Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1680

Chapter 1680: Kill Me

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But at this time, Xiao Jin's body was also scarred. If it were not for its strong physique, I am afraid that it would have to fall directly to the ground.

"Xiaojin comes over!"

Zhao Yuande saw Xiaojin looking in his own direction and beckoned towards it.

Xiao Jin understood, his body flashed into a golden light, and then he caught up with Zhao Yuande.

"let's go!"

Zhao Yuande jumped on Xiao Jin's back without hesitation.

Xiao Jin tweeted, directly breaking through the void, and disappeared at an incredible speed!

Zhao Yuande pressed his hand on Xiao Jin's head. The huge life energy poured into Xiao Jin's body like a tidal wave. It was only a few breathing times. Xiao Jin's injury had healed.

"Go! We are killing!"

Zhao Yuande's mouth grinned, and he wouldn't run away. He just wanted to help Xiaojin heal the injury, otherwise he might not be able to help Xiaojin during the battle.

Xiao Jin had just gone through a big battle, and at this time he was so excited that he was bloodied, and with a scream, he opened the heavy void directly and appeared among the many black killers.


Zhao Yuande swept the Black Rock Sword in his hand, and a hundred-foot-long sword mandrel crossed the void, instantly taking away the lives of seven or eight strong men.

Xiao Jin is not weak either. Both claws also grabbed a black killer's brain, his blood splashed, and blood dripped from his paws.

"Don't gather together, separate!" Tian Yunzi roared, and his hand didn't know when there was a silver gourd in his hand. The color of chaos in the gourd's mouth was thin, and a silver brilliance shot from it, swept toward Zhao Yuande past.

"Not good! Xiaojin escapes!" Zhao Yuande felt a creepy feeling suddenly. He knew that this silver brilliance could definitely kill him easily.

However, the speed of Xiaojin is too fast, and the silver brilliance just swept across its tail.

But even so, the golden feathers on Xiaojins tail burned up all at once!


Xiao Jin groaned in pain.

"Freeze me!"

Zhao Yuande saw something bad and suddenly burst into a cold air on his body, freezing the burning flame all at once.

However, Xiaojin lost his tail and flew a little tossing and flying. If it goes on like this, I am afraid they will all die here!

"Xiaojin returned to the other side of the world to rest, I will help you get revenge!" Zhao Yuande shot Xiaojin, infused a life energy, and then directly sent it into the other side of the world.

Xiao Jin, who has lost his ability to fly, may not be able to play any role outside now, and will bring danger to Zhao Yuande.

Without Xiaojin, Zhao Yuande's speed was greatly reduced, and the magical attacks of the remaining twenty orphaned realm strongmen fell towards him like a downpour. He had no way to hide. He simply chose a weaker magical power to greet him.

Although he was strong, these people's endless attacks made him overwhelmed.

Soon he was struck by two magical powers at the same time, one of which was also Tianyunzi's magical power, his body was soared high, and a breath of blood was sprayed in the air.

Tian Yunzi saw Zhao Yuande fall hard from the void and smashed the ground out of a big pit, but he didn't come out of the big pit for a long time, and his face suddenly smiled.

"Fight off the void with all your strength, don't let him escape!" After saying this, his body walked slowly towards the big pit.

But when he walked to the big pit, he saw that there was nothing in the big pit, but there was nothing!


Tian Yunzi's face suddenly changed, he felt a terrible crisis coming under the earth, and a long sword made of light suddenly came out of the earth and cut directly to his legs.

Although Tian Yunzi dodges, he still feels that his right foot is cold. The entire right foot with half of his calf was swept by the light, and blood spewed out of the wound.

"You die for me!"

There was a painful color on Tian Xingzi's face, and the small gourd in his hand once again sprayed a silver light towards Zhao Yuande, who was near.

"do my best!"

Although Zhao Yuande felt that the crisis was coming, he could not avoid it, and he simply summoned his own appearance.

Yinyang Zhaotianjing directly met the silver light.

But what surprised Zhao Yuande was that the silver ray did not cause any damage to the Yin and Yang Zhao Tian Jing, but was directly reflected by the mirror!


The silver light reflected back hit the earth, and suddenly a **** hole appeared, no matter how deep.

"You..." Tian Yunzi's complexion changed greatly, and the body took advantage of this opportunity to go backwards.


Zhao Yuande lifted the crisis of the little gourd, and suddenly his face showed a happy look, and the black rock sword burst into a brilliant brilliance again, turning into a hundred-foot-long sword mansions, sweeping towards the fled Tian Yunzi.

Tian Yunzi was shocked, and a black turtle shell appeared in his hand, blocking him in front of him.

"Click!" The black turtle shell split into two parts.

"Save me!" Tian Yunzi was very close to the twenty people at this time, but he felt that death was approaching himself. If he continued like this, he would definitely die!

"Brother, let me save you!"

A man in black had a long whip in his hand, and the whip slammed directly to Tian Yunzi.

But this time it seems a little late, that Jianmang cut off the turtle shell and will soon hit him!

"Sorry brother!"

Tian Yunzi's whole body strength pulled the long whip that wrapped around him, and his body was like a fly, while the black man holding the long whip was pulled up and flew directly toward the sword awn!

The man in black was accidentally cut in half, and Tian Yunzi also escaped the disaster.

All black people's gaze to Tian Yunzi suddenly changed!

They did not expect that they would treat them very well on weekdays. Brother Tian Yunzi, who regarded them as brothers, actually killed his brother for the sake of escape!

"What did you do for nothing, kill me!" Tian Yunzi's blood-stained face seemed to be a fierce ghost at this time, and the men in black all around changed a lot.

Zhao Yuande slashed the man in black with a whip, a little regret in his heart, but he did not dare to hesitate.

The fall just broke his bones, and at this time he was suffering from pain and running.

Watching the sky full of magical powers, he felt helpless for a while and started Kun Kunpeng to escape again.

"It seems that these younger brothers and sisters are unable to keep him. It is only a matter of time before they are killed! It is absolutely impossible to let this guy escape alive, otherwise the relationship between Xuesha and Immortal Emperor Palace will be spread! And this kid is talented. The Imperial Realm is so powerful, the power behind it must be very powerful, maybe it is the Central Immortal must not be allowed to escape! I will call the same siblings around to let the strong one come to kill him!" Tian Yunzi secretly calculated , And finally took out a messenger jade.