Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1675

Chapter 1675: Spend A Lot Of Money

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"This..." Zhao Yuande was speechless for a moment.

"Haha!" At this moment, a black channel appeared in the void in front of them. One person stepped out of the channel one step at a time. It was Situ Ya!

"Four uncles, you came so fast!" Situ Qing saw that the problems between the two were interrupted by the uncle, and he couldn't help looking at him with some complaints.

"It seems that it is not the time for me to come, otherwise I will come back later?" Situ Ya looked at her niece with a smile.

He also felt very strange. What charm of this kid turned his niece like this?

The previous peerless geniuses, the descendants of the super powers, the powerful characters, this niece cant even look down on, and even the eyelids are too lazy to lift it, but did not expect...

"Four Uncles!" Situ Qing shrewd Situya's arms like a petite.

"Okay! Four uncles don't say anything, let's talk about business!" Situya's face swayed by her niece was full of frustration. She had to face Zhao Yuande. "How many bottles do you have, brother?"

"Two hundred and eighty bottles!" Zhao Yuande handed over a storage ring.

"Good! Very good!" Situ Ya took the storage ring, his face suddenly showed a happy color, and also handed a storage ring to Zhao Yuande's hands, "28 billion one point, and I will give you two One hundred and eighty contribution points."

"Ah! This wine is so valuable!" Situ Qing was slightly surprised.

She obviously knew what the fourth uncle meant, that is, the purchase price was too low, and gave 280 points of contribution as compensation!

She couldn't help but estimate it, and immediately came to a conclusion that the true value of this wine would never be less than 1.5 billion bottles!

"Come! These twenty bottles were given to you by Uncle Si, and this is one of the purposes for you to come this time!" Situ Ya took out twenty bottles of drunk dream wine and gave it to Situ Qing.

"Four Uncles! Yuande has given me twenty bottles, so you can sell them!" Situ Qing smiled.

"Oh! Good boy, you are very capable! Haha!" Situ Ya looked at Zhao Yuande meaningfully, and then her body disappeared in the void.

"Uh..." Zhao Yuande smiled bitterly, he didn't expect it to be like this.

"Hurry up! Are you plotting against me, and want to use these drunk dream wines to seduce me?" Situ Qing saw Master Uncle leaving, and immediately stood in front of Zhao Yuande, blinking his big eyes at him.

Her eyes are very big and charming, especially the sparkling in the eyes, like a pool of autumn water!

Only Zhao Yuande's mouth was dry, his body was hot, his heart was jumping wildly, his body leaned forward involuntarily, smelling the intoxicating fragrance, he couldn't help but feel a little nervous.

The two were closer and closer, but within three feet of each other, almost within reach.

"Haha! The materials are ready!" At this embarrassing time, the people in the room were suddenly pushed away!

Founder walked into the elegant room with a smile on his face, but suddenly felt the atmosphere inside seemed a little subtle!

"Hey! Just when I didn't show up, I didn't see anything, you continue!" Founder turned around and walked away, gently taking the door as he walked.

"It's over! These are unclear!" Situ Qing's face brushed like a ripe apple, and he was somewhat at a loss.

At that moment, she felt like she was almost lost!

Zhao Yuande gave her a very special feeling. There seemed to be something in him that attracted herself deeply, so that she couldn't help but be confused!

"Senior! Senior!" Zhao Yuande rushed to the door at this time, and came, shouting at Fang Zheng.

He felt that his skin was hot for a while, and he didn't know what happened to him just now, as if he had lost his soul, as if the other party was about to give a huge magnet, and he was a small iron nail that he couldn't resist at all.

"What's wrong?" Founder didn't leave too far, turned his head and looked at Zhao Yuande with a smile.

"Nothing happened just now, don't misunderstand the seniors!" Zhao Yuande said a little nervously.

"Haha! I'm not Qinger's father. I don't care about this kind of thing. You can do it at will!" Fang Zheng waved his hand, and he didn't care.

Zhao Yuande's stunned face, this... what kind of thing!

It seems that these people are all in an attitude, and they very much hope that something can happen between them and Situ Qing?

Are they not selfish, for example, there is no genius among their relatives and friends who can deserve the boss, do they not want to match?

Where did Zhao Yuande know that Founder did have this idea at first, but then this idea was strangled by Situ Qing's practice!

Those young talents who want to get close to Situ Qing, as long as they are not as good as hers, they beat her all the way, and they fight half dead!

If the cultivation level is higher than her, she will join hands with many sisters and sisters, and she will still be beaten up!

Many people who approached her were beaten more than once, and finally gave up with their teeth!

Of course, this is only in private, and they are embarrassed to go out to preach, so the image of Situ Qings goddess has not collapsed, but everyone knows that this goddess belongs to the beauty of the iceberg, which can be viewed from a distance but not indecent.

So these elders are also stubborn, and now seeing Zhao Yuande, who can win Situ Qing, somehow feels a sense of intimacy.

"Senior, don't know the material!" Zhao Yuande looked at the other party, his face showing a little anticipation.

"Here are all the materials you need, with a total value of 38.8 billion, but you are a middle-class VIP, you can get a 10% discount, and you will give me 34.9 billion!" Founder put a storage ring It was handed over to Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande took it, dived into it, and examined it carefully.

"Well! The quantity is just right, thank you seniors!" Zhao Yuande also handed a storage ring to the other party.

Zhao Yuande spent a huge sum of 34.9 billion yuan, and now has nearly 30 billion yuan in his body. He decided to go out and buy some fairy beasts and special materials!

He collected things and ran out of the Void Chamber of Commerce.

His heart was still beating at this time, he didn't know how to face Situ Qing, so he just fled.

"Humph! How dare you escape! You can escape the palm of this girl!" Situ Qing looked at Zhao Yuande's disappearing back, and the corners of her mouth were slightly curled.

She didn't chase him, but was estimating how she should treat this guy...

Zhao Yuande soon appeared in front of a huge treasure building. The name of the treasure building was very unique, Wanshou Tower!

Here are the main materials of various beasts, holy beasts, fairy beasts, and even cubs.

The purpose of Zhao Yuande's coming here is to buy some flesh and blood of three or four grade fairy beasts.