Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1678

Chapter 1678: The Force Behind The Blood Fiend

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Just when everyone thought that Zhao Yuande was going to be cut off with a skull, a big hand suddenly came out of the void and pinched the hand holding the sword.

Zhao Yuande's body bounced from the ground all at once. He was apparently poisoned by the poison just now.

His current undead body has basically reached the level of blood rebirth. How could he be afraid of this poison? Although there was a numbness at that time, but the undead body was running, it instantly returned to normal.

Still the same trick, the big hand pulled fiercely outwards, and a figure was pulled out from the void by force.

But this man was not the first two. At the moment when he was pulled out of the void, the cold light flashed in his other hand, and he suddenly cut off the arm that Zhao Yuande was holding.

Although he broke his arm, it was nothing compared to his life.

The killer figure disappeared into the void again.

But this killer thinks it's too simple. Zhao Yuande's attainments on the Void Avenue are much better than him.

I didn't find him before, it was because the opponent didn't leave any flaws, but now he escapes into the void in front of Zhao Yuande, which seems to be an axe in the class gate.

The corner of Zhao Yuande's mouth was slightly curled, his arm was cut off, and a bright moonlight shot from his hand, cutting directly towards a void!


A scream came from the void, two halves of the corpse fell, and blood was sprayed across the sky.

Everyone's eyes are straight!

They didn't expect it to be this result. They looked at Zhao Yuande one by one again and couldn't help but look admired.

Zhao Yuande killed this killer, and still felt something wrong, so he did not feel relaxed, he turned his attention to Xiaojin!

Although Xiao Jin was injured just because of Zhao Yuande's relationship, now Zhao Yuande counterattacked the opponent and gave Xiao Jin strength.

Xiao Jin was completely violent at this time, the original golden body had become a blood red at this time, its strength also soared, and now he even began to suppress the black prison snake.

The Black Prison Snake screamed again and again, but Xiaojin was getting stronger and stronger, a pair of sharp claws was extremely sharp, and the torn Black Prison Snake was flesh and blood.

After the transformation, Xiaojin's speed is greatly improved. The Black Prison Snake can't keep up with its speed. Seeing that he will die under Xiaojin's claws.

At this time, Zhao Yuande felt the crisis coming.

A palm quietly came out of the void and slapped his back to his back!

Zhao Yuande suddenly felt the power of this palm. All the killers just now were the cultivation of God Emperor Peak. In addition to poisoning, Zhao Yuande killed easily.

But the owner of this palm is a strong man in fairy land, and may even be a strong man in late fairy land.

He didn't dare to carelessly, his body turned into Kunpeng's real body, but he dodged the attack of this palm in an instant.


The assassin gave a slap, and it seemed that Zhao Yuande was able to escape his palm.

But the next moment, it was another palm shot, this time it was not light, but it contained a terrifying power of terror, this is a power to crush everything!

The other party obviously wants to crush Zhao Yuande with absolute power!

"Huh!" Zhao Yuande snorted coldly, the stars in the whole body were shining brightly, he did not hesitate to rise to the strongest state, four stars opened, and backhand punched into the palm of the other hand!

At the same time, the emergence of a huge wild ancient world thundered, and it was severely suppressed towards the void where the other party is!


The moment when the palm fist strikes, the world and the world change color. All the buildings with thousands of square feet are instantly transformed into nothingness. I dont know how many practitioners under the fairyland have turned into fly ash!

Even the powerful in the fairyland coughed up blood and looked at the two in fierce battle with fear.

Zhao Yuande's body rolled continuously for more than a dozen heels in the void, and this stabilized his figure. He opened a mouthful of blood and his face suddenly turned red.

But for him, this injury just turned around.

On the other hand, his body just stepped back and forth a few times, but his face was flushed. Obviously, his body was full of blood, but he forced a sip of blood and did not let it spit out.

"You want to kill me, to see if you have the ability to kill me!" Zhao Yuande roared loudly at this time, and punched again at the man.


What appeared in the sky this time was an inky black vortex. The terrible sucking force ripped everything within a hundred miles. Some of the fragmented pavilions that had been shaken by the aftermath of the battle are now all sucked by this horror. Tugging pulled into the black vortex.

There was another wave of wailing around!


The killer will no longer fight with his palm at this time, but a short sword in his hand!


Just when the two were about to collide again, a roar came from the top of the high mountain.

An old man dressed in Tsing Yi and covered with silver long hair scattered in an instant appeared in the field and fell in the middle of the battle between the two.

The old man was magnificent, and an invisible majesty suppressed the audience, so that everyone could not help but feel fear.

Zhao Yuande felt that the other party was a strong man in the late Xianjun period. Although it was not bad, it was still far from Dong Haichuan.

The killer's black clothes and black hat were shrouded in darkness. When the old man appeared, he dared not to do it. He just looked at Zhao Yuande coldly.

"Blood evil! You are too arrogant to dare to kill someone in my immortal city!" The silver-haired old man looked at the killer and shouted angrily.

"Master Lord! At this time, you better not interfere. Our blood is not a place for bullying!" The black killer's tone was faint, but the tone even meant to threaten the other party.

"Don't forget! This is my place!" The old man was furious, his body was more powerful, and the black killer who directly suppressed it crawled on the ground.

"City Lord, don't forget that we are blood evil! You may lose your life by doing so! Let's follow our previous agreement! We will compensate for this loss as usual, but this person we will kill!" Although the killer was suppressed to the ground, he still held his head!

"You..." The silver-haired old man looked pale. He thought about how the previous city lord died, and thought of the power of the blood evil in Xifengzhou.

In desperation he can only turn his head away!

"What! Lord City Lord is gone... how is this possible!"

"The threat of Blood Fiend actually made the Lord of the City retreat... this Blood Fiend is too..."

"I don't think it's possible either. The master of the city belongs to Ziyun Sect! Is the blood evil now more powerful than Ziyun Sect?"

"There may be more powerful forces behind this blood evil, otherwise they would dare to challenge Ziyunzong!"

"Good! There must be powerful forces behind this blood evil!"

"It seems that there will be fewer offenders in the future, otherwise it will be stared by the blood, but it will be too late!