Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1687

Chapter 1687: Way To Enter The Lower Bound

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"You go! I won't disturb you anymore! But you will have to come to me after finishing things, otherwise I will find your hometown!" Situ Qing waved his fist to Zhao Yuande.

"Relax! Rest assured!" Zhao Yuande just saw the terrible information network of the Chamber of Commerce of the Void Realm, and the other party can really find his hometown!

"Don't come unharmed!" Just as the two frowned, a familiar voice rang in their ears.

"Mr. Zhao! You..." Shui Haocang looked at the two windows from which he entered, and couldn't help but stay awake, but then his face was ecstatic.

"I have seen Prince Gong!" Shui Aotian bowed slightly, showing respect on his face, because he found that the other party's cultivation practice had reached the fairyland in just a short time. This is an unimaginable speed!

"Okay! According to seniority, you are my uncle in the empty space, and your Shui Aotian is my nephew!" Zhao Yuande looked at the two people's attitude sincerely and couldn't help but the previous mustard It was eliminated.

"Dare not! Dare!" Shui Haocang hurriedly bowed.

"Nephew, see Uncle!" Shui Aotian directly acknowledged his relatives directly, acting more calmly than his grandfather.

This is probably also the fear of Shui Aotian's involvement in the world without knowing the hearts of the people. Shui Haocang is an old and refined character, and he has no idea what Zhao Yuande really means by this, so he dare not accept it hastily.

"Okay! All relatives, what kind of person I am, you will know in the future!" Zhao Yuande didn't care about waving his hand, "Go! Come to your place, I will help Aotian solve his problems!"

"Thank you uncle!" Shui Aotian heard this, and his spirit was refreshed!

"Well! By the way! I forgot to ask you something. After the Xiandi Palace is destroyed, it has no effect on you? The Eight Views Palace is not embarrassing you!" Zhao Yuande thought of this question.

The Shui family is a family attached to the Xiandi palace. Now that the Xiandi palace is destroyed, many families will definitely be washed and retaliated against.

"No! No! Bajing Palace takes good care of us and supports our family!" Shui Haocang bent over, "I know it's all because of the son, so here Hao Cang thank you again son!"

Zhao Yuande was relieved when he heard this.

He nodded secretly, and thought the Emperor Sun was really thoughtful. It seems that if he is capable in the future, he must be able to thank the other party.

"Lead the way ahead! There is no way to go to Dengxiandao this time! I have to think of another way!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand and motioned them to lead the way.

"Is it true that we did not work hard, we have already obtained a quota, but this disaster ahead of schedule, the twelve ascendant city cannot be opened, so..." Shui Haocang looked guilty.

Although this can not blame themselves, but if the other party refuses the previous agreement, they can only complain to God!

"Okay! Let's go! I don't blame you!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

It was an hour when Zhao Yuande walked out of Shui Haocang's residence. The two of them were very grateful and thankful, and apparently Zhao Yuande really helped Shui Aotian solve the problem this time.

Seeing the attitude of the two, Zhao Yuande gradually eliminated some of the pitfalls of the Shui family. They were originally a family, and things were gone in the past!

Next, Zhao Yuande went to the Void Chamber of Commerce to find Situ Qing.

"Your business is done?" Situ Qing looked at him, his eyes flowing.

"Well! It's done!" Zhao Yuande replied honestly, he always felt that the other person's eyes were a bit unbearable!

Thanks to him, he is also a veteran of flowers, and has several beautiful wives. If he is an innocent boy now, he may be hooked by the other party in an instant!

"Come on! Let's talk about life!" Situ Qing pulled Zhao Yuande away, without evasion.

Zhao Yuande only felt that the small hand that had been soft and lubricated was holding his hand, and there seemed to be a slight wetness in the palm of his hand. Xia Ran Situ Qing did not seem so relaxed on the surface.

However, Zhao Yuande was even more unbearable. The closer he was to Situ Qing, the more attractive he was to attract him, making him unable to control himself.

But Situ Qing is not such a feeling, Zhao Yuande is like a large furnace among the nine cold winters, exuding infinite heat, attracting her to keep approaching.

But after all, he is a girl who has never been involved in the world. At this moment, he is also a heartbeat.

"That... Qing'er, in fact, I also want to ask you something!" Zhao Yuande was dragged away like a marionette, but said with some embarrassment in his mouth.

"What you can't ask for! What's our relationship!" Situ Qing heard Zhao Yuande asking himself, and suddenly his mouth twitched, feeling a little more intimate, "Say! But I can warn you, we haven't reached that point yet, You cant think of anything!"

"Uh... Actually I want to go to the lower realm, I don't know if you can do it!" Zhao Yuande glanced at Situ Qing to see what her reaction was.

"Nether? To the lower realm of Immortal World... This, let me think about it!" Situ Qing frowned. "Only my fourth uncle can open the Nether channel, but he is an old stunt, you need to come up with a contribution point! "

"Do you want to contribute? There is no problem with this. I have 280 points. It should be enough!" Zhao Yuande was relieved when he heard the contribution point.

"Enough! Let's go! Before the fourth uncle left, I will take you to find him first! But before that, you have to tell me first about the purpose of your going to the lower realm, not to pick you up. A few ladies!" Situ Qingguang's eyes circulated, staring straight at Zhao Yuande to see how he reacted.

"No! Actually I..." Zhao Yuande told Situ Qing how he entered the twelve ascendant city and how to survive in the twelve ascendant city by sneak attack.

Situ Qing frowned constantly, and there was a hint of anger on his face.

"These people are really insidious, and I support you in going to destroy them!" Situ Qing patted Zhao Yuande on the shoulder. "I will support you unconditionally. If you need help, I can go in with you! Kill the Quartet!"

At this moment, Situ Qing seemed to have changed his personality and changed his life.

"No! I'm in fairy land now, no one under my fairy is my opponent, so..." Zhao Yuande also showed a cold smile on his face.

"Okay! Then I won't leave you anymore. Your friends may have entered the Twelve Ascension City looking for you at this time. If so, they will be very dangerous. This matter must be early..."

Situ Qing no longer delayed, took Zhao Yuande to find Situ Ya in a hurry.