Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1681

Chapter 1681: Ten Breaths

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Although Zhao Yuande is somewhat embarrassed under the public of these people, he is more and more energetic in the war. He feels that in this high-intensity battle, his combat effectiveness and various your skills are constantly improving!

The battle continued, but under constant pressure, Zhao Yuande also began to counterattack gradually, seizing every opportunity to kill his opponent!

After just a few breaths, more than twenty people in black have already died seven!

More than a dozen people have been unable to stop Zhao Yuande's haunting.

"Brother! Hurry up! Otherwise we will all die here!" A man in black looked at Tian Yunzi.

Tian Yunzi just passed the message through the message Yufu, but he saw that his brother and sister died seven or eight more times, and the number is now less than half of what it was when they came!

"You surprised me, but soon you will die here! A fairy strong in my fairy emperor palace will come here soon!" Tian Yunzi's face showed a simple smile, but cooperated with him. Zhang Wei's strange face made one feel cold.

"Okay! Don't be wordy! I will be relaxed when the fairy king strongman arrives! So you should take advantage of this fairy king strongman's arrival! Otherwise, there will be no chance!" Zhao Yuande The body continues to shuttle between the void and the dimensional space, and it is becoming more and more proficient, and its use in battle is like a fish!

Tian Yunzi's face changed slightly, he felt that the other party seemed to be not telling lies, as if there was a powerful crisis coming!

However, he did not believe in evil. In Xifengzhou, the Xiandi Palace is the largest. Even if you are a son of the Central Xian Palace, you will die here today!

"Tianyunzi! What's the matter? Why did you lose so many disciples?" In a fierce battle, a thunderous voice thundered in the field.

A tall and burly man, like a black bear, appeared in front of everyone.

He looked at Zhao Yuande in the field somewhat eerily, and there was a shock in his eyes.

"Master, this person is us..." Tian Yunzi said about the assassination of Zhao Yuande again.

"What! He alone... actually killed more than 20 disciples, did you all grow up eating shit?" The black bear-like man glanced indifferently at the crowd, and finally landed on Tian Yunzi's face .

"Also ask Uncle Shi to take this son and avenge many younger brothers and sisters!"

Tian Yunzi looked at the black bear-like big man with fear in his face. This is the strongest fairy in the palace of the fairy emperor, or a demon-beast transformed, grumpy and murderous!

"Fairy Emperor Palace! Hum! Your Fairy Emperor Palace is over!" Zhao Yuande looked at the black bear-like big man and sneered, "You dare to siege me, it's just bold and courageous! Wait for the door to be destroyed!"

"Your boy! Hey, don't hold on hard, how tired. Now even if the King of Heaven appears, you can't save you!" The black bear-like big man's face showed an indifferent smile and stepped towards Zhao Yuande step by step.

"Look at the lively ones, don't come out soon! Otherwise I will be killed by others!" Zhao Yuande shouted somewhere in the void.

"Don't scare me! Lao Tzu is not scared! Who dares to block our Xiandi Palace service unless he doesn't want to live anymore!" The black bear-like big man dared to look around, showing disdain in his eyes.

"Yuande! It seems that people are not afraid at all! What do you say?" A perfect and flawless woman slowly walked out of the void, her beautiful face looked at Zhao Yuande and smiled gently at him.

Her smile suddenly opened with flowers, and the world seemed to be full of flowers at once. The original **** Shura field now also felt beautiful and warm!


Almost everyone subconsciously felt their throats dry and swallowed together.

Especially the black bear-like big man, whose steps stopped involuntarily, and a pair of eyes almost stared out directly, and the Harazi in the corner of his mouth flowed like a stream!

"How did this kind of garbage get promoted to Xianjun Realm?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but frown when he saw the big man's discomfort.

"Hey! Situ Qing, have you come to save yourself?" Zhao Yuande saw Situ Qing appearing on his own, and he could not help frowning slightly.

But the next moment, he found that there was something wrong with the breath of Situ Qing, as if he had been promoted to the realm of fairy monarch!

"Are you promoted?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help asking in shock.

How long is this? Even if you drink drunk dream wine, you should not be promoted so fast!

"Hey! No way, this girl is really genius! I just drank a bottle, and I was inspired by it, and I was promoted by a dozen breaths! If it were not for you, now I have already gone out to go to heaven. "Situ Qing pouted, with a proud expression on his face.

"This little girl I want! I have never seen such a beautiful little girl! Haha!" The black bear-like man rubbed his palms excitedly, with a wonderful expression on his face.

"Can you end up with this nasty guy?" Zhao Yuande looked at this big man in disgust, and looked at the other person's eyes on Situ Qing. He had a feeling that his own treasure was coveted. If he could fight now After the other party, I went to smoke him in the morning!

"He?" Situ Qing glanced at the corner of his mouth, "Give me ten breathing time!"

"Oh! Are ten breaths enough?" Zhao Yuande's face showed an incredible look.

"Only more!" Situ Qing was proud.

"Okay, I want to count, one, two..."

"Little girl, I don't have enough time to breathe ten. I want ten hours!" Dahan grinned, and his red eyes stared at Situ Qing.

"Death!" Situ Qing's character is in the Void Chamber of Commerce, but she is notoriously rude, she has long wanted to beat this guy!

"Hey! Little girl, you come with me!" Dahan is not verbose, Bigfoot stepped away, and came to Situ Qing's side in one step, his body's momentum was crushed down, and she wanted to suppress her on the spot.


Situ Qingruo's face was cold and frosted, and her palms were scratched in the void. With her as the center, within a few tens of feet, she suddenly fell into a dark vacuum.

As soon as Dahan approached this dark vacuum, he immediately felt as if he had entered an endless dark night sky, and an invisible force was constantly squeezing everything about himself.

"This is..." Dahan was shocked, his body wanted to retreat, but found that his body could not be controlled by his own shock. "You are a member of the Void Chamber of Commerce, misunderstanding... this is a misunderstanding!"

Yun Zi looked at Si Tuqing with a sneered face that day. In his consciousness, how could such a young and beautiful woman be an opponent of the Dahan, simply delaying time by her beauty!