Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1679

Chapter 1679: Tian Yunzi

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At this time, Zhao Yuande was also a little surprised to watch the silver-haired old man leave. He couldn't imagine that a killer organization in a district could even let a fairy Yunzong strong man retreat!

And this killer is just a strong man in the late fairyland, which is a bit incredible!

The killer in black glanced at the silver-haired old man who was far away. He dismissed his lips contemptuously and turned to look at Zhao Yuande. He said coldly: "Your talent is beyond my imagination, but I still die in my hands today!"

"Really? Then I have to say something that threatens you too! Your power is beyond my imagination, but you will let your blood be destroyed because of assassination!" Zhao Yuande looked at each other lightly, although the other party's strength Powerful, but it is impossible to kill yourself.

If he wants to escape, that is a very simple matter, but he does not want to escape, he wants to fight this guy, he wants to beheaded here!

"Haha! Sitting on the well and watch the little things, your death is here!" The black killer is no longer verbose with Zhao Yuande, but the short sword in his hand is coming towards Zhao Yuande.

The speed of this sword is incredible, everyone just saw a residual image, and the next tip of the sword appeared in front of Zhao Yuande!

He was quicker, Zhao Yuande was faster, his body turned into Kunpeng's real body, and disappeared into the void at once.

The black killer's face was solidified, and he didn't expect that the other party was also proficient in the law of vanity hiding.

But at this time, the black killer felt a strong crisis struck from the side, his body flashed violently.

A silver moonlight brushed against his shoulders, and although he only tore the clothes apart, a strong chill instantly swept over half of his body.

"not good!"

The black killer's face changed, and a shaking body turned into the void.

But just the moment he entered the void, an invisible force flew over the top of his head again. The black hat on his head and half of his scalp were cut off, and suddenly a young and sickly face appeared.

"This is... how could it be him!"

"It's Tianyunzi! Tianyun in Xiandi Palace... How could he be a killer? Ah..."

The man had just finished saying this sentence, and suddenly felt a pain in his throat, and his whole head flew up!

"No... how can you kill people here! Ah..."

Suddenly there was a scream of screaming in the crowd. Many black killers rushed out and surrounded all those who had just heard the words!

Most of the people watching the lively outside are boring people in fairyland. Now that this one is surrounded, I suddenly know where the problem is!

They heard questions that should not be heard, and saw people who should not be seen!

"Fairy Emperor Palace! It turns out that your Immortal Emperor Palace is actually the backstage of the blood evil..."

"I fight with you!"

"Kill it out, as long as one person kills it, we will spread the matter!"


But these people are all in vain, but in just a few breathing time, these people all died under the group of black killers.

Of course, there are also strong people peeping in the dark, but most of these people are aware of these rules.

Even if they didn't know, they wouldn't dare to talk everywhere, otherwise the Immortal Emperor Palace would easily find them, and it would be their death time!

"Oh! It turned out to be the Immortal Emperor Palace! No wonder... no wonder..." Zhao Yuande watched the group of people in black gradually coming towards him, and his mouth was filled with sneer!

"No matter who you are, you are going to die here today, and no one will know what happened today!" The black man, Tian Yunzi, simply did not run away, and stood looking at Zhao Yuande indifferently.

"Really? Then I really want to open the killing ring today!" Zhao Yuande had already held Heiyan in his hand, and a glorious glory formed a long sword.

Opposite these people in black are all powerful in fairyland, but they are all in the early stage of fairyland. Although Zhao Yuande is powerful, he is not conceited enough to deal with so many powerful people at the same time.

But holding the Black Rock Sword is another thing to say. Black Rock Sword is indestructible, chopping people is as simple as cutting melons and vegetables.


Zhao Yuande roared and rushed towards the group of people in black with the Black Rock Sword.

Although these men in black were not masked, their faces seemed to be covered with a layer of black mist, and they could not see their faces.

However, according to their costumes, their breath, these people are obviously young people.

Zhao Yuande waved the Black Rock Sword and collided with the first black dagger. At the next moment, the man in black and the sword led the person into two halves.

Next is the second person, the third person. The fourth term...just a moment, Zhao Yuande has slashed seven people in black!

Although there are more than thirty people in black, although they are all confident, but under this terrifying visual impact, everyone's hearts have a fear!

"Everyone should not fight him close, his sword has a problem!" Tian Yunzi was covered with blood mist, and his face showed a grim expression.

However, his reminder is superfluous. These people are also strong players in the field. They start to retreat quickly.

But how could they be faster than Zhao Yuande, Zhao Yuande swept in the field as Kunpeng, and immediately divided into four parts for four people!

"Dead!" Tian Yunzi was killed. No big seal fell from the void, turned into a few acres in size, and cracked down on Zhao Yuande.


Zhao Yuande's backhand is a sword.

A hundred-foot-long sword-mand tears the void, and directly cuts the big seal in half.

The two halves of the big Indian bang fell and smashed the ground into two big pits. The originally prosperous Wangxian City suddenly seemed to be ruined.

However, this area is just some ordinary shops. The powerful chambers of commerce in the distance have not been affected, so no other powerful people have come.

"Do it together, use your magical powers, don't attack with Xianbao!" Tian Yunzi is very distressed, but it is a very important Sipin Xianbao, which can be attacked and defended!

But it turned into waste under the sword of the other party!

Suddenly, all kinds of magical powers in the sky were shining brightly, with white tigers roaring in the sky, phoenix spreading wings, green dragon probing claws, and huge mountain peaks suppressed.

Zhao Yuande suddenly felt terrible pressure swept over, he did not dare to greet Kunpeng avatar constantly shuttle in the void.


It was at this time that the battle between Xiaojin and the Black Prison Snake ended.

The Black Prison Snake was torn apart by Xiao Jin, and Xiao Jin's body swelled to a size of a thousand feet. The body of the Black Prison Snake was swallowed into his belly.