Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1682

Chapter 1682: Beauty Has An Appointment

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But when he saw the expression of horror of the big man, saw his trembling body in horror, and heard the words Void Chamber of Commerce, he suddenly changed his color!

He wanted to run away, but he felt a strong breath locked himself, Zhao Yuande!

"It's late!" Situ Qing's face was completely gone with a beautiful smile on Zhao Yuande. She looked like a tall deity looking down at a mortal, watching the terrified face of the big man.

"Five, six..." Zhao Yuande's voice counted continuously at this time, as if it was a curse of a lifespan, invading the Han's mind, making him suddenly manic.

"Lao Zi fights with you!" Dahan suddenly radiated a blood-red light, and the light rose to the sky, a huge blood-colored figure disappeared behind him, turned out to be a giant bear!

"When you enter my annihilation, it's too late! As long as you are not an immortal emperor, you will definitely die!" Situ Qing's palms merged slightly in the void.


That dark vacuum seemed to be crushed directly by an invisible force in an instant and became fragmented!

The big man felt like he was a little ant, and was pinched by an invisible big hand, he could not resist at all!

"Nine... ten, time is up!" Zhao Yuande's voice fell, and at this time his eyes turned to Situ Qing also changed.

He only saw Situ Qing's beauty and her figure before, but now she sees her powerful... unparalleled strength, almost invincible under the fairy emperor!

The move just now was terrifying to the extreme. Without a profound understanding of the void, it would be impossible to show it!

He couldn't help thinking of the scene when he hugged the other party that day. He still felt afraid in his heart. If the other party also took a trick against himself, he might be crushed into scum!

"Hello! Here you are!" Situ Qing's hand was squeezed, as if he was stuck in the throat of the big man, and threw the big man directly in front of Zhao Yuande. He proudly said, "How do I say ten breath is ten breath?" !"

Dahan looks like a deflated ball, desperate and incredible in his eyes!

He could not imagine that he could become a fairy emperor within half a step, but why did he not hold ten breaths in the hands of such a little girl who had just stepped into the fairy king realm!

He could not imagine what would happen if he directly accused the Void Chamber of Commerce!

Even the fairy palace will disappear in the fairy world!

"Great! Great!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but gave her a thumbs up. He never admired a person, Situ Qing was the first!

This guy is the same age as himself, and Xiu Wei is already a fairy monarch realm, and his fighting power is invincible under the fairy emperor. This kind of character can't be seen at all in the fairy realm, which is the crossover of the Void Chamber of Commerce. It can only be cultivated by the super powers in many realms.

At this time, Tian Yunzi's group of disciples of the Xiandi Palace, the blood-stained killers, had already started shaking their legs!

He knew that he could not escape today, and knew that it would not take long for the news that the Xiandi Palace and Xuesha were the same family.

Although many people knew this secret before, no one broke it, and no one dared to break it.

But now it's different. This woman's identity is detached. Will the Void Chamber of Commerce be afraid of any immortal palace, even the eight peerless immortal emperors in the central immortal palace would not dare to offend them!

They are a neutral force like the Eight View Palace in the fairyland. As long as you dont provoke them and you do business with them, they will be polite and they will treat you as a friend!

However, now they want to assassinate, but the person who has not succeeded in assassination has some kind of connection with the Void Chamber of Commerce, and I am afraid that there is not a lot of relationship with this terrible woman.

With this woman's talent, I am afraid that the whole fairy world cannot find the second one, and her status in the Void Chamber of Commerce must be very high.

Since then, they have even offended the Void Chamber of Commerce...

"What about these guys?" Situ Qing looked at Tian Yunzi, with a hint of killing in his eyes.

She is not a killer, but these people dare to assassinate Zhao Yuande, then **** it!

"Come on trouble, grab them, I have a piece of evidence, and then even if the Immortal Emperor Palace is destroyed, there will be nothing to say over the central Immortal Territory." Zhao Yuande glanced at Tian Yunzi, his mouth slightly tilted.

"Do you want our Void World Chamber of Commerce to take action? You are an intermediate VIP. The Chamber of Commerce can send you an immortal emperor looking for heaven, enough to destroy them directly!" Situ Qing asked.

"No, I have my own power!" Zhao Yuande was reluctant to appear too incompetent in front of Situ Qing, relying on a woman to do everything for herself.

"Oh?" Situ Qing has not really inquired about Zhao Yuande's identity.

"Dong Haichuan, don't come out to clean up the mess!" Zhao Yuande glanced somewhere in the void.

"Oh! Uncle Master, you have an appointment with a beautiful woman. How dare you come out to bother me!" Dong Haichuan walked out of the void, first bowed slightly to Zhao Yuande, and then looked at Situ Qing with awe in his eyes.

Just now he watched the battle without suspense, and even he was not sure that he could get rid of that trick. This woman was really terrible.

"Dont be foolish, grab those guys for me, grab them with this bear, and let Sheri take these guys to Xiandi Palace. If Xiandi Palace doesnt give me an explanation, I will This tells the master his old man!" Zhao Yuande looked at the big man bitterly. As long as he remembered the eyes of Situ Qing, he couldn't help being angry in his heart!

"Yes! Uncle Master, rest assured, Senior Brother, he will give you an explanation!" Dong Haichuan heard Zhao Yuande's last words and couldn't help but jump in his heart.

Be good, dont let that person know about this matter, otherwise that person may blame himself and his brother for their ineffective protection, maybe one day give them two little shoes and transfer them to a place where birds dont **** Not out!

As soon as Dong Haichuan grabbed it, Tian Yunzi and those in black were captured by him without resistance.

"Xiong Meng, it wasn't me who said you, and my eyes didn't show any bright spots. I dare to bully my uncle Dong Haichuan, and you're a pity to die!" Dong Haichuan walked to the big man with a sneer and grabbed him. In hands.

"Brother Dong! Brother Dong Rao Ming, I don't know that he is your uncle, otherwise... I!" Dahan only knew that he was not only the Void Chamber of Commerce, but also the Bajing Palace!