Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1676

Chapter 1676: Fairy Corpse

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"This son, what do you need? We have all kinds of fairy beast materials here, and there are newly arrived fairy beast cubs..." A young man with a smile on his face came up, and he spared no effort to recommend Bao Yuanzhong to Zhao Yuande Various materials.

"Okay, take me to see the flesh and blood of fairy beasts. I want to buy some feeding pets!" Zhao Yuande said.

"Good! Your son comes with me, we have everything from first-grade to fifth-grade fairy beasts, to ensure your satisfaction!" The young boy immediately became more enthusiastic when he heard your words from Zhao Yuande!

Speaking of pets, Zhao Yuande suddenly remembered Xiaojin who is still in the other side of the world.

Since Xiaojin was injured in the Tongtian Tower last time, he never let Xiaojin come out to fight, and he should let it out to breathe!

"Xiaojin, come out!" Zhao Yuande made a move, and a golden voice appeared in front of Zhao Yuande.

At this time, Xiao Jin's body grew to three feet long, and his breath became very powerful!

There are all kinds of fierce beasts in the other side of the world. In addition to eating and drinking, Xiaojin is practicing, plus the strength of his bloodline, now it has reached the level of the Holy Beast!

Thanks to the fact that Zhao Yuande has followed the teenager into the treasure house, otherwise it will really cause a sensation!

Even so, he scared the teenager in front of him directly to the ground, and the kind of vicious air released without concealment almost scared the soul of the teenager.

"Xiaojin, don't frighten people! Get smaller, and I will buy you some delicious food later!" Zhao Yuande patted Xiaojin's golden feathers, with a spoiled smile on his face.


Xiao Jin's body slowly became smaller and became a slap size, and fell on Zhao Yuande's shoulder. He rubbed Zhao Yuande's cheek with his small head intimately!

"Are you okay!" Zhao Yuande pulled the boy from the ground and handed him a storage ring. "Hold it! Don't tell what you just saw!"

The teenager was sweating a lot at this time, and some of them took the ring tremblingly.

"Okay! Take me to see it!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand.

He is very sympathetic to this kind of teenager, and their cultivation road is bumpy. If he can help, he will not be stingy.

At the next moment, his face was ecstatic, and the fairy jade in the storage ring was enough for his ten years of cultivation.

The teenager thumped to the ground with a thump, and slammed at Zhao Yuande.

"Thank you, son! The little one never dares talk!"

There was a trace of hesitation on the young mans face, but he quickly settled down and vocalized to Zhao Yuande with a trembling voice: "Son, before you enter our Wanshou Tower, several people have been paying attention to you, Be careful after you go out."

"Oh!" Zhao Yuande stunned slightly, looking at the young man and preaching, "Who are they?"

"Wearing in black, it seems that my whole body is covered in a layer of blood mist, and I can't see my face!" The teenager replied, "I just stood at the door to welcome guests and saw these people standing on the street corner... yes, this The helper may be a **** man!"

"Xuesha? What is this?" Zhao Yuande asked.

"It is a killer organization in Immortal World. It is very horrible to accept commissions to kill people. I heard that there are immortal emperor realm who have all died in the hands of Xuesha!"

"Bloody!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

He actually felt that someone seemed to be peeping at himself, but he could not always grasp who was peeping at him.

Now it seems that they should be blood-scarred people. They are killers. There must be something extraordinary in their hidden whereabouts. I am afraid I should be more careful today!

"Well! Thank you! These are the rewards for you!" Zhao Yuande once again took out a storage ring, which contains a set of exercises, a piece of immortal treasure sword, and some immortal jade. Sin, dont forget about it!"

"Thank you son! Thank you son!" The teenager thanked him again, the joy in his heart could not be described.

It is precisely that the dreams of the young people who have been extinguished hard, and the youth's chest has been extinguished, have been burned in one time!

"Okay! Let's go!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand.

The teenager took Zhao Yuande to the second floor and led him directly into a wide hall.

In the hall, there are no fairy corpses and various materials, but rows and rows of wooden shelves are neatly arranged. Each wooden shelf is placed with storage rings one by one. There is a detailed text introduction below.

This is because the above-mentioned fairy beast corpses will deteriorate in the outside world for a long time, but it will not appear in the storage ring and will be kept for a long time.

"Master, on this row of shelves is a first-class fairy beast with a price of 50 million yuan, and on this row of shelves is a second-grade fairy beast with a price of 100 million..." The teenager introduced one by one to Zhao Yuande.

"Well! I have all the corpses of the third-grade and fourth-grade celestial beasts!" Zhao Yuande carefully counted, the corpses of the third-grade celestial beasts had a total of 28, and the fourth-grade celestial beasts had a total of thirteen. Buy it.

"Son...what do you say..." The young man shivered and looked at Zhao Yuande with incredible eyes.

"You go and call the shopkeeper!" Zhao Yuande knew this kind of thing, and he had no right to deal with it.

"Hey! Good!" The teenager almost jumped out of one heart. He still doesn't believe that the things just now are true!

Soon an old man with a goatee appeared in front of Zhao Yuande. The old man still has some unbelievable words, so he turned his attention to Zhao Yuande as soon as he came.

"Okay! Don't say anything else! I have all the three or four celestial beast corpses, but you have to give me a discount on the price!" Zhao Yuande is naturally not an injustice, he can save.

"Son... what you said is true?" The old man only felt that his throat was dry, and he couldn't help swallowing a spit.

"Do I have time to joke with you here?" Zhao Yuande looked blank.

"Oh! Good!" After the old man was determined, there was a ecstasy. He was very familiar with the goods here, but hesitated a little, "Twenty-eight third-grade fairy beasts, thirteen fourth-grade fairy beasts, the total value is ninety-five Yi Shangpin Lingyu, I will give you a maximum discount of 10%, and then save you a fraction, you will give me 8.5 billion!"

"Well! That's right! The shopkeeper is really a refreshing person!" Zhao Yuande threw out a storage ring, and then swept the wind through the big sleeves, sweeping all 41 storage rings into his own world.

The old man took the storage ring, looked at the soul, and immediately frowned.

He just wanted to say a few near words, but found that the other party had disappeared in front of him as a shadow.