Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1674

Chapter 1674: The Two Great Ancestors

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Everyone on the street can't believe this scene

"Who is that person?"

"I don't know if my eyes are born!"

"It's just a man in the mid-term of the Divine Emperor, how can he be favored by the goddess, this is wrong!"

"Maybe it's the goddess' brother!"

"Fart, brother of the goddess, I wrote down that person's appearance, I want to fight him!"

"Yes! Slaughter that kid, we all have a chance!"


Hearing the sound from the crowd behind, Zhao Yuande's face changed color!

"Why? Frightened? They are all just cultivators under the fairyland." Situ Qing saw Zhao Yuande's face change and couldn't help saying.

"I'm afraid of trouble!" Zhao Yuande burst into a wry smile!

Zhao Yuande soon followed Situ Qing to a gray area of the boundary. Most of the activities here were some powerful, seemingly unpredictable beings.

Zhao Yuande's soul was far away from these beings and he felt a terror that made him tremble.

"Don't look around and don't explore with the soul of God at random, here are some abnormal old guys!" Situ Qing leaned close to him, his voice was very low, and it was directly introduced into his soul.

"Oh! Who am I to say bad things about our old guys, it turns out to be Qing'er girl!" The two old ladies playing chess not far away looked at them with a smile on their faces, and a smile appeared in their eyes. .

"Grandpa Liu, how do you overhear people talking?" Situ Qing blushed and said to the old lady coquettishly, "Grandma Zhang, you don't care about him!"

"Old man, don't talk nonsense! You love talking too much about other young people." The old lady looked at the old man's face, and after the reprimand, she smiled and turned her head, "Qing'er girl, look at me like this Can he be trained?"

"Oh, Grandma Zhang, people just talk about it!" Situ Qing's face was red, and the old man glanced secretly, and found that he was grinning and not angry.

"Okay! Qing'er girl, don't delay your young man's business, take this guy away!" After the old lady finished, she looked at Zhao Yuande again, and there was a slight difference in her eyes, she said in a low voice. , "Qing'er girl, this guy is not simple, you have to catch it!"

"Grandma Zhang..." Situ Qing's complexion suddenly turned red, pulling Zhao Yuande into the desert and fled.

"What do you see, old lady?" the old man asked the old lady curiously.

"Aura of Chaos Giants!" said the old lady. "It is said that in the depths of the void, someone found a group of Chaos giants. This group of Chaos giants is so powerful that they might have come for the last thing! "

"The last thing? The Chaos Giant race was used by Daotian and then wiped out? If that's the case..."

"Hey! This matter has little to do with us, let's do our business properly!"

"But this is closely related to the Situ family. At that time they were the Chaos Giants..."

"This is a step by step!"

"But these two little guys came together to our Chamber of Commerce..."


Who were the two seniors just now? They seem to be two mortals!

Zhao Yuande asked curiously.

"That's... the two great ancestors of our Netherworld Realm Chamber of Commerce, and their cultivation practices even the four uncles dare not kick, maybe they have reached the legendary state!" Situ Qing solemnly said.

"The ancestor of the Void Chamber of Commerce!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but take a breath of air, what a terrible existence it was!

But I didn't expect just two ordinary old ladies!

"They are very good, and they are very kind to our Situ family, especially my fourth uncle!" Situ Qing nodded. "But this is just a phantom of them in the realm, where their real physical soul is. No one knows."

"Okay! We are not suitable to talk about these issues. I'm a little scared when you say that!" Zhao Yuande smiled bitterly.

"Let's go! I'll take you to see the four uncles!" Situ Qing took Zhao Yuande around this place, and soon appeared in a secluded courtyard.

In the courtyard, Situ Ya was talking casually with an old man with white beards. The two people looked very different from each other, but the old man was very respectful at this time, but Situ Ya was indifferent.

"Oh! Qing'er, little brother! How can you two come together?" Seeing Zhao Yuande and Situ Qing appear together, even Situ Ya couldn't help but stunned.

"Four uncles! We are already good friends! This time he wants to find his uncle, so I will bring him here, Master Uncle, you will not blame Qing'er!" Although Situ Qing said so, how could there be A little bit afraid of being blamed.

"Oh! It's a good thing you know, it's a good thing!" Situ Ya looked at the two, especially at her niece, with a knowing smile in her eyes.

"Four uncle, what are you looking at!" Situ Qing was a little flustered by the uncle for no reason and couldn't help but blame.

"Nothing! Nothing! Little brother, what do you want me to do?" Situ Ya chuckled and turned to look at Zhao Yuande.

"Senior, I brewed some drunk dream wine again, don't know if the senior can still accept it?" Zhao Yuande said.

"Accept! How much I want, where is the thing now?" Situ Ya's face suddenly showed a happy look when she heard it.

This batch of drunk dream wine was sold out as soon as he took it out. When he was preparing to order some from Zhao Yuande, he did not expect the other party to take the initiative to come to the door!

"In Wangxian City!" Situ Qing said, "Four uncle, come and get it! I happened to follow my father to Wangxian City!"

"Oh! I haven't seen my elder brother in some days. I really want to pay a visit this time!" Situ Ya heard Situ Qing and nodded suddenly.

"Then we are waiting for Uncle's visit in Wangxian City!" Situ Qing nodded to Zhao Yuande, and then the whole person disappeared.

Zhao Yuande bowed slightly to Situ Ya, and then the figure disappeared!

When Zhao Yuande's soul returned to the body, he found that Situ Qing was watching him dumbly, and he panicked for no reason.

"Qing'er, what are you looking at?" Zhao Yuande said sternly.

"I'm watching you!" Situ Qing's face froze slightly, but he replied compulsively.

"Look what I do?" Zhao Yuande asked subconsciously.

"Look at why you are so mysterious, so I can't figure it out, why does Grandma Zhang say that? Why does my uncle look at you and give you the deacon token..." Situ Qing did not conceal, Actually, the bamboo tube poured beans and said the problem in his heart.