Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1689

Chapter 1689: Shoot You

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This was a chamber of commerce established by myself. At that time, I just wanted to serve myself and earn more spirit jade, but it is no longer needed.

He walked into the Tianyi Chamber of Commerce, and someone greeted him immediately.

"You son..." The person who came was a young man. After seeing Zhao Yuande, he immediately felt the strong momentum in him, and he couldn't help but respectfully.

"Well! Call me the shopkeeper!" Zhao Yuande said lightly.

"We are the shopkeeper?" The youth stunned slightly.

"Good!" Zhao Yuande took out a token and shook it in front of the teenager, which was the token representing his identity on the Tianyi Chamber of Commerce.

"Our shopkeeper... is not." The young man's eyes flashed a little, looking at the token in Zhao Yuande's hands, his face seemed a little nervous.

something wrong! Zhao Yuande suddenly felt that the other party's performance seemed abnormal!

"Say! Tianyi Chamber of Commerce, what's wrong!" Zhao Yuande grabbed the young man's throat with a fierce look.

"Small don't know! Small don't know anything!" The young man was pinched by Zhao Yuande's neck, but he still said nothing, and his eyes showed fear.

"It doesn't matter if you don't say it, I will see it in person!" Zhao Yuande sneered.

This young man is nothing but the cultivation of the realm of the realm, and Zhao Yuande's present soul is already close to the fairy monarch, and a trace of it enters the youth's sea of knowledge, and Zhao Yuande's face will become extremely ugly at the next moment!

"Luo Family! I don't have time to destroy you, but you are looking for a door to bully me, hum!" Zhao Yuande casually threw the young man who had already passed out to the ground, striding into the Tianyi Chamber of Commerce.

At this time in the Tianyi Chamber of Commerce, Liu Dongzheng looked at the two in front of him with sweat.

The two of them are the elder God Emperor Peak Cultivation, but the momentum exudes makes the elders of the Chamber of Commerce for a few days soften around him.

The other person is a middle-aged man. Although his cultivation behavior is not as good as that of the old man, he is already a strong player in the early days of the Divine Emperor.

These two men are Robin, an elder of the Luo family, and Luo Yongtian, the current owner of the Luo family.

"Chairman Liu, have you considered it! The price of our Luo family is already very high, don't you know what's wrong!" Luo Yongtian looked at Liu Dong in front of him, and there was a sneer in the corner of his mouth.

Without corresponding strength, but with so much wealth, this is simply a huge piece of fat!

"You... your Luo family is so deceiving!" Liu Dong showed an angry look on his face. "Billions of you are like taking away our Tianyi Chamber of Commerce. The industry of Wanjie City alone is more than 10 billion! Prison family, Refining Sect... They wont sit back and watch!"

"Haha! You still want to count on them! Don't be delusional... They are now overwhelmed. The forces of the Devil Realm are under pressure and want to **** their territory. They still have the energy to control you!" Luo Yongtian Zhizhu was holding, and the corner of his mouth was exposed Faint smile.

"!" Liu Dong felt bitter for a while. The Tianyi Chamber of Commerce has now developed into the second largest chamber of commerce after the Wantong Chamber of Commerce. It has affected the position of the Wantong Chamber of Commerce. The Wantong Chamber of Commerce has also been indifferent at this time!

The Luo family had long been engulfing the Tianyi Chamber of Commerce, and the letters of help they sent out were like a rock sinking into the sea, without any response.

And he also got news that the son was missing in the Twelve Immortals City, and there were even rumors that the son was killed in it, which made him even more desperate.

He had already made plans already, and wanted to transfer most of the funds from the Tianyi Chamber of Commerce, but he hadn't settled this matter yet, and the Luos had already found the door.

Apparently a traitor appeared in the Tianyi Chamber of Commerce and disclosed the matter to the Luo family.

"I will give you ten breaths of time. If you promise to take one billion to leave, don't blame me if you don't agree. Luo Luotian is cruel!" Luo Yongtian sneered, "If you don't agree, you might as well kill us Its real!"

"Don't give your face shame!" the old man snorted.

Suddenly Liu Dong and several strong men behind him all felt that their heads had been smashed by a sledgehammer, and they all collapsed to the ground, with seven holes bleeding and blood stains on their faces, making people look miserable.

"Hey! I..." Although Liu Dong was still unwilling, his life was the most important after all.

"Who dares to go to the Tianyi Chamber of Commerce to spread the wild!" At this time, the door was pushed open, and a young man walked in with a walk.

"'re fine!" Liu Dong saw the young man, his face suddenly showing ecstasy, he ignored the blood on his face, did not know where the strength came from and rushed in front of Zhao Yuande.

"Liu Dong! What's wrong with you?" Zhao Yuande saw Liu Dong's miserable appearance, and suddenly his face went dark.

"Yes... Luo Family!" Liu Dong seemed to see the backbone of his heart, his fingers trembling and pointing at the Luo family, his face showing anger.

At this time, he didn't even think about whether Zhao Yuande could defeat the other party. Zhao Yuande had a mythical existence in his heart. As long as Zhao Yuande appeared, there was nothing that could not be solved.

"You are the person behind the Tianyi Chamber of Commerce. What is your name and the disciple of that family?" Luo Yongtian looked at Zhao Yuande. He didn't even feel the arrival of Zhao Yuande just now.

When he saw Zhao Yuande Xiuwei, he let go of a heart. A little guy in the divine realm of the realm could turn up some waves, and it was not a slap!

Even if there is a huge force behind him, now, apart from the Thunder Prison family, their Luo family is no longer afraid of anyone.

"Who hurt me?" Zhao Yuande didn't answer the other party's words at all, but asked instead.

"It's an old man! How are you going?" The Luotian sky elder Robin looked at Zhao Yuande indifferently, with a sneer on the corner of his mouth.

"I'm going to shoot you to death!" Zhao Yuande's eyes flicked coldly and slammed towards the other party.

"Hum... I don't know what is high and thick, old man... Ah!" Robin snorted coldly, and pulled back towards Zhao Yuande.

But at the next moment, an irresistible force of terror directly pumped Robin up, and the people blasted in mid-air, turning into a sky of blood mist.

"This..." Luo Yongtian's body stiffened, and he stunned and sat on the ground.

The flow is excited, his eyes widened, and he looked at Zhao Yuande inconceivably, his face extremely rich.

The strong men standing behind Liu Dong are also big-eyed, they can't believe that in this lower realm, someone can slap a strong man of the God Emperor's Peak directly to death.

Isn't this a dream?

"Take me to Luo's house!" Zhao Yuande palmed his hand and pinched Luo Yongtian's neck directly.

"Xianren Rao Ming! Xian Ren Rao Ming!" Luo Yongtian was pinched by the neck and this was reflected. The young man in front of him must be a strong in the fairyland, otherwise it would not be so powerful!