiu! It has many effects..." Zhao Yuande explained the effects of Zui Mengjiu to each other.

Situ Qing, who listened directly, blushed with a small face. Isn't this the preparation for this level?

"How much do you have, can you sell me some?" Situ Qing has forgotten Zhao Yuande's purpose, but looks at Zhao Yuande with expectation.

"Since you let me call you Qing'er, am I still willing to sell you the wine? This is what I brewed. I'll give you 20 bottles first and use them!" Zhao Yuande took out 20 bottles generously Drunk dream wine, handed to the other party.

"This...this is true!" Situ Qing almost jumped up in excitement, but the next moment she couldn't help jumping in her heart, and hesitated again.

Uncle Si let himself come to the fairy realm of the heavens and the world, saying that there was a way to quickly enter the realm of the fairy monarch. Is this the wine?

Situ Qing is naturally not a fool, it is easy to figure out the reason of the matter.

She knows the value of this kind of wine, and if there is one billion bottles in her place, someone will gladly accept it!

If he accepted the twenty bottles of wine, he was already in close contact with the man in front of him.

Although she was a little interested in Zhao Yuande, she did not think about what would happen in the future. The other party's cultivation practice was a little low!

"Why? Qinger, do you have doubts about this wine? I'm afraid I will take advantage of you drunk..." Zhao Yuande chuckled.

But Situ Qing saw no trace of malice in his eyes.

Accept, accept! What's so great, you can work hard if you fix it low! I cant protect him!

Situ Qing's thoughts turned, and he took over those drunk dream wines happily.

"Thank you! Yuande!" She simply omitted the word Zhao, so she looked kind.

"That's right! Said Senior Situya for a long time..." Zhao Yuande smiled a little embarrassedly.

"I will contact him now." Situ Qing took out a token and would contact Situ Ya.

"Is it okay to use this token?" Zhao Yuande froze a little, and took out his own token. "How should this be done?"

"You... this is a deacon token? How do you have such a token?" Situ Ya looked at the token in Zhao Yuande's hand incredulously, and a heart began to beat in disappointment.

This is a token of a deacon. The control of this token is very strict. I heard that my father said that a piece was sent out in this fairyland. Is he the one?

"Yes... Senior Situ gave it to me! Said it was a deacon token!" Zhao Yuande looked at the excited look in the other person's eyes, but was a little confused.

"Sure enough! Sure enough!" Situ Qing showed ruddy on his face, and a heart that had been hanging suddenly dropped!

To be a deacon, there are two conditions, one is to surpass the talent of ordinary people, and the other is the potential to surpass ordinary people!

She undoubtedly believes in the eyes of the Fourth Uncle, so to speak, this guy named Zhao Yuande will never be under his own achievements in the future!

Her heart is beating wildly, it seems that her choice is right!

"Qing'er...Qing'er..." Zhao Yuande saw this guy's appearance, even though he was like a goddess of the Nine Heavens, but he seemed to have some problems with his brain. If he couldn't move, he would blush, if he didn't move, he would daze!

"Ah! This token is actually very simple to use, you inject the soul into it, and then..." Zhao Yuande entered the realm again according to the method she said.

The prosperity in the realm is still there. When he was looking away from the world, otherwise a long rainbow flying from afar would suddenly fall in front of him.

"Then...that's Situ Qing! How could he come to the human level?"

"I don't know! But it is worth seeing the face of the goddess today!"

"Hey! I don't know who the goddess' heart belongs to. I really want to fight with that person!"

"Forget it! At least the goddess fancy people should be above the fairy monarchy. You are dueling with others. Find death!"

"Goddess! Goddess..."


The crowd burst into exclamations.

Zhao Yuande couldn't help frowning, it seems that he is going to be the target again today!

Before these guys didn't pay attention to me, I changed my appearance a little bit, but he didn't have time to change, and a voice came to my ears.

"Yuande! It's me!" Changhong landed, and suddenly saw Situ Qing looking at Zhao Yuande with a smile, "You come with me!"

Situya took Zhao Yuande's hand without hesitation and flew away in one direction.