Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 168

Chapter 168: Can Kill One Is One

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"Haha! The genius of the Golden Eyed Demon Race is really unusual, and the concession is granted!" Mo Hongfei's face is all proud, and this time the carefully selected lineup of the Demon Race family is enough to sweep the Golden Eye Demon Race. Small tribe.

"The nobles are really talented, and my golden pupil demon..." Jin Chiyang almost twitched his eyebrows, and his face was like a zombie with no expression.

"If the Jintong demon clan does not have a disciple, then today's competition will end like this!" Mo Hongfei swept the next four weeks, all the young people of the Jintong clan showed outrage, but none of them dared to come out to fight.

"Huh! If it wasn't for Brother Yuanling's going to the Qingluan tribe, today your Mo family can be so arrogant!" Someone murmured in disappointment.

"Take advantage of the demon!"

"Cough..." At this time, a soft cough came into the field.

Zhao Yuande walked into the center of the square with Fang Bu, behind him he stood tall and raised his chest, and there really was a royal leader.

"What's your order?" Jin Chiyang saw their glasses suddenly lit up, he knew the terrible place of this royal family, if he was willing to shoot...

"My son is very thoughtful and sees the battle in the square a little itchy. I don't know if Senior Jin can help arrange it?" Zhao Yuande blinked at Jin Chiyang.

Zhao Yuande deliberately changed the word "prince" to "prince", otherwise the Mo's side might be wary.

Jin Chiyang almost jumped up and hurriedly patted his chest and said: "This is a good saying, these are human strongmen from the earth world, among them there are a lot of amazing young geniuses, I want to be able to satisfy the guests!"

"You arrange it!" Zhao Yuande nodded to Jin Chiyang, turned and whispered again in the ear of the sky, "Must be a heavy hand, one can kill one is one!"

Po Tian grinned, a bloodthirsty light appeared in his eyes.

Nor can it be blamed that Zhao Yuande hates the Mo family so much. This family is simply the largest **** of the East Emperor Great World. The previous life colluded with the aliens. The East Emperor Great World almost harmed became an alien slaughterhouse. Want to disintegrate the alliance between demon and humans, this scum family is even more hateful than its aliens!

This is the behavior of traitors, and thousands of people spit.

Mo Hongfei looked at the broken sky, and at the excited face of Jin Chiyang, there was a trace of alertness in his heart.

He glanced at the dozen of Mohist elites brought by him today, and finally turned his attention to a young man in white with a calm and confident face.

"Mo Chou, you try it first, remember not to lay down your hands, this demon clan's identity is probably not ordinary, it must have a certain degree!"

"Yes! Ancestor!" The young man named Mo Chou glanced at the sky and found that the other party was just a sixth-order ape demon, and he couldn't help but show contempt in his heart.

At this time, Po Tian had already waited at the center of the blood battle platform. Mo Chou strode to the blood battle platform in the center of the square. He glanced up and down at the sky, and arched his hand on it: "Under Mo Chou, this demon brother Please...ah!"

Mo Chou's words hadn't been finished, and his hands hadn't been lowered, he saw the ground-breaking slap slapped toward him fiercely.

Mochou can't hide, he can only pick his head daringly.

But when his arm touched the slap in the sky, he felt a powerful force unmatched, as if a huge mountain was suppressed.


Mo Chou's arm shattered into bone **** in an instant, and then that kind of powerful force shattered his sternum without hindrance.

He had just screamed, and the whole body was torn apart, and the blood and bone fragments spattered the whole blood battle platform.

There was silence all around. Numerous Mo family members stared at this scene with dumbfoundedness. They couldn't believe that Mo Chou was so suffocated and yined to death.

"Vile! Shameless! This is a sneak attack!"

"The demon clan is too shameless to return my cousin's order!"

"The demon clan gave us a statement!"

The disciples of the Mo family clamored for the shameless behavior of the demon clan.

"Jin Chiyang! You are too much! Is this the hospitality of the demon clan? You must give us a statement today!" Hongfei ancestor and another Mo ancestor stood up together, glaring Jin Chiyang.

"Misunderstanding! This must be a misunderstanding!" Although Jin Chiyang apologized for the embarrassment on the surface, don't mention the coolness in my heart!

"What's the matter with the distinguished guest?" Jin Chiyang came to Zhao Yuande and quietly glanced at him.

"My son is distinguished, and the ancestors in the family have long explained that if someone reaches out to you, either a friend or an enemy, the **** humans will naturally not be friends, so the son will naturally be considered an enemy! Since it is an enemy, no You need to show mercy, it's that simple!" Zhao Yuande grumbled and complained, "Who knows you will arrange some humans to come up, if the demon clan will not have this situation!"

"Yes! What's your status as a distinguished guest? This explanation fits the status of a distinguished guest!" Jin Chiyang turned to smile at the two ancestors of the Mo family. "The two are audible, but we blame we didn't make it clear in advance. This misunderstanding has occurred!"

"" Mo Hongfei glanced coldly at the broken sky on the stage, and said with a grin, "Okay! We are determined this time, we will fight on the stage, no matter life or death!"

Mo Hongfei turned his head to look at a young man in black who was not tall and burly, and appeared a bit small among many disciples of the Mo family, but when everyone saw him, all his eyes showed awe of awe .

"Xiaoqing, leave a breath for him. Don't show us that the Mo family is too rude!" Mo Hongfei nodded gently at the young man.

The young man glanced at the sky and nodded gently: "Mo Qing did his best!"

"The ancestor actually sent him up, it seems that the ancestor was really angry!" Some Mo young people looked at Mo Qing, with strange light in their eyes. They looked forward to looking at the legend of the young generation of the Mo family, hoping he could Regain face for the Mojia.

"With him in, we don't have to worry!"

"Green brother, come on!" The female disciple of the Mo family waved her arms excitedly and cheered him.

The young man named Mo Qing slowly walked up to the blood battle platform, and looked at the broken sky with his head standing in the center, his eyes showing a hint of sorrow.


Potian also felt a trace of pressure, the little man opposite was very powerful, but it also inspired the fierceness in his heart!

With a wave of euphorbia in his hand, his body turned into an electric light and smashed hard towards Mo Qing.

Mo Qing felt the terrifying power of the euphorbia, and his face could not help changing slightly, knowing that Mo Chou's death was not due to a sneak attack, but was completely suppressed by power.

"Come well!"

Mo Qing's body seemed to turn into a roaming dragon, leaping and leaping in the field, easily avoiding the time and time attacks.

"It's not rude to come and go!"

A small sword flashing with silver light suddenly drew a brilliant brilliance in the air, and pierced fiercely towards the chest.